Would You Wear It Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up with Pamela & Jennifer

Fashion over 50 on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am enjoying time this week with grandchildren and family, but there is always time for a Would You Wear It Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up with me and Jennifer, my fashion blogging partner in mannequin stalking crime!  We are out and about…sometimes undercover…sometimes out in open…seeking fashion displays in our communities which make us stop and wonder what our readers would think about the styles!

Would You wear them over 50 feeling 40

Many of you know the drill…you look the displays over and then tell us personally if you would or would not wear the garments.  Please use this as an opportunity for constructive comments to help other women and maybe even those in the industry understand what it is exactly that you like or not like about the displays.  Other readers learn from your comments and you just never know who you are influencing with your comments.  These posts can be very helpful to others.

Dillards display on Over 50 Feeling 40

I have a family of three today which means that you may comment on all or only one…your choice…so, look the family over and tell us ladies…..


One of the readers asked where my favorite places are to shop? If you have been here very long, you probably know the answer…if not, here are is the list:


Soft Surroundings



Nordstrom Rack





Make sure you head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and see what Jennifer has for us today!!



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  1. Good morning Pam. I would wear the middle outfit if the top was dark purple, navy or royal blue. I like the soft ruffle and the vneck. It looks nice with the straight leg white pants (I hope they are not leggings.). The red dress is a nope. I don’t wear red, the flowers are too big and the tiers are a big no. The red top is also nope…red, flowers too big and I’m old enough to walk past spagetti straps.

  2. Hi Pam,
    Of the three outfits the dress would suit me best but I wish it did not have a double ruffle at the bottom, that looks a bit odd to me. I think the pattern is too big for me as well. I don’t like my arms so I keep away from sleeveless tops mainly but the pants I would wear.
    Have a wonderful time with your family;)

    1. Love the print and lavendar is a favorite color. I would wear with jeans or navy or black pants for a more slimming look. Again I ask where are these pieces from, don’t see in the blog post. Would be nice, if we would like an item to find it online or at the store.

  3. I do like the middle outfit–cool colors, nice drape. The others are not something I’d go for-too big print on spaghetti strap top is a no, sorry. The dress style is ok but again big flowers and me are not in sync.
    Stay cool. Stay healthy!

    1. Hi Sue… you mean for shopping? Where do you like to shop in Canada? Have you checked out Shepherd’s Fashions in Ottawa? Of course, I can’t feature mannequins from Canada but perhaps I can help you with brands.

      1. We live small town Ontario, every shopping trip are Hours Away. 3″5 hours Toronto, 2 Hours to Barrie, 3 hours to Hamilton. Our stores are Alia, Northrtn Reflections, Walmart, Giant Tiger! See my Delemona?

        1. Sue: I can think of many more stores than the ones you have mentioned but need to know where you are to make suggestions. There is alway online shopping at The Bay no matter where you are…..and they have lots of selection

  4. I really like the bright color of the dress and the lavender top. I would not wear any of these outfits as the styles do not appeal to me.

  5. I like all 3 of these garments but the lavender is my favorite. The reds are a bit strong for my coloring but the dress could be a fun addition to my closet. I like the red top, but I’m not big on the spaghetti strap style.

  6. hey, today on the chico website, they added a 10 percent code to the current 40 percent off, i scored a top i had my eye on.
    the colors on your display today, i love. the dress is gorgeous and 20 years ago i could have rocked it…but not today. i like the lavender in the center very much, but only the color, the structure and cut of the blouse doesnt do it for me..love the tank in the print but i couldnt wear it as ive never found a strapless bra that i can trust to do the job.

  7. I love the Lavender top. Would love to know where I could get it. The colors of the top and dress are something I might wear but not the style.

  8. I would want to wear all of these but I am well endowed and have never found a. strapless bra that is comfortable so no spaghetti straps in my life. I love the purple but the ruffle might not do me any favours. This is the kind of thing I use to buy and it would collect dust in my closet. I now look at items much more critically with an eye for my style which is much more relaxed. I love the dress and would wear it if I actually had someplace to wear it to!

  9. I actually like them all and at one time in my life would have tried them on. Like the cut and way the tank hangs; like the ruffle on the blouse, its not too fluffy; and the dress just looks flirty and fun for a summer event.

  10. Though not one to wear florals (unless with a tropical motif) might consider the spaghetti strap top to wear under a blazer or similar. As for the lavender blouse a yes but would be apt to pair it was a rich navy blue in a dress trouser (or similar design ) and wear it tucked in plus add a few silver accessories (or perhaps in delicate pearls) and a cute pair of strappy shoes. (Then I’d be good to go to a luncheon at an upscale restaurant … ☺.) As to the white skinny jeans, a yes to them since a staple in my wardrobe.
    Footnote: Red + blue = purple family = lavender

  11. The outfit that appeals to me most is the lilac top and white skinny jeans. I would look for the top in a more vibrant color. I recently bought a lilac sun hat and I don’t think lilac looks that good on me. I bought the hat because it has a big brim and a built-in 50 SPF and it will protect my face when I walk my dog. I’m more discriminating about my clothes! I love red but I don’t wear spaghetti straps, tie waists, or ruffled-hemlines.

  12. This trio is a strike out for me! Hooray, baseball is back!
    I would not wear white pants. I’m too heavy at this time.
    I would not wear sleeveless tops/dresses.
    I do not wear these colors.

  13. I am not usually drawn to brights, but the colors on the left and right really appeal to me. They are so feminine and I like the way the fabric drapes.

    The lavender blouse is gorgeous and would be a definite YES in my wardrobe.

    The only thing I can criticize is that I wish the mannequins had accessories … necklaces would have really looked great here!

  14. I would definitely wear the red top with the spaghetti straps (strapless bra, of course). That is just so cute and looks so cool for summer! I’m kind of over ruffles so the one in the middle wouldn’t work, and the dress with the flounces wouldn’t work, but that red top – in a heartbeat!! I like it with the narrow bottoms. Very cute!!

    1. I love the lilac top….the fabric, the cut, the little buttons
      The red top is so cute too.
      No,no to the dress.
      I always love it when someone wears red.!

  15. Love the colors and the soft ruffle V neckline on the top in the middle. I rarely wear sleevelss and never wear spaghetti straps. I’m not sure how flattering the length of the dress and the double ruffle around the bottom would be on me but I would try it on.

  16. Love the spaghetti strap top: red’s one of my favorite colours & if I’m going to wear a floral pattern it’s got to be big & bold. I have a number of items in my closet I could wear with it, including blue jeans, & it would be smashing under a black jacket. The dress is a hard no (the neckline, tie belt & frilly bits are all wrong for me) but that mauve top took me by surprise. I’d never in a million years wear that colour — pastels act like a Romulan cloaking device on me; I just disappear — & in fact I barely looked at it before rejecting it for the colour alone. But then I took a second look & realized if it were a clear white or black, I’d wear it all over the place! The buttons are superfluous (why do designers think piling on embellishments improves things; one per garment is much more effective & the ruffle is all this blouse needs) & I’d remove them if possible.

  17. I love the print and all the colors. If zi had a lightweight carxi to match I would wear all pieces!

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