Meet CardioMelon: Affordable workouts for the mind and the body over 50

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I am excited to introduce you to Cardiomelon, a unique online workout which is cognitive as well as physical…perfect for those of us over 50 and they are very affordable.  Mr. B and I both are so impressed with these workouts, and though they may look simple for the mind and body, they do give an excellent workout that makes a difference.

I sat down with the founders of Cardiomelon for a little Q & A session, and I believe you will be glad you took the time to learn about this one.

Why was Cardiomelon created?

Cardiomelon was created by Alison Weinlaeder, a speech-language pathologist with expertise in treating adult cognitive disorders such as memory, thinking, and language impairments due to age-related illness and brain injury. Cardiomelon was born out of a desire to empower adults to take control of the future of their cognitive and physical health through easily accessible and affordable brain and body exercises.

Alison often had patients ask, “What is the best app or website to strengthen my brain?” and found herself saying over and over again, “If you’re not also working your body, you’re missing out on a crucial component to keeping your memory and language skills strong as you age.” In other words, Weinlaeder feels that protecting brain health across the lifespan means more than just sitting and clicking a mouse or tapping an iPad.

And, research supports the idea that physical exercise in combination with cognitive challenges can result in greater gains of cognitive function than physical activity or cognitive exercises alone. 1,2

Weinlaeder saw this crucial gap in the field and sought to provide a resource for adults who want to improve both their brain and body health with one tool. Before Cardiomelon, no online fitness programs combined these vital areas like Cardiomelon does, and only a few fitness programs in general were tailored to meet the needs of women over 50.


How is Cardiomelon different from other online workouts?

Cardiomelon workouts are a 2-for-1, working both the brain and the body in one workout. In fact, Cardiomelon is the only online fitness subscription service that combines the dual positive effects of brain and body exercises. The “brain challenges” in Cardiomelon workouts are established facilitation techniques for improving memory, attention, thinking, and language skills based on Weinlaeder’s work in speech pathology. Viewers might be asked to think of words starting with a specific letter or do simple math problems while moving their bodies. The physical exercises have been specifically developed by professional fitness trainers with decades of combined experience working with adults over 50.

Why is Cardiomelon good for Women Over 50 + A Discount just for you!

– Our trainers show varying levels of the exercises so each individual can do what feels safe and right for their body. We’ve heard from users who have a history of knee, hip, and shoulder repairs or other health conditions who have found the modifications very supportive to their unique body needs.

–  The volume of the brain declines at a rate of around 5% per decade after age 40.3 While this is a scary fact, we are encouraged by research that shows regular exercise and brain stimulation, like the type of fitness provided with Cardiomelon, can combat that decline, keeping adult brains healthy as they age into their 50s and well beyond.

–  Cardiomelon workouts are designed to fit your busy life! Workouts are 20-30 minutes in length and are designed to keep your brain and body engaged for short but high-effort intervals (modeled off of HIIT or Tabata style workouts). This allows you to get an efficient, effective workout, and then get on with your day!

–  There is no fancy equipment needed! All of the Cardiomelon workouts can be done using only your body weight or a few simple household items like canned goods, rolled-up towels, brooms, or chairs.

–  We have both female and male trainers, but female trainers comprise the majority of the videos. All the trainers have different styles, so you feel like you’re getting a different workout with each video.

–  It’s fun! Users tell us they like the brain distraction while they are exercising. It helps the workout move quickly and they feel sharper mentally when they are done.

To get more of an idea of what they do, watch this video: CARDIOMELON WORKOUT.


This could be a game changer for your health. Make sure you check out Cardiomelon today. Cardiomelon has created a special discount just for Over50Feeling40 fans!  Use coupon code OVER50FEELING40 when you register for any membership and you’ll get a 3-month trial for just $19.99!  This deal could save you up to $25 for a fabulous home workout program that costs less than almost any gym membership!  

Stay healthy, stay safe and



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Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the opinions are my own. It is also always a good idea to discuss any changes or addition to your health routine with your personal physician.


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. This is so interesting! I had just finished my workout this morning and did this one after from the video included. It is challenging, especially having to do the brain work at the same time. I like it. It’s not difficult, but provides enough of a challenge to really work muscles, and I like how it takes you into more challenging ways to do the exercises. It’s the brain part that really makes this different from other workouts. I’m terrified of losing brain function, so this is something I’ll have to look into further. My gym memberships are free through Silver Sneakers, so this would be something I’d have to add in, but this is completely different from going to the gym and doing weights and cardio and coming home. Here you have to actually think at the same time. I really do like this. I’m definitely considering it.

  2. Thanks for giving it a try, Karen. We felt the same way…challenging and we see where it could be a real benefit. Thanks for sharing your comment.

  3. This is really interesting! All the best to you, Pam ! Thinking of you during this virus and that hurricane (hope it’s nit too disruptive ).
    I gave an exercise program that’s worked for me for about a decade—yoga , tai chi and walking. My weight is down as I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease—no normal bread, pizza, pastries etc. I use almond flour or coconut flour only. The breads labeled GF are not tasty nor are they something you want to eat. (One exception: Happy Campers out if Oregon). I’ve lost 8 pounds this year without these foods. . I don’t think about it much just move on. Except today.

  4. Thanks for the introduction to Cardiomelon. I had not heard of the program, but will give it a look as I’m interested in finding something to do with my mother that would replace the water fitness classes we had been enjoying together. As two former teachers, neither of us wants to allow our brains to diminish and we both have a sense of playfulness – so this could be perfect. Off to the beach for the next few days to escape the inland heat!

  5. Paulette, thank you for mentioning Happy Campers. I placed an order. I have not been able to find my usual healthy GF bread.
    In these times of so much unkindness it is a wonderful feeling to find kindness and respect among Pam’s readers.
    Thank you, Paulette and thank you, Pam for your awesome blog.

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