Would You Wear It Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up with Pamela & Jennifer


Would You Wear It Pop Up on over 50 Feeling 40

Well, it is Wednesday and time for the Would You Wear It Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up…on two blogs…with me and my friend Jennifer!  This is the day we ask you to give your best opinions on the fashion displays we have located around our communities…while we are out and about...masks on, of course!

Please look over our displays and tell us if you, personally, would or would not wear the styles…and explain why.  Are they not your style…does it have to do with age….does it have to do with colors…does it have to do with fit…or does it have to do with the way the merchandisers styled the looks??? Jennifer and I are not seeking to find outfits we love or hate…just outfits that make us wonder what you would think.

I have a pair today, but you can comment on one outfit or both.  So look this display over, and tell us, ladies……………………………



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. These outfits don’t appeal to me as shown. I do wear denim jackets, so I like that as an item. The skirt is a length that makes me look shorter so I stay away from that, and the print is not appealing to me. Looks like the stylist tried too hard with print mixing. The top with the jeans is in an unappealing pattern and color (for me personally ). For some reason, I look weird if I roll my jeans. I can’t figure this out, but it doesn’t work. The jeans here are ordinary, but I like them! I’d love to have a summer beverage in the little café pictured! Don’t know about what others are spending on, but I’ve spent on home improvement projects and definitely clothing during the past several months. Also travel. Definitely travel.

  2. love a denim jacket, having two in the closet, i would have to pass this one up though. the yellow top is a no, simply because of the stripes. the skirt i just love, i had a solid color one like that with the dropped waist and tiers years ago and it was a favorite, something about that cut was very figure friendly to me. i dont wear skirts any more though, so i would pass it up. the blouse on the other side, i dont care for that print but might see what other prints they offered because i do like the cut…no cuffs on jeans for me, too choppy. but on other women they are very cute.

  3. I like the denim pieces and rolled cuffs. The pairing of the stripes and floral skirt is cute but I’m short n curvy and tiers and ruffles are a hard no for me. The top is too muted colorwise but cut is nice. As for pandemic spending online – clothes, art supplies, books and kitchen gadgets.

  4. I like most of the pieces, with the exception of the print pullover, but I don’t care for the way they are paired. I’d need a solid top with the skirt and I’d put the striped top with the jeans. I’d also unroll the legs. I’d add a pair of flats to the jean outfit, and a pair of wedge heeled shoes to the skirt outfit.

  5. The skirt outfit looks like someone dressed in the dark! 😳
    Maybe the pieces could work though.
    I’m tall and would like to pair the skirt with a bright top!
    Would be date night…except our date nights we wear PJ’s!

  6. The jeans are the only item I would wear. I have several of the girlfriend jeans (thank you Chico’s). I like jean jackets but I’m long waisted so they are always too short on me. I don’t care for prints and don’t wear skirts anymore. I think it’s interesting to read that so many of us of a certain age have stopped wearing skirts. Why is that? I have bought massive amounts of clothes online while waiting for this disaster to pass. Now I need a place to wear them!

  7. A no to all pieces including the denim jacket as already have one though in a lighter version and a tad dressier as has co-ordinate striped fabric on the underside facings and cuffs. Also re the jeans; to me they appear to be those with a slight flair which IMHO should not be rolled up. Last but not least; as to the ‘T’ , blouse and skirt they are just not my style but I find the colors in the skirt to be very refreshing and its style romantic so see it being worn with a pair of flirty sandals and a camisole and/or tank top.

  8. I love the skirt outfit but would hesitate on the yellow stripe top with it. I can’t pattern mix very well and I would be insecure. If it was a solid, I am in. On the jeans outfit, I would easily wear the outfit if the pants were not cuffed. I am sure it is adorable, but I am short and have exceedingly short legs…as in I am 5 foot 4, but have a 26 inch inseam. I have to even hem petites. But as a casual girl, I love both outfits

  9. This has nothing to do with todays post, but with yesterdays. You mentioned wanting to incorporate more V neck shirts/tops in your clothing. I pretty much wear V necks exclusively. I would like advice on necklaces/scarfs that work well with that. For some reason, I feel silly with a longer necklace on a V neck shirt. I find that the necklaces I have picked are longer. Should that neckwear just fill in the V? I would love some advice and examples sometime in the future.
    BTW, I tend to be a jeans and T shirt gal…home life, country living, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to look elegant. I lean toward very simple clothing but am always clean and neat with my hair done. I use my jewelry to help the outfit stand out and be a bit dressier. I know that doesn’t scream elegance, but I think it can quietly whisper it.

    1. In your own way, Mari…you most likely are very elegant. I am learning the importance of simplicity and will speak more about it on Friday. I will tackle your necklace question soon!

  10. Hi Pamela
    I think the skirt is lovely. The smooth area under the waistband before you get to the pleats is very flattering, and I love the colour but… I would go for a plain colour top, choosing one of the colours in the skirt. The denim jacket looks nice with the outfit, although it’s not something I own.
    The trousers and top seemed an odd combination to me. The top looked like it would appeal to an older lady (like me), if you had the right coloring, while the style of jeans seemed to be aimed at a younger market.
    Thanks for the post.

  11. Oops! Just looked at the top photo again and realised is a boho tiered skirt, and not pleated as I thought initially. I still like it though.

  12. I love the denim jacket and skirt outfit. I think they did well mixing patterns as they are complimentary colours and similar scale. I’m a little too short and curvy for a skirt that long though. The cute tshirt and rolled denim is almost my uniform so I quite like that one as well however if I was to wear a boyfriend jean like that I would wear a more fitted tshirt. I would pair that tshirt with skinny jeans rolled instead

  13. Love the Jean jacket and cute little striped tee. But the skirt is too long and full looking for me. I’d be lost.
    I do like the boyfriend jeans anytime but the blouse is drab looking. Maybe in another color ? It’s very cool fir this time of year but not me.

  14. I like the pattern, colors and length of the skirt, but those tiers would make it a “no” for me. The little striped tee I would pair with the casual jeans shown next to it, with a white cardi, purse and simple white canvas sneakers (perfect farmer’s market outfit). No to both the top at left and to the jean jacket. I like a more fluid outer layer than denim offers.
    As to pandemic shopping? – not much at all since we were busy purging and preparing for our move from the big ranch to the more modest cottage in town. Now, however, we are busy shopping for our two bathroom remodels, a kitchen remodel, carpet, tile, and sofas!! Also spending on our fabulous painters and contractor!$!$

  15. I really like the skirt combo, I think because of the freshness of the outfit. I would have to try it on tho as I have larger hips than top. The skirt might exaggerate that fact. And I am wondering if it is too young for someone in her 70’s.
    The jeans and top are something I would wear. Love the rolled cuffs (my legs are long). The top is ok but not something I would buy because the color is not pleasing to me.
    The cafe in Paris is darling. I haven’t been to Paris but this little picture also reminds me of New Orleans .

  16. I like both outfits so much. I wish I could go out and try on pretty clothes, but I am 72 and I still don’t go anywhere except the grocery store, liquor store and pharmacy

  17. I liked the jeans and the cut of the top, as it looks body skimming but with shape. The retro print is not my taste and the color would wash me out (most pastel colors do, even though my once dark hair is now lighter). The skirt is too much of a statement, so I wouldn’t wear it even if all those tiers flattered my rounded shape (they wouldn’t). I have many jean jackets (plain, white, black, striped), so I would not buy this one, but I sure would … and do … wear it. I don’t have the aversion to horizontal stiles that many on this blog do … a narrow, two color stripe does not imo make you look bigger. I think the denim jacket and yellow tee would be nice with white pants, a nod to nautical without the traditional reliance on red.

  18. I really like the denim jacket with the yellow striped shirt. Very fun and summery! I don’t care for the skirt here, though. Perhaps a print with blue in it would have made for a better ensemble.

    I like the floral top on the left, but not sure if that style would work for me. I tend to stay away from cropped pants as I have short legs and a long torso. They don’t flatter me at all.

  19. My eyes went straight to the skirt, and not in a positive way. After pausing and pondering (and zooming in on it at the Kohl’s site), the problem for me is the dropped waist and pleats. They accentuate the widest part of a woman’s body. Can I put the jeans jacket with the pretty blouse on Jennifer’s site? That’s my style!

    I read that outdoor sporting goods stores are doing well this summer. My neighborhood bike shop seems busy. Personally, I overspent on plants for my gardens and flower boxes.

  20. These outfits do nothing for me. I respond to store displays instinctively, but I would walk on by this one. The colors aren’t my thing. The shapes wouldn’t work for me. I don’t get inspired by these two outfits at all. It’s just that simple. Catch my eye, inspire me. Make me want to rise to some sort of style challenge. This does none of the above.

  21. Pam I am taking advantage of the great online sales for clothing. I have lost 30 lbs. since January and it’s either shop or go naked. 😉. Being home has also prompted me to finally freshen up our living spaces. (Things that have actually bothered me for quite a while.) A philosophy that has emerged in retirement, for me, and reinforced in 2020 is coloring all that I do. “If not now, when?” (After, pause, ponder then proceed.) buy it – clean it – make that phone call – reach out to that friend/family member, etc.

  22. Cute. I would wear the jean jacket with the stripe top if the top was navy or black (not yellow!) with white jeans. The skirt is cute but I avoid tiers like that. The top /rolled jeans outfit looks like my style – easy and comfortable.

  23. I would wear the denim jacket & striped tee as they are classic pieces & could be worn with other items I already own. I wouldn’t wear the skirt because the length & style would not be flattering to my figure & the print is just not my style. The top & jeans would make an OK at home outfit, but I wouldn’t be incline to spend a lot of money on them. I heard a report this morning that people are spending their vacation money on boats, RVs & home improvements including landscaping. I know a few people who are spending money on things like towels, bedding & other home items to make their space more comfortable & inviting.

  24. The outfit on the left is one that I would wear on a casual day. I also like the classic jean jacket on the right. I have one almost exactly like it. I seldom wear skirts and the print on that one is too loud for me. I don’t usually wear yellow, but since I like horizontal stripes and I’m trying to add colour to my wardrobe, I would at least try the top on.

    I don’t know what others are spending money on right now, but we’re spending quite a bit on upgrading the exterior of our house. The roof was just reshingled this week. Next comes new siding and then a small deck will be added to the front of the house. I can hardly wait to sit out there with my morning tea though not on a day like today when it’s pouring rain!

  25. Hi Pam and others! I think the skirt outfit is cute – but I am afraid it feels too young for me now. Not that “too young” is often a stopper for me, but it really depends on the outfit. In the case of the skirt, I just don’t wear skirts like this any more. I would wear the top portion with slacks however – probably not blue denim since that just feels wrong to me, but black denim or another color of casual pant would work. As for the other outfit – the top is not too bad, but simply isn’t my style – small flowers like this one feels like something from the Laura Ashley era – 80s. Been there and done that! Once was enough. 🙂

  26. I do like the skirt, jeans jacket and yellow striped top. I know it’s a pattern mix that works well but like another reader, I would like to see some denim blue in the skirt print. I am short so the skirt would have to fit well to work on me. I sometimes wear my jeans rolled up like pictured, the pattern of the top is not a good pick for me

  27. I like both outfits in concept, and I wear a version of both often in summer. Jeans and a simple print top with sneakers or sandals is a go-to outfit for me. I often wear a maxi dress or skirt with a white or blue jean jacket. I wear striped tops but not in yellow. While I would wear a maxi skirt, this one does not appeal to me as the print is wrong for me.

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