Affordable fashion choices over 50: checking off “my list”

Chicos top on over 50 Feeling 40

We are having great discussions about our wardrobes lately and I want to continue it today by explaining my take on affordable fashions for women over 50 and an explanation of my shopping list going into summer.  At the beginning of the summer, after three months of the pandemic’s hit on retailers, I decided it would be a good time to pick up some items I wanted in my wardrobe at affordable prices…of course, I had two jobs at that point (my full time communications job and my blog).  I made a list of clothing I was going to keep an eye on and see how low they would go.  Then I was laid off and the list changed to include more affordable options, and a few items to fit my new lifestyle. I want the LESS is MORE philosophy of elegance to speak a loud voice with items that communicate my adjectives: Elegant, Intelligent, Confident, Approachable and Creative in strong, powerful ways.  I am no longer a slave to professional wear and can finally wear what I want to wear every day.  Now THE LIST, looks like this:

The List

Eileen Fisher black leggings

A new pair of skinny jeans

A few more V-neck tops

Navy Tops or Jackets

Jackets with better fit…to replace the boxy ones

Items which speak elegance to me…to replace the ones I tossed that don’t

Ballet flats in different colors  (I will probably purge some of the pointed toe flats that I wore often to an office)



Today’s outfit features my new Eileen Fisher Leggings worn with an older Chico’s top and Clark Ballet Flats from Macys.  I have wanted a pair of Eileen Fisher leggings for a long time, but I was not willing to pay full price.  So, I decided to try EBAY.  I have not ordered anything from EBAY for a long time, and since I can link it in my slideshows, I wanted to try it out.  SCORE!  These are brand new EF leggings, with a beautiful satin stripe on the side and made of TENCEL ponte…one of my favorite fabrics. 

I bought them for $60!! On EBAY, you can choose if you prefer brand new with tags still on, slightly new, or worn.  This purchase was flawless and I am very happy.  They actually look more like a beautiful pant than tight leggings, and are a bit heavier…so you will see me in them often this fall and winter.  This was a great find and is now marked off the list.   I actually like treasure hunting, so I think EBAY will be one of my new go to sites.


After recent sales, I do have a couple of  V Neck tops, a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats on the way…the ballet flats are VIONIC at Dillards and were 65% off recently for $41 a pair! I also have a few returns of items which did not work out. But, the sales are really good this year…I have taken advantage a couple of times of Soft Surroundings sales because this is new for that retailer…in the past big sales were few.  I just ordered a velvet jacket for $19!  I have also discovered some great finds on ETSY and I love to support these creative entrepreneurs.  Recently, I went shopping at the mall and saw beautiful leather headbands, but they were pricey.  So, I went to Etsy and found The Little Boutique by Lena where she has made several faux leather bands in several colors and they are lovely…much more affordable.  I ordered this olive green for me!  I know…it is not on the list.  But I really like it!

Faux Leather headbands on over 50 Feeling 40

The purpose of the list is to keep me focused with my wardrobe additions and to keep me aware of looking for more affordable options.  Now that I work mainly from home, I do not need the professional wear that I previously wore the majority of time.  But it will be fun re-purposing some of the items I already own.  Mr. B will be overseeing that carefully in a couple of months!  So far, I am pleased with my purchases,,,I will let you know how it continues.

Today’s slideshow is dedicated to EBAY and ETSY finds….it is always fun to look for these for you!  Does anyone else have a list that they have in mind of sale shopping or additions to shore up the foundations of your wardrobe?  Please share…would love to know what you are looking for…maybe I can help?



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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Pamela: I buy Eileen Fisher basics from Macy’s when they have the 30% off sale. They have the core pieces.

  2. To me,headbands are so dated1940ies,especially the newer onesthat are wider and thicker! Would not wear them. DId for along time in the 70ies, but they were skinny. Love Ebay, Find all kinds of treasures there. Usually at a very good price for brand new shoes.Also have found some wonderful items on Etsy. Like it very much esp. since I am not very craftsy! Best,stay safe!

  3. I am, Susan…thank you! I don’t go out without my mask and hand sanitizer.

  4. Being a list-maker myself, I really believe in this deliberate way of shopping. It really cuts back on impulse purchases. I have a running list on my tablet so I can add and delete as necessary. It’s kind of fun to enter a new stage of life and play around with different options and styles. Those black leggings were truly a find!!! Thank you for the Ebay reminder. I haven’t used it in ages, but it’s getting better with more choices for clothing. I like that you can now “buy it now” instead of having to go through bidding wars. And since that’s a source for EF pants, I’m going to be checking it out! You also were so fortunate to find Vionics on sale! I love that brand but it’s hard to find sales. I’ll have to remember to check out Macy’s for those. I have some perforated Vionic flats in a great neutral and wear them A LOT!! I’m glad that we get to go on this wardrobe journey with you! Being in a similar stage of life right now, I’m taking notes and paying close attention to your pointers! (It’s a real struggle for me to purge shoes….good for you going for it!)

  5. I was lucky to have an Eileen Fisher outlet a few miles away in Massachusetts. Great prices, sometimes discounted an additional 40%. I am all set for summer wear, a good thing since we just moved to Arizona. Happy that it is a sustainable brand. Thanks you for introducing me to EF.

  6. Pam, can you add a link for Lena’s Etsy shop pleasie? I’m coming up empty-handed. I’m thinking my daughters-in-law would like them.

  7. Hi Ann, It looks like Lena has taken a brief sabatical…but if you look in my slideshow…you will see great prices on similar headbands! These are also in other Etsy shops…sorry I did not know she was going to take time off.

  8. I would be interested in your thoughts on the Ten Item Wardrobe, and how you select your color palette. It seems like an elegant and fun wY to organize clothing choices.

  9. I agree, Anita. I have always been interested. Let me spend some time with it and I will put my thoughts in a post.

  10. I second the idea of a capsule wardrobe post. I’ve tried it a time or two but it doesn’t stick with me. It bugs me that I have perfectly good clothes in the closet I’m not “allowed” to wear. I’m thinking to stick to certain pieces for the bulk of my wardrobe, vs a capsule. I think these items are likely to revolve around jeans of a few kinds/colors, tanks and cardigans, with some black and navy dress pants, and yoga pants. I have literally hundreds of scarves and jewelry items (especially as I also make crazy large and elaborate beaded jewelry … hence the simple core clothing). I also like and wear denim jackets a lot. When I veer off of this formula (cotton blouses, dresses I need to wear tights with in winter, skirts), I find those items are just not getting wear. I think this is what bloggers refer to as a uniform vs a capsule wardrobe. But it would be fun to read about your take on these.

  11. So happy pretty comfortable headbands are back, I too thought they might be dated, however, you see them on younger “elegant” influencers. Pam May I ask the size of the Eileen Fisher pants you are wearing? Do you feel they run large or TTS.

  12. I had a list of things I wanted to purchase. However, after two knee replacements since Nov followed by the quarantine I have changed my needs a bit. I was basically at home for 6 months. I am only going to the gym 3 days a week and spending the rest of my time at home caring for my mom with ALZ. I have put the list on hold and have purchased wide leg yoga pants and capri workout wear. These pieces along with my regular wardrobe are meeting my needs.

  13. Agree with you about Ebay! I find all sorts of great stuff there and the sellers are usually great. I do wash all clothes though as soon as I unpack them. You can find very good deals on belts and bags that are often brand new. Love your blog and common sense but fun approach to dressing in the real world. Thank you, Pam!

  14. I am so jealous that you can make jewelry, Linda! I would probably do that often if I had the skill. I need to really think about this…especially now that my life is changing. I will ponder it and get back to everyone with some kind of a post.

  15. I am wearing an XL…and with EF it just depends on the pant. Now, if I continue to lose weight, I may not wear them very long…but then I can turn around and sell them. All of my EF pants are XL. I think that is true to size.

  16. Sounds like that makes complete sense, J’Laine and what I would probably do in the same situation.

  17. You are so welcome, Jill. I do not think I could do it any other way!

  18. Well you look so good and so happy with your new finds! Wow Eileen Fisher at that price—a steal!
    I happen to love the new wider fabric covered headbands! My hair is thick md length and layered so I need something to hold into place! Love these!
    Enjoy your new leggings!

  19. I will Paulette…they feel amazing…and will be perfect this fall.

  20. Our local thrift store reopened today. Oh how I’ve missed it! I went in to drop off a load of things that I’ve deleted from my closet, our storage room, and my kitchen cupboards since the pandemic began. I also wanted to look for a few books as I’ve been reading more since most of our other regular activities were put on hold. I found a few, but also came home with a great pair of gently used Simon Chang (a Canadian designer) capri pants for just $3!

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