Meet Cindy: Another woman cultivating everyday elegance in her style and home

Cindy Hattersley on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Friday and welcome to the day when we celebrate everyday elegance in all women over 50, and today I want to introduce you to another woman who has inspired me in my journey to learn more elegance.  Cindy Hattersley cultivates elegance from her home decor to her personal style.

Now, she doesn’t see herself as elegant, but I do.  Notice her choice of details with simple, elegant accessories in her outfits, and I am completely drawn in to her relaxed, yet creative home decor. 

Cindy Hattersley on Over 50 Feeling 40

I was first drawn to Cindy’s blog because her style resonated with me and I love her home decor.  Let’s sit down with her and learn even. more through a little Q & A session:

  1. Please share with us some information and you!

“I live on the Central Coast of California in Monterey County.  I am 65. I have been married to my husband and best friend for 45 years!  We have two grown children.  Our son will soon turn 40 and our daughter is 37.  We have a darling two- year- old granddaughter, Summer, whom we adore.”

       2. How did your blog begin and how has it evolved since you started?

“I started blogging in 2011. Originally my blog focused on Interior Design, Entertaining and Gardening, but evolved to include over 50 fashion and beauty and self care. I certainly do not consider myself a fashion expert. I just enjoy sharing my personal style and how it is connected to my own design aesthetic.”

Cindy Hattersley on Over 50 Feeling 40

       3. What do you believe blogging offers women as compared to other media (such as women’s magazines)?

 “That’s easy… a personal connection.  To me that is what makes blogging unique and special.  I consider my regular readers friends, and hopefully they feel the same way about me. I try hard to respond to any comments in a timely manner.  I love hearing from my readers.  They are a source of inspiration for me as well.  I learn so much from them.”

      4. Where to you find your inspiration for the stories you share on your blog?

“I find inspiration from other designers, nature, and Pinterest and Instagram of course. I believe strongly in a collected look both in fashion and design, so that heavily influences everything I write about.”

Cindy Hattersley on Over 50 Feeling 40

     5. How do you define “elegance?”

“I have to be honest, I don’t consider myself elegant in any way. I was a tomboy as a child, and still have those tendencies. I am flattered that you do, Pam. I think elegance is about understanding and being comfortable with one’s own style.”

    6.  Do you believe it can be learned?

“Absolutely, anything can be learned. Gather ideas from women who have great style and figure out how to utilize those elements to create your own personal style.  Try new beauty products and take care of yourself physically and mentally.”

Cindy Hattersley on Over 50 Feeling 40

    7. What is your best advice for women who desire to be more elegant in their everyday lives?

“I think I need to work on that one myself. I have put on a few COVID pounds, I wear sweats way too often, and I am not wearing much makeup.  So my advice to myself and others would be to get more exercise, try to lose a few pounds, put on a bit of makeup and dress better even if it involves wearing leisure wear. If you have gray hair keep your style current and fresh. It will make you feel better about yourself. Pre-COVID, my answer would have been different I am sure.  Be comfortable with yourself and your style.  Those of us over 50 or 60 don’t need to be slaves to fashion.  Stay current, grab elements and trends that work for you and enjoy!



Home Decor on Over 50 Feeling 40


I am going to write about this later, but I definitely am attempting to add a touch of elegance to my home, as well as my personal style.  Once I came home to work in March, I had time to look around and my first thought was…this is a jumbled mess…similar to how I felt walking into my closet!  Women like Cindy have inspired me to focus on home as well as my individual style.  This is the year for change.  Our kitchen may not be finished for a few weeks…once we hit the production calendar for the contractor it will not be long, but we are in line for the calendar.  Redesigning the kitchen has motivated me to clean out and look at other areas.  At times it is overwhelming, but also a lot of fun.

I love how Cindy seems to mix Southwestern/Santa Fe with Tuscan influence.  She does a lovely job and I thank her for joining me today.  We learn so much from the talented women around us!  Follow Cindy Hattersley on Instagram for more!

Is anyone else looking differently at your home these days?  Please share, enjoy the slideshow below and as always….





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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40

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  1. Cindy is definitely elegant in her style of dress. Maybe she never thought of herself that way, but it clearly comes through! Cindy has great style! Yes, looking at my home differently. I am at the place where I have nothing more to donate, it’s down to just the things I’m taking with me when I move. Closet is pared down to just what I’ll wear, so that much is on track! Still have a couple improvement projects to do, but even though I’ve tried not to change my life with all the restrictions lately, I was able to focus on the house and get things accomplished. I’m not taking much because I want a different style in my new home. I am also after casual elegance. Going from a very old farmhouse to something completely different is going to be fun!

  2. I enjoy Cindy’s style immensly but it would not work for our lifestyle. There is lots of inspiration for small ideas however. You must be getting excited and anxious for the kitchen redo, It seems to take forever to get these things underway, so good luck to you with the changes. Everyone has a different take on elegance, but I too think Cindy has her own style of elegance in all she does, and I would love to spend an afternoon visiting with her just savouring her style. This is fun to see who you pick for your guests, and I so enjoy it.

  3. I have been following Cindy and love her style! Two years ago when we made our big east to west move I purged so much of my house. My home is much simpler now with less clutter and less to clean!

  4. When people were commenting the other day about their style being too casual and comfortable for elegance, I immediately thought of Cindy Hattersley. Like I used to be about the Barefoot Contessa on the food network, I want my version of Cindy’s house and style. She epitomizes elegance. When we moved to our condo, I gave away a lot to our son and lightened up our decor quite a bit. It’s still traditional, but with all the “fuss” removed. Lots of light linen. I love it. I think of it as updating your hairstyle. It needs to be freshened sometimes or it looks frozen in time. For inspiration for this style, I google “young traditional,” or “new trad.”

  5. ENJOYED THE BLOG. I AM IMMEDIATELY DRAWN TO CINDY BECAUSE OF HER SMILE. She always looks like someone I would really enjoy knowing(maybe learn a lot from too). I feel that one main element of style is how one projects oneself! Happy shows on your face, the reverse is true. One can learn much from another person by listening and observing, and not being lectured to by that person. Maybe the word is mentoring. There are certain women from whom I have learn much over the years. Not sure they would classify themselves as mentors but they were for me. Being lead by example goes with a long way toward achieving the goals of elegance,etc.

  6. I just love your new “elegance” posts. Look forward to each one. Thanks for giving us so much to learn from, so much to think a about and so much to inspire us. Especially appreciate being introduced to Cindy today.

  7. Oh it’s always fun to find another blog to follow! Thank you! Cindy’s style is so stylish and comfortable. I’m heading to her blog now.

    I had the day off today and have been purging my closet! I really appreciate your posts about style, elegance and how to be true to myself and style.

  8. Thanks for sharing the Q and A with Cindy. I have looked at our home and found it enjoyable to change some accessories just to change the seasonal look and brighten some of the rooms. Enjoy your blog and look forward to the topics of the day.

    1. Thank you Audrey…I just got back from going to a home store and it was packed with people…all in masks…all watching the lines. But, I think working on our homes right now is very popular.

  9. Pam I am enjoying these interviews so very much- please keep them coming! What I really love about older women is the confidence factor. Whether in clothing, home and garden, or personal endeavors, it’s lovely to see ladies stepping out and enjoying, even reveling in their choices. Hurrah!

    1. I will do my best to keep them coming, Connie! So glad you enjoy them. We are surrounded by inspirational women!

  10. Cindy is definitely elegant because her style works for her. Thank you for introducing her to us. I am past ready to make some changes in my home. I have put some things off for far too long. Too often, I hear my mother’s voice in my head saying, “It stills works so I shouldn’t spend the money on a new one.” I always vowed I wouldn’t be like that, but yet, here I am. A friend reminded me recently of the phrase “If not now, when?”

  11. I have recently started following Cindy. Her style is much different than mine but after seeing her in a long skirt and tied blouse, I purchased a similar skirt from Chicos. I wore it yesterday and my family loved the look on me. It’s sometimes just the little things you pick up and borrow from another’s style that will shape your own. I’m now out hunting in our shed for the little red wagon I know is buried there…I plan to plant it similar to the cart Cindy is standing next to. My husband claims he’s been working a lot harder these COVID days as I have more time to read blogs and hatch new ideas!

  12. Thank you ladies for the wonderful conversation. I love both your blogs and get so much happiness from reading them, thanks for being so generous. Have a wondeful weekend 🙂

  13. I do so enjoy these posts on elegance as I learn from them.
    They help me think about what kind of older woman do I wish to become- elegant is definitely on the list. I enjoyed reading about Cindy and have spent some time on her blog. Her home and gardens are amazing.

    I do THE AGELESS STYLE SERIES with HER and we have a BALL with THAT which was HER IDEA!SHE sleeps VERY LITTLE and is ALWAYS FULL OF ENERGY!

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