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Chicos on Over 50 Feeling 40

Fix a refreshing beverage, get a comfy spot and let’s dive into Saturday with Would You Wear It with me and my most elegant friend, Jennifer Connolly.   On this day, Jennifer and I locate fashion displays which make us want to know what you would think about them.

Chicos Tie Dye on Over 50 Feeling 40

Please tell us if you personally would or would not wear the look we bring to you, and explain why.  Please do not just say YES or NO, but tell us specifically why it does or doesn’t work for you…this helps other ladies who may be of similar age or body type or tastes. We always learn from one another and the comments on these posts are read!  So, look at my display above and tell us……………………………………………………….



Sun Basket on over 50 Feeling 40

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Organic Linen Eileen Fisher Dress at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

This week’s favorite post by a landslide was IN SEARCH OF MY NEW LIFE-STYLE: NEXT STOP EILEEN FISHER AT DILLARD’S.  I stopped by my favorite Dillard’s in The Shops of La Cantera and tried on several Eileen Fisher looks to consider for my new life…without the professional work office scene.  If you missed it, the link is in the first sentence here.

Make sure you go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see what Jennifer has for us today. Make sure you stop by tomorrow, the post will be similar to a Would You Wear It Post…I am seeking your inner stylist to participate.  Then enjoy the slideshow which does feature more from Chico’s…have a lovely Saturday and ….




Taking Juice Plus+ for seven years on Over 50 Feeling 40

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Pamela Lutrell and Goli

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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell




  1. I would wear everything except the skirt. The jacket is exactly like one I have that I wear often. The style of the top and the color appeal very much, and the necklace is something I could use going into fall/winter. The problem I have with the skirt is the length, and the large pattern would overwhelm me. Much as I like them, maxi skirts make me look shorter. That’s not bad, it’s just not what I’m going for. I do like things in the slideshow! Happy weekend Pam!!

  2. LOve the outfit and the color! I would like it better if the print came in pants! as I a only wear them now and have been for along time. But over all a great choice for fall. Chicos is one of my fav places to shop!

  3. Love the color, and the tie-dye feel. I do not tuck anymore- highlights my thickened waist.Would wear it, untucked.

  4. This outfit is pretty on the mannequin but the skirt is a no no for me. It’s too long and the cut is not something that would flatter me. I teally like the Merlot color of the top as paired with white jacket and lovely necklace. Now THAT I would purchase!

  5. I really like this outfit, but I have a tough time with skirts. I have a little tummy and my butt sticks out in the back 😂. I like the colors, but the skirt pattern would be too much since I’m petite.

  6. It’s cooling off here and I am ready to get my jean jacket out. I like the outfit, although I might go with a white top instead of the red. I like “midi” skirts to hit below my knee above the top of my calf, if this one can’t be altered to my best length that would be a deal-killer.

    I am not so sure about that Eileen Fisher outfit for you. I can imagine you in the top with slim black pants, but the skirt is out of your normal zone and that is always a red flag when buying outfits, particularly at EF prices! No matter, it’s always good to try things on, who knows your comfort zone may have shifted!

  7. Hi Rose, click the link, read the Eileen Fisher post and your questions will be answered. Thanks!

  8. My first reaction to the photo was that I would wear the skirt and top. I’d pass pass on the jacket and the necklace (personal taste more than anything. However, as much as I like the length and colour of the skirt, having recently retired, I probably wouldn’t actually wear it more than one or twice a year. However, I would definitely wear the top – I like the neckline and the longer sleeves. Plus, burgundy is a flattering colour on me. Since it comes in other colours, I would likely get more than one.

  9. The outfit looks lovely on the mannequin. Love the jacket, top and necklace. The skirt is too long and the pattern too busy for me. Would look lovely on someone tall and lean.

  10. Love the jacket,I don’t know if I could wear the shirt tucked in. Love the white top with skirt, definitely would wear this! I really like longer skirts it’s definitely my style.

  11. Good morning, What a great and flattering color! I just don’t wear skirts anymore ever, except the one black pencil skirt I wear during the holidays. But I do like the pattern of the skirt. I would wear the top – that sleeve length is hard to find- and the necklace. Not a fan of jeans jackets, they are just not flattering on me. Thanks for your posts. I look forward to them.

  12. I love this outfit, the colors, style, etc. I would definitely have to try it on, though. Long skirts do not always complement my height or size. Very pretty!

  13. This color is stunning and I love this collection of deep cherry red. However, I don’t wear skirts anymore so that’s a no. The necklace is too bulky for me. I’ve got my eye on the tie dye tunic and kimono to wear with white or red pants in this collection. This is a great color for fall and winter IMO! Love shopping Chico’s!!!

  14. Hi Pamela,
    I think the tie dye pattern is too big and would overwhelm my petite frame as would the necklace. Not sure I like that color red either.
    Happy weekend!

  15. For myself, I would choose a different skirt . I like the merlot colored top and I am large enough to carry off that necklace which is striking so I wouldn’t change that. But there’s something about the print of the skirt that doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t support that necklace, it fights with it. I would prefer a different print that had a bit of darker color added. Then the outfit would be a great transitional season look. Of course, there is nowhere to go to wear it right now!

  16. I like the skirt very much, and could wear this red/berry color print with a white top (I can’t wear red near my face). Clicking the link I saw it is also offered in blue, which is more Me, but then I realized I already have a blue and white maxi skirt with tie-dye print in my travel drawer. 😊 Anyway, thanks for the link to the Nordie’s sale. I clicked through and found two cardigans I snapped up! Last winter I fell in love with the super long length cardies, bought a light heather grey, a charcoal, and at the end of the season a lovely deep green (and that one has a hood, so fun!) . . .today I chose the oatmeal heather, and a red pomegranate (I know I said up above I don’t do red near my face, but this was beautiful and I will wear white or cream tops under it). So, Happy Saturday!, Happy Shopping!!! 🌼

  17. I have the denim jacket and the top from Chico’s. I have lots of necklaces that would work I like the skirt too- will look for it during good sales. Love the post of the week- it’s a good look for you Pam.

  18. To my eye, there is a disconnect with the print and the fabrication of the skirt. The tie dye looks on-trend, but putting it on flowing, pleated polyester, seems “off.” Also, it feels as if the necklace is too heavy for the skirt. That said, I’d keep the top half and swap the bottom half out-ha!

  19. I love this color of red and think it would flatter many people. It would go with so many neutrals in my wardrobe. On the top half, it looks much like I wear every day, as I’m a fan of solid, deep, contrasting colors, three quarter length sleeves, a good denim, twill or linen jacket, and a statement necklace. The skirt, being boho, does now fit my style adjectives, particularly Polished.

  20. I love the red and the top and jacket. I can’t wear pleated skirts…tummy and center of body issues. I have no love of tie dye in general. To me it is cheap looking. Tie dye reminds me of Walmart and souvenier shop tee shirts…not fashion.

  21. Unfortunately, a no for me on all pieces namely due: a) Jacket – though a denim appears too opaque and I prefer a shorter length b) Top – not a fan of this sleeve length nor its neckline but I do like its colour c) Skirt – regardless I can wear pleated and midi length; just yesterday upon the request of ‘my grandchildren’ , I gave them a crash course on how to Tie Dye ; so it is for that reason I wouldn’t wear it … ☺. (If it were a Batik a yes, but a Tie Dye at my age is just too déjà vu!) d) Necklace – as much as I like it, I just don’t have the bust line to carry it. -Brenda-

    Footnote: Project was face masks for themselves and their friends since wearing them will be mandatory in all our schools.

  22. Yes I would , I saw this collection on Chico’s website and I love getting their clothes because they’re well made and you can get pieces to mix and match. They would also make wonderful travel clothes. I looking forward to the day we can travel again 😀

  23. I wear a version of this a lot – maxi skirt with a tee and jean jacket and flat sandals. I used to have a red tie-die maxi skirt that I just donated. It does not wear well long term, so I would pass on this skirt. love this color in the new Chico’s collection, but they missed the mark. There are no basic pants in the color. And only one style top I like. Other pieces are too trendy. I tried this too and it is so unflattering. The jean jacket is a staple.

  24. The top and the jacket are definitely something I would buy. In fact, I have that jacket. I’d pass on the skirt since I don’t wear skirts anymore. It would look nice on someone taller. Chico’s is a good spot to check out. Thanks for your slide show.

  25. My first reaction is no, but I do love and admire the tribal look on others so I might try it on. The colors are a bit bright for me. But again, I would try it on. Life’s too short to get stuck in a rut :). Happy Saturday my friend xx

  26. I love that merlot color, the jacket is a classic, and the T would be a wardrobe stable. I wouldn’t wear the skirt as the pleats would not be flattering on my shape. The necklace is a little too tribal for my taste. So I’d wear the T and the jacket with black pants or jeans, and a different necklace. Love Chico’s!

  27. The color is gorgeous and one that I could easily add to my wardrobe since I wear a lot of black and olive. It would certainly fit it well.

    Although I like the skirt, the pattern is a bit too busy for me. I have similar skirt in all black and I wear it all the time. Love the pleats.

    The necklace really compliments this outfit, but I’d substitute it for something less bold.

    I like the way this outfit was put together — it’s a very lovely ensemble!

  28. I love that new color of red. I would only wear the top half of this outfit. I love white jeans jackets and have two. I’m very particular about skirts. I don’t wear any that are below my calf. I’m not comfortable with the tie dye look. It reminds me of my 60’s childhood where at every summer camp we made tie dye tee shirts. These days I do that with my grandkids!

  29. I would wear everything except the skirt. I have a denim jacket very similar to the one pictured & wear it quite often in the spring & early fall. I love the color on the top & would wear under a jacket or on its own with many different bottoms. I really like the necklace, which is a bit of a surprise, as it is not my usual style. It is the perfect accessory with the simple top & would go well with other items in my wardrobe. The skirt is too long & the wrong shape for me. Also, I’m not really fond of the tie dye pattern.

  30. I like all of the items individually but I probably wouldn’t wear them together. I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to wearing pattern on the bottom. I rarely do. Love this series!

  31. I have been wanting to try out a denim jacket since spring, then Covid shut down the dressing rooms around here. I like this look, with 2 changes for me. I would untuck the top and I really feel that necklace is too attention seeking for me.

  32. Hi Pam, I would wear everything but the necklace. It is just a bit too much for my taste. But I love the colors and I am tall so the length of the skirt is perfect for me.

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