My Fall Fashion Shopping Plan… with casual chic in mind

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Everyone on the blogs is talking about fall fashion thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (BTW, All can shop!).  But I am not complaining…I love to think of fall …especially now, when we suffer our most oppressive heat in South Texas.


This year I am facing it with more strategy than before since I am re-evaluating my new life-style and taking stock of how my current wardrobe helps (or hurts) my casual chic goals. 



First, I will take inventory of what I currently own.  Fall and winter fashions are my favorite and right now, the closet is well stocked!  However, as you will see here, these are mostly professional styles. 

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I want to keep the pieces I love and move along the ones I purchased just for working in an office, or the ones I am not that crazy about or do not have great fit.  The fit issue is one that takes time trying everything on and evaluating in front of my mirrors before I decide what stays and what goes.


Now that I work from home and always want to portray confident style over frumpy, I need to look very carefully at what I have and where the gaps lie.  I am always open to an occasional fun piece…as long as it fits my new budget…Mr. B is watching!  He would recommend we all set a budget for fall wardrobe spending and not exceed it!

Plaid for Fall on Over 50 Feeling 40


I believe my weeding out will be gradual.  I will keep some pieces this year and if they are not worn, then they will move along for next year. But, because I have so many pieces, I do not see me purchasing much for the fall…maybe just a few of the fun designs!  In looking at these three images from last fall, the third one is the youthful/joyful feeling I am going for with my style overall.  While the top two are more professional, I also think I look older…though all three were taken in the same year.  I am excited about this new phase of my style.



Aerosoles on Over 50 Feeling 40

 There are more accessories on my fall shopping list than anything.  I am looking for a good price on a nice animal print crossbody bag.  I have plenty of large bags, but in the new life, desiring to go smaller.  Last year, I began to change all my shoes.  Due to these pesky hammer toes, it was necessary for me to go larger so as to have a more comfortable toe box area.  I have purchased about five pair of shoes this summer and sent several forward to resale.

The Aerosoles above were on sale recently and I believe are perfect for fall.  They will look great with my denim, so I added them to the family. 


Pantone Color on over 50 feeling 40


 Recently, I introduced you to the PANTONE COLORS FOR FALL AND WINTER which all fashion and interior decor designers follow.  These four are the classic neutrals (you can see them all Here).  I love, love these neutrals! I did purchase the Leith olive- green Cozy Cardigan at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…because it is a great price, super soft, and I know I will wear it often.  I do not own a cardigan this color and it is one of my favorite colors.  I am adding it to the wardrobe and also seeking the perfect navy V-neck sweater.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on Over 50 Feeling 40


Plus, I love the creamy Almond Oil color and will be watching for it to show up.  It is beautiful, but I may feel that way because that is almost exactly the color of my kitchen re-do.  I have never been a fan of white-white, but love the off whites and creams.  

That’s my plan…has anyone else been thinking fall!  Now, here are a few considerations for fall In links and in the feature slideshow…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Aerosole Fall Preview Sale




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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Yes, thinking fall. It was 52 degrees when I woke up this morning (won’t be staying there, but it’s been getting a little cooler at night now). Like you, I’m well-stocked on fall/winter clothing. Just picked up a gorgeous cranberry cardigan from J Jill on a huge sale which will provide that pop of color against my neutrals. I do love the Pantone neutrals (that you showed above). I never thought of the professional looks as looking older, but you know, you’re absolutely right! I think our goal was to be taken seriously, make sure we came across as the seasoned professionals that we were, and I guess “older” was the result. I think back to how the younger women dressed and there is quite a contrast. But on the upside, I was taken seriously and often sought out for ideas. So there’s that… The new life definitely is more relaxed and youthful. I’m careful to always remember how old I really am and not come across as “young” because that can backfire in a hurry. Your term ‘youthful’ is much more appropriate! It’s fun following along on this journey because I’m still on it myself. That is such a great idea to hold onto the professional pieces and see if you wear them. Some I do still enjoy, especially blazers over jeans, and after a year the ones that didn’t see the light of day went to Goodwill for someone else to benefit from. I always think of the ladies who are looking for quality, professional pieces at the lower price point and feel so good about donating those pieces! Very good, thoughtful post. As a fellow planner, I love writing these things out and having some basis for making decisions!

    1. I am a list person and it seems you are as well, Karen! It helps me so much to process and make decisions. I am so jealous of your 52 degrees…sounds lovely! Happy Wednesday!

      1. I took very early retirement from a job in NYC in 2002. I wore black pantsuits almost every day. I sold 17 of them in the first year . Big mistake! In the ensuing years I went crazy trying to find a good black suit that fits. ( I am just under 5’.) I now call the few black more formal pieces I have now ( and had to have altered!)my “funeral attire.”
        Your decision to wait and see if things get worn is a wise one! Even though we’re all more casual these days, you can still get a lot of use from jackets by wearing them with jeans. Particularly the new straight leg ones. I have always had an aversion to the skinny jean/ leggings look as it makes everyone’s hips look so much bigger than they are. Your eye goes right to the bottom edge of a big ballooning top.The ice cream cone effect. I’m so glad the look is disappearing after such a long run. I know you like your leggings, but what if you switched them out for a skimming silhouette? With a slightly structured jacket. You might even try shortening a couple of your “work” jackets ( just pin them ip to see the effect first). It’s an inexpensive way to get more mileage out of clothes you might not use.

        1. I will be trying on different pants and looks as I go forward. Appreciate the advice, Susan…most of the leggings I wear are more like slim pants than leggings. Thanks!

  2. Agree with al your points and after having read and responded to Jennifer, I forgot to mention one- checking on-line shopping. CHeck out one’s favorite websites. They all have sale pages these days. It’s a way to find the special something I have been watching. If I still like it on sale, then usually,if the price is right, it gets mailed home! Happy shopping. Stay safe and cool. Summer is not over yet!

  3. I am so looking forward to that temp drop. i really miss my morning neighborhood walks. Here in S. Florida, even at 630a, its already 90 with humidity.
    I love your new loafers, and while i dont normally go for checkered prints, i really like your black/white blazer with the black accents.
    I really have to slow my roll this Autumn on clothes, though. I stocked up with sales last year on some sweater sets and some long sleeves, and now that im not working, those arent going to see the wear I thought they would.
    I think I should take inventory and post my results right here next to my screen so i stick with my resolve.
    Olive green is one of my favorites, also.

    1. Taking inventory really helps…I am surprised at the pieces that I forget I have. I highly recommend it!

  4. In the photos, the plaid blazer, white duster sweater and olive sweater look nice and easily pair with so may things from professional to jeans. Definitely keepers!

  5. You are so right I was immediately drawn to the third outfit! I thought it was because it is so slimming in it’s look but loved your description of joyful and youthful!

  6. The virus has me more hesitant about purging than I normally would be, having just retired. I wonder how many of my more professional things might actually get used eventually, for a part time job or maybe for volunteering. Ditto our second car, which is only driven so as to keep it in use, but might be needed depending on what we decide to do “after.” I’m a list maker too, and rather analytical, so I’m going to try to work up some sort of typical post retirement week “calendar”, making myself busier than I’m likely to be, and figure out how many outfits I will need at most. Because I will not be going to the same place every day, I will need less variety. Then I will start my purge, making it modest at first, focusing on things I bought mostly because they were on deep sale and gave me variety at work. I will likely wait for winter to do this, as summer and fall are fleeting in Ohio and I want to be outside. I get a sense from reading comments every day that our retired women find they needed a lot less than they thought for their new lives.

    1. This comment helped me do some additional thinking about my ongoing purge. Linda, this is really true about volunteering….I had been volunteering at the cancer center I retired from until they made us stop coming in (in March). I could never bring myself to wear the polo shirt they provided, so I wore my nice things from work that I hadn’t yet let go of. I’m thinking right now of another volunteer opportunity in a local shelter which wouldn’t require dressing up, but it’s a very good point about considering your near future when considering what to keep and what to part with. And so, so true about not going the same place every day like we did with our jobs. That means you can repeat things more often and have so much stuff! I also live in NE Ohio, and you’re right, our summer and fall (our gorgeous seasons) are so fleeting….we need the winter projects!

  7. Definitely anticipating Autumnal temps; just not the dark half of the year. Thinking of adding a couple pair new resin drop/dangle earrings in cheery colours!

    Since retiring out in SWLA, 2013, have slowly weeded & pruned the wardrobe. Woolen skirted business suits & outfits suitable for NoVa all donated now. No black or dark colours remain *huge grin*. Back to my soft pastel watercolours at last.

    Careful budgeting is the _only_ way I can comfortably afford wardrobe/hair/skin & nails. Well… buying nail care for DIY mani/pedi.

  8. My goodness…I can’t imagine giving up that rust jacket. I would keep it as a third piece for long sleeve shirts and jeans rather than thinking of it as a work blazer. I’ve learned after being retired for 10 years, never give up a black dress, anything leather or a blazer!

  9. Oh, wow, do I love that turmeric/clay-coloured top at the top!! And the brick jacket you’re wearing — just gorgeous.

    I’m undertaking a whole new challenge with colour because of my “new” grey hair which I hadn’t anticipated. It’s almost all grown out now & the “new” me is a fairly dramatic charcoal & silver. And I’m sure I’ve said this a few hundred times: I absolutely love it! But . . . .

    The only hazel-eyed blonde in a family of redheads, I used to get away with some colours — olive, khaki, mustard — that now look terrible on me. I always thought if you let your hair go its natural grey that your skin (& colour palette) would stay the same. Not true at all! While a true “winter” palette still works best for me — bright primaries with a blue undertone & pure black & white — those earth tones now have to be sharp & bright without a hint of muddiness: copper, bronze, turmeric, pumpkin. I can now wear lemon yellow which I couldn’t as a blonde, but not mustard. Chartreuse but not moss or olive. And weirdly, I can now wear most shades of grey, as long as they’re bright & crisp & not powdery — in fact, they’re very flattering, especially with a bit of shimmer — which I always had to avoid! It’s taking me a while to get it all figured out & while I’m having to let go of some old closet favorites, I have some distinct holes to fill.

    I’m just glad I’m not the only woman on here wading around in her wardrobe making hard life upgrades!

  10. Given what i wore last Spring when we started staying home I do not think I will add any professional clothing to my Fall wardrobe. i like to look nice and to have cute outfits, but they’re all on the casual side.

    What I am looking at is a replacement coat. I have a great coat that I’ve kept for years despite fraying cuffs because it was warm and weatherproof. With a dog and staying at home I go outside a lot. So the coat I am going to move on.

    Otherwise it’s shoes. My nice office shoes can stay where they are. I need walking shoes that can take the weather -it’s rather wet in Maryland- to go with the coat!

    I will say that I just bought some new Tevas from Nordstrom and they arrived the next day. So, at least for that item, their warnings about shipping delays didn’t apply.

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