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Everyone on the blogs is talking about fall fashion thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (BTW, All can shop!).  But I am not complaining…I love to think of fall …especially now, when we suffer our most oppressive heat in South Texas.


This year I am facing it with more strategy than before since I am re-evaluating my new life-style and taking stock of how my current wardrobe helps (or hurts) my casual chic goals. 



First, I will take inventory of what I currently own.  Fall and winter fashions are my favorite and right now, the closet is well stocked!  However, as you will see here, these are mostly professional styles. 

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I want to keep the pieces I love and move along the ones I purchased just for working in an office, or the ones I am not that crazy about or do not have great fit.  The fit issue is one that takes time trying everything on and evaluating in front of my mirrors before I decide what stays and what goes.


Now that I work from home and always want to portray confident style over frumpy, I need to look very carefully at what I have and where the gaps lie.  I am always open to an occasional fun piece…as long as it fits my new budget…Mr. B is watching!  He would recommend we all set a budget for fall wardrobe spending and not exceed it!

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I believe my weeding out will be gradual.  I will keep some pieces this year and if they are not worn, then they will move along for next year. But, because I have so many pieces, I do not see me purchasing much for the fall…maybe just a few of the fun designs!  In looking at these three images from last fall, the third one is the youthful/joyful feeling I am going for with my style overall.  While the top two are more professional, I also think I look older…though all three were taken in the same year.  I am excited about this new phase of my style.



Aerosoles on Over 50 Feeling 40

 There are more accessories on my fall shopping list than anything.  I am looking for a good price on a nice animal print crossbody bag.  I have plenty of large bags, but in the new life, desiring to go smaller.  Last year, I began to change all my shoes.  Due to these pesky hammer toes, it was necessary for me to go larger so as to have a more comfortable toe box area.  I have purchased about five pair of shoes this summer and sent several forward to resale.

The Aerosoles above were on sale recently and I believe are perfect for fall.  They will look great with my denim, so I added them to the family. 


Pantone Color on over 50 feeling 40


 Recently, I introduced you to the PANTONE COLORS FOR FALL AND WINTER which all fashion and interior decor designers follow.  These four are the classic neutrals (you can see them all Here).  I love, love these neutrals! I did purchase the Leith olive- green Cozy Cardigan at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…because it is a great price, super soft, and I know I will wear it often.  I do not own a cardigan this color and it is one of my favorite colors.  I am adding it to the wardrobe and also seeking the perfect navy V-neck sweater.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on Over 50 Feeling 40


Plus, I love the creamy Almond Oil color and will be watching for it to show up.  It is beautiful, but I may feel that way because that is almost exactly the color of my kitchen re-do.  I have never been a fan of white-white, but love the off whites and creams.  

That’s my plan…has anyone else been thinking fall!  Now, here are a few considerations for fall In links and in the feature slideshow…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Aerosole Fall Preview Sale




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