Would You Wear It Pop Up for Women 50, 60, 70 and Beyond!

Would You Wear It at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

A traditional pop up shop is there to surprise temporarily…so this Would You Wear It Pop Up on a Thursday is also temporary and just for fun!  These posts are a great way to discover what women over 50, 60, 70 and beyond like to wear.   On these days, I ask that you look over the display and tell everyone what you think about the style.

Don’t let this super skinny model throw you off…consider the display with your benchmarks for an outfit which works for you!  Tell us if personally you would or would not wear what is being displayed.

Would You Wear It Pop Up on over 50 Feeling 40

Consider colors…styling…and your personal tastes and lifestyle. Give it careful consideration and then tell us, ladies,



Thank you for the prayers and well wishes on my little surgery.  I am recovering, but everything seems to be going well!  Thank you for understanding and for being here.  I will have more on elegance tomorrow.  


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. the leggings are kinda cute, i would try them on…although already having a few pairs of print pants in the closet, both jeggings and palazzos, i would probably pass.
    the blouse just doesnt speak to me. i believe that neckline, if you bend over even slightly, you will be flashing. the hem design might curl up without ironing also. the color is pretty, i would like to investigate that new cherry for Fall.

  2. OMG! You had surgery too? Mine was to remove a huge kidney stone. Please feel well soon, Pam!
    I like this outfit at a quick glance, especially the pant/legging pattern. Very cute! The top had possibilities for fall as I search out Vee Necks. On a closer look the fabric became bothersome. It looked a bit unattractive to me. It isn’t the color–that was fine, but I’d need to feel the fabric before purchasing.

  3. I don’t wear patterned pants so the leggings would be a no for me. I prefer solid leggings with long tunic tops for a casual, comfy fall look. The color of the top shown is gorgeous and I would love to add that shade to my wardrobe. The v-neck is way too low and I would have to add a cami under it for modesty. I would prefer a tunic sweater/sweatshirt instead of a blouse…just my personal style.

  4. Pretty color and I like a V-neck and 3/4 sleeves, but the flap of sheer fabric at the bottom isn’t doing it for me. Just looks very inexpensive overall. And could any less care have been put into dressing the mannequin? Get out the steamer and add a couple of accessories!

  5. I like the idea of the outfit. I agree with Sheryl that bending over in the top would expose a lot more than you would want to. I like the color and would most likely look for a closer fitting top and one with a different neckline to wear with the pants.

  6. If those are leggings I would pass. If they are straight cut cotton pants, then yes. I would wear them with a black v neck sweater and black booties for fall.

  7. I would wear it, but probably wouldn’t be compelled to buy the top. I love the leggings and those I would definitely purchase. The top is okay, I like the color, but would definitely wear a camisole underneath. The leggings are fantastic though!

  8. The top, in addition to the low neckline, looked sheer. I do like the color. I’ve never thought I could wear a patterned leggings, but I’ve never tried them on, so maybe I should! This pair looks cute.

  9. I do like this outfit, specifically the shade of red with the black/white leggings. I’d have to try on the leggings, though because I’m not sure the pattern would look good on me.

    While I like the top, I do wish that the person who styled it had taken the time to steam out the wrinkles. It looks as it was hastily removed from a box and thrown onto the mannequin. Accessories would have been nice as well … perhaps a crossbody bag or long necklace?

  10. The style is that of my go to outfit for being at home. Comfy…I would dress it up a bit with some jewelry like a heavy pendant or a lighter color scarf to go to the grocery store. The cranberry color is very “in” this fall, but as I have found out, a bit dark for me. I like the smaller print on the leggings. I don”t feel comfortable at 76 to wear something in too bold a print on leggings
    Hope you are feeling better. Surgery is a definite bummer.

  11. Glad you are feeling better! Anytime someone puts you to sleep to cut on you, it’s not a fun time. Minor surgery is surgery performed on someone else. ha!

    I agree with Miss Ann M: for pity sake, steam the garments and add some bling! Overall the outfit has possibilities, with some revisions. The top would look better with the bottom layer solid, like the rest of the top. Deep V-neck…who wants to look at aging decolletage? A pretty camisole would be just the ticket to avoid offending (or frightening) folks.

  12. These are not in my color palette, and I don’t wear leggings …the top has way too deep a V for me, too….I would have to wear a cami under it and that is too fussy for me as well….so no, I would not wear this outfit.

  13. The color of the top is nice, but the style- NEVER. The leggings might be ok with the right top.
    I was recently employed in a retail establishment that made me stretch my comfort zone concerning clothing; ten years ago I would never have dreamed that I would wear skinny jeans or leggings in public, let alone to work, but before COVID hit I wore both regularly, and I have started expanding my normal wardrobe to include a lot more variety.

  14. A YES to the pants as have similar in my wardrobe already however the top though do like its colour there are several issues I have with it. a) The plunging v-neck line. b) Prefer a long sleeve version as would get more mileage out of it since sleeves of this design can always be simply readjusted on the arm by roll-cuffing or pushing them up. c) Do not mind sheer fabric, however do not see its feasibility in this case with it being a tunic length and the underlying garment being visible. As for accessories; IMO ‘the sky is the limit’ due to the simplicity of both designs. i.e.: Due to its neckline I might add a lace camisole under the top for a touch of femininity or a large triangle folded, lightly draped scarf most likely in a stripe pattern to compensate its low cut. For luster and texture I’d add a few metal bracelets with a pair of hooped earrings and my favourite footwear and a handbag.
    P.S.: Hope you are not experiencing too much pain today.

  15. So glad you are doing well after your surgery! As for the outfit….I love leggings with long tops, but the top wouldn’t work for me. The V neck is too low, and I’m not fond of the band around the bottom, however I do love the color. I might try the leggings on. I don’t wear printed leggings, but I think these are fun and the print is not too bold.
    Feel better!

  16. I often wear leggings and a nice top. This top is a great color and I like the 3/4 sleeves and v-neck. I noticed you can see through the sheer trim at the bottom and the whole point of wearing a tunic with leggings is to hide my thighs! I’d skip the top. I usually wear solid colored leggings but I’d at least try these on.

  17. I like the outfit and would wear it, but I’m not much of a burgundy gal and would want the top in a different color, perhaps cream or black

  18. Pam thank you for planning ahead to bring us content. Hoping you are being appropriately pampered! Glad to hear your recovery is going in the right direction. Would absolutely wear this outfit. Top: V neck, color and body skimming, not oversized. Pants: nice small pattern, on the darker side, would just need to be sure they are not “sausage casing” tight.

  19. I’d wear this. I prefer long sleeves tho, and just push them up rather than 3/4 sleeves. Love the rich color of the top.

  20. I would try this outfit on. I like the color of the top & V-neck, but I’m not sure about the added sheer piece. I don’t usually wear leggings, especially print ones. I think I would prefer a slim leg pant. Glad you are recovering & hope things continue to go well.

  21. I love the layered blouse, but it looks like it would need to be ironed as it is already wrinkled on the mannequin. I don’t wear leggings, but I do wear skinny or slim legged pants. The v neck is very flattering and I wouldn’t worry about it showing anything as I always stoop down rather than bend over to save my back…

  22. Take care of yourself, Pam — hope you’re feeling better very quickly.

    This outfit is one of those that I thought I liked at first glance — primarily because of the V neck on the top — but once I took a better look will pass on. I dislike the colour & would never wear it & that see-through addition around the bottom is just odd, as though they manufactured a whole run of the tops then decided they were too short so hastily added the band. As well, the seam between the two pieces is puckered & sloppily sewn & doesn’t lie flat, the dart is way too low (I speak here as a once-accomplished sewer who knows how to fit a garment) & the fabric appears to crease easily & I suspect will cling with static the minute you iron it. There’s no tougher customer than one who sews well 🙂 I might wear the leggings with a black or white top, so it’s not a complete loss.

  23. I would walk right by this mannequin; wine/burgundy just doesn’t look good with my skin tone. The leggings are simple but I stick to solid black, gray or navy. Kind of a ho-hum outfit. As far as the cut of the top, I like the v-neck, the 3/4 length sleeve and the non-voluminous cut but that color…… Feel better!

  24. After two or three looks, I’d say no to the pants – print leggings just aren’t me. The top, with a cami, would be good and I would wear it with slim black pants for a dressier look, and a statement necklace and dressy shoes – giving it a whole different look.

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