Everyday Elegance Over 50: Meet an elegant woman with courage

Susan Blakely on Over 50 Feeling 40

Welcome to Friday!  This is a part of my regular Cultivating Everyday Elegance over 50 series, and most recently I have been introducing you to some women I consider to represent elegance well. 

One of the first bloggers I met and followed when I started to blog in 2010 was Susan Blakely of une femme d’un certain age. 


une femme on over 50 feeling 40


I do not remember if I met Susan through Tish Jett’s blog or the other way around, but I do know that one attracted me to the other.  Susan was a working woman at that time like me and blogging for a second job…like me.  She had great style which at the time was mostly neutrals.  I call her a courageous woman because she completely changed the colors she wears and her style later in life…and I believe that does take some courage.

Let’s learn more about Susan through the Q & A session I had with her!

Susan Blakely on Over 50 Feeling 40

First, tell us about you…where you live, a little about your family and lifestyle, etc.

“I live in the West Los Angeles area. I’m married, and we celebrated our 25th anniversary in March. We have one adult son with special needs who lives in a group home not too far away. I’ve worked from home for the last 4½ years, and my husband just retired. We have a mostly casual lifestyle, and love to travel (when possible). We enjoy good food and wine, and have been cooking more and trying to improve our culinary skills.”

How did your blog come about and how did you select the name?

“My blog came about in 2007. I’d just turned 50 and was trying to suss out my style. I found almost no style blogs for women 50+, so decided to write one. I chose the name because I’ve always been a Francophile, and une femme d’un certain âge is a French expression (“a woman of a certain age”) that suggests a positive attitude toward age, and alludes to the wisdom, experience, and elegance that we acquire along the way.”


What challenges have you faced as a blogger right now and how are you evolving your blog?

I’ve had to pivot away from travel-related content, which accounted for probably 30-40% of my traffic and was one of my passions. I’ve tried to stay nimble and keep up with what my readers are looking for in these times, which means a greater focus on relaxed, at-home styles.

Une Femme Blog on Over 50 Feeling 40

Tell us briefly about your personal style reinvention with color

“Two years ago, I was feeling stuck with my style and finding myself really drawn to color. But I’d been living in neutrals for so long, every time I tried to add color it just felt “off.” I knew I needed some help and fresh eyes to help me get started, so had a color consultation with Red Leopard in London at the beginning of last summer. It hasn’t been a quick or easy process to transition my wardrobe to a more colorful one, but I do think it was one of the best style investments I’ve ever made.”

How do you define elegance?

“Only what is needed, nothing superfluous. Style that is organic and in harmony with one’s inner self.”

Do you believe elegance can be taught?

“Yes! I think we can each learn to find our own kind of elegance, and it won’t be the same for everyone.” 

What advice do you have for older women who desire to be more elegant later in life?

“Invest in the best quality you can afford. Find your best styles and colors and stick with them, but try something new occasionally if it intrigues you. There is no one “must-have” item for every woman, so don’t feel you should have a white shirt or trench or whatever if it doesn’t feel right for you.”


What is your biggest dream right now?

“Aside from resuming travel, I’m hoping to be trained to do color and style analysis to help more women find their best look.”


News on Gardening on over 50 Feeling 40

I hope you have been inspired like I have by meeting these elegant women.  I have another super chic lady to introduce to you next Friday.  In case you have missed the other two, here are the links to their stories:

Janice Riggs

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I agree with Susan that we are each learning to find our own kind of elegance…and that is what this series has been about…do you agree?  Of course,  tomorrow is WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and Jennifer!  Till then…





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  1. Yes, I do agree that we are learning to find our own kind of elegance, and that it won’t be the same for every woman. I have seen Susan’s blog, and I do find her new interest in more color to be interesting, fun, modern and forward-thinking. It’s fun to change things up and get out of the ruts we sometimes find ourselves in. (I have the exact Chico’s clutch that Susan is holding in the first picture! Great summer purse!) I do like her use of color! I met a friend for dinner this week and as I chose what to wear, thought back through this journey to elegance. I also paid attention to how I walked, posture, my voice and conversation. This can definitely be learned, and actually I’m much more comfortable presenting myself as an elegant woman than I was several months ago. Continuing on the journey!!

  2. Another perfect example that elegance is different for everyone, and not a cookie cutter look. I have been following Susan for quite some time as well, and was fascinated by her experience with Red Leopard and subsequent changes to her style and colours. Just goes to show we can change, when we are ready, at any stage of life. These are very informative interviews, and thank you Pam. Hope you are feeling better each day and taking time to recover.

  3. I agree on finding the right colors. Some colors I love don’t look right on me anymore. Would enjoy hearing about color analysis and recommendations for who to use. I’m 65, like less pattern and seem to be wearing more necklaces from French Kande to make statements instead of with my clothes.

  4. “A picture is worth a Thousand words” really holds true with Susan. She always shows something relatively simple but with a fun accessory,shoes, purse, necklace,etc. I have enjoyed her blogs(Because of yours) and find her use of color fun and interesting. Keep on posting, always interesting to meet new people and see what they are doing, wearing,etc.

  5. Thank you for the discussion Pam and Susan; so lovely to get to know you better Susan and I love your blog! I adore that green sweater! My confidence has really blossomed since following both of you this year. I am an actress and somehow iin my fifties I lost confidence as to how to look and “be” and now thanks to reading regularly posts geared towards women in my age group, I am feeling emboldened and vital again. Hugs to you both 🙂

  6. I’ve been following Susan for several years, and though initially a skeptic because I too wore lots of all neutral looks, I’ve become a real fan of her new look. I too am looking to introduce more color into my wardrobe, and would like to move away a bit from black, or at least the head to toe neutrals. Susan’s transformation coincided in part with her retirement, and mine is too. As much fun as it could be to dress up for a job, there were many days when, in terms of fashion, I was on “functional autopilot at least I’m here.”

  7. Great article. I’ve been following Susan and I have to agree that her color transformation has been eye opening. She looks younger and happier to me. Now if I could only go to London to visit the Red Leopard ladies.
    Hope you are feeling better every day.

  8. Susan is one of my favorite bloggers! I’ve been following her for a few years now and she has helped me transition from working professional to retiree. When I moved from NY to SoCal I noticed how California style is very different from NY; I don’t know if my eye was changing but NY has a less casual look or maybe it was just me needing to project a strict pulled together style for my job.. Susan is elegant casual and has been a great inspiration!

  9. I’ve been following Susan for years. Nice to see her here today! After watching her colour transformation, I dug out the swatches from when I had my colours “done” back in the 80s and realized how far I’d strayed from the ones that look best on me. For the most part, during these days of Covid, I’m making do with what’s in my closet, but I look forward to gradually transitioning away from the colours that aren’t my best.

  10. Thank you for introducing us to Susan, who is indeed elegant. Her statement about everyone’s elegance being different is quite true, & as Linda L mentioned, it can vary from region to region. I live in the Midwest, & what is considered elegant in NYC is not the same as here. I appreciate meeting these interesting ladies & learning from their points of view.

  11. Excellent interview. I’m a big fan of Susan and her blog. First time I have been to your blog. Very well done. I’ll subscribe.
    thanks so much

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