Fall ushers in cozy, affordable fall clothing and new recipes with a season of refreshment

Pamela Lutrell in National Fashions on over 50 Feeling 40

Welcome to Reality Check Monday…the day before the official beginning of fall…so, I want to remind you where to find cozy, affordable fall clothing plus serve up delicious green beans with a little inspiration on the side. My reality is to seek joy in all circumstances!

Just a note in case some of you are wondering… These plants are called Orange Marmalade.  I am currently obsessed with them.  Thanks to my local nursery for the recommendation.


Pamela Lutrell in National Fall Clothing on Over 50 Feeling 40

Earlier this month, I introduced you to National Fashions On Over 50 Feeling 40. 

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Today, I wanted to show you the Flat Waist Leggings, which are a great fit (not too tight, not too loose) and very comfy; and this vibrant Ribbed Flyaway Cardigan (on sale now at an amazing price). This is a perfect cozy day at home outfit or throw on a fun accessory and go out!

You will love how soft these fabrics are and there are so many selections from sweaters to robes!


Pamela Lutrell with Green Bean Recipe on Over 50 Feeling 40

I shared some of my latest recipes last week in a Fall Cooking Post. 

My green bean recipe is inspired by our local chef at Fish City Grill with a little touch of Joanna Gaines!  First, I roasted three garlic cloves n a little olive oil in a skillet (only because my oven is out of commission); I mixed them with two tablespoons of butter.  

I heated a pot of water to a rolling boil; tossed in a pinch of salt; and then added two handfuls of fresh green beans.  I blanched these in the boiling water for one minute…drained…set aside.

Sliced a red bell pepper.  Melted the garlic butter in a skillet and added the beans and the bell pepper and cooked around 8 minutes.  Added a little salt and pepper.  I think doing this with olive oil would also be excellent!

Joanna has a recipe for BUTTERED WALNUTS OR PECANS in her book, Magnolia Table.  I made it with walnuts…and let me warn you, it is addicting!

In a small skillet, melt two tablespoons of butter over medium heat.  Add 1/4 cup lightly packed light brown sugar, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper and mix until smooth.

Add the walnuts to coat and cook around 3-5 minutes.  Pour onto wax paper to cool.  I crumbled some onto the beans…so good. Would be excellent with salads.


Pamela Lutrell discusses her love of FALL

I wrote this statement after pondering why I love this season so much…to me, it is refreshment and 2020 needs a huge dose of refreshment. Where I live, fall comes in as we are experiencing intense, 100-degree heat…most vegetation is crunchy.

But, when the first signs of the season come, it is as if nature is breathing a sigh of relief.  It also is a great time to get outdoors, as well as, enjoy the warmth of home.  I have been concerned about those readers and others I know who have been isolated for months.

Isolation is not healthy…we are made to be connected people.  I understand there is a pandemic, but with practicing good health guidelines, it is possible to be out and about and be safe.


At least, walk the neighborhood and greet others with a smile.  That alone can be healing.  I also want to encourage those of you who know women in isolation to reach out…visit or drop off a flower, muffin, or hand written note. 

It helps to know others are thinking of you. CONNECTIONS ARE CRITICALLY IMPORTANT.


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GOLI on over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. Thanks for the tip on Goodwill Accents. Fun place to shop. I got 2 gorgeous Brighton necklaces for $20 each. One was so dirty it turned the soap suds grey, but it is beautiful now. Sad that someone gave away what they had worn a lot because they couldn’t be bothered to clean it. Jewelry gets dirty just like everything else we wear. Anyway, I’ll be dropping in at Accents whenever I am in the vicinity.

  2. Your green beans look delicious! I’m always looking for variations on green beans and have saved this one to try. I’m not a huge fan of candied nuts for some reason, but I do like spiced nuts (with some heat), so I think those could sub in very nicely. Definitely will be trying your beans with the peppers and garlic! You could have some fun here with different pepper varieties! Such a pretty cardigan, and we are definitely in cardigan weather here! I like the longer lengths too, like yours is. And those beautiful flowers! Such a lovely fall entryway! Very good point about isolation. There are so many ways to be safe and still be out living life, and we know that being social is so very important, especially as we age. I know I tend to use my mom as an example, but only because it hammers this point home. Where she lives they have been going above and beyond providing activities for everyone to participate in, and they have been very creative in order to get people involved. My mom does not participate in these fun activities (not even the ice creams socials – can’t figure that one out!!). She remains in her apartment, shut off by her own choice and it is telling tremendously on her memory and state of mind. They have been trying to encourage her to come out even once a week, but she’s not having any of that. Her already compromised memory is SO much worse since this all began in March, it’s very obvious. Being social, engaging your mind and participating in life is SO important. Isolation is dangerous. Even a walk, like you said, to see others and smile and say hello….anything! And a beautiful time of year to be out besides!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Karen. I know too many like your mom. Women who are staying isolated out of fear, yet deteriorating mentally. It is sad.

  4. The more fit you are, the more you can do in our new world … go for neighborhood walks, visit a park (something we do often since in Ohio cooler mornings have definitely arrived), stand or sit outside with a mask for an extended chat, go biking. So it’s a great time to start walking! Our everyday fitness is improving a lot, and we set little goals for ourselves, add a cul de sac or two, etc. We have eaten out on patios a few times, and the problem is some establishments are very safe and some are not. But if you can, I highly recommend getting out in nature. As for autumn, I think why I love it is because of its total assault on all five senses. I would love it if you would do one of your “favorite things” postings about the season, or even each sense.

  5. I love the post on the goodwill accessories! So fun. I bought the GOLI, since you recommended them. How do you take them and when? It said up to six a day!

  6. I take two in the morning the minute I get up and follow with a glass of water. The only time I take two more is after a big meal. Thanks for ordering Becky!

  7. First of all Pamela, the leggings are very flattering on you. Do like the cardigan as well, particularly its wider ribbed detail. As to the walnut/pecan topping, definitely will try it as an additional topping for my mixed green salads. Re Karen’s dilemma with her Mother. May I suggest that she could try to get her interested in a project that will not only stimulate her mind but perhaps give her a purpose. For example; provided she has a reasonable light source get her a flower bulb growing kit to nurture and care for and encourage her to grow them with anticipation that not only she can enjoy once bloomed, but can gift them to other residents/staff/family. -Brenda-
    Footnote: We did this for an elderly Uncle of my husband that had very similar symptoms of with-drawl but was in a Nursing Home at that time as had suffered a stroke. (American Meadows.com carry a good selection.)

  8. I love the flowers on your porch. I’ve never heard of them and am wondering if they are only available in the south. I live in Ohio. What a great look for Fall décor. The green bean recipe is going to be a keeper, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing recipes along with all your fashion and decorating ideas. Fall is always a time of inspiration for me to try new things and cook more creatively.

  9. I really don’t know where they are available, Nina. They are recommended for warmer, humid climates so that may be the case that you see them more in the south. I was not familiar with them until the nursery introduced me to them.

  10. I love that magenta cardigan on you. It is just the right pop of color. Your statement on fall certainly sums up the season perfectly. It is my favorite season. One of our local news stations did a segment on what isolation & lack of human touch is doing to our mental health. So many people are living in fear these days that our mental health is suffering mightily. Thanks for reminding us to reach out to others.

  11. Thanks for your posts and reminders today. I only wish our Goodwill stores were as well put together. No boutique style and rather grimy. Sad looking.
    I will try your yummy sounding green bean recipe! I love the sound of walnuts being added! Maybe this week! Love your posts!

  12. You look lovely Pam. I like the bright zing of color in your sweater paired with the scarf. Very pretty. 😉 I also wanted to respond to Karen. I feel for what you are going through with your mother. My maternal grandmother was much the same and it was a heartache to see her withdraw, and no pandemic quarantine back then. Anyway, I am reading a wonderful book called “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating” by Elisabeth Tova Bailey. I know it sounds a little peculiar, but it is a very touching story about how the smallest of things can bring comfort to someone whose life has become very sheltered. You might enjoy reading it, and might find some inspiration to add some wee small thing your mother would perhaps find of interest. In any case, I wish you and your mom the best. 💗🌼

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