Time for Fall Cooking!

Fall Cooking on Over 50 Feeling 40

I love fall cooking…there is just something about this time of year that makes me want to cook!

Of course, this year, I am kitchen-challenged as I wait on the contractor’s calendar to begin out remake.  My original ovens (upper and lower) officially died recently from old-age, so I cannot bake…but I am not allowing it to shut my kitchen down.


Flavored Butter on Over 50 Feeling 40

I wrote recently about my return to homemaking since leaving the office building/professional world.  Now, that I am in control of my time (for the most part), I have returned to my love of cooking and experimentation.  

One of our favorite local chefs, recently told me that his secret to the green beans, we can’t get enough of, was roasted garlic/lemon butter.  I immediately thought…I Can Do That!

Super easy…I roasted four garlic cloves in olive oil in a skillet.  (Normally, I would have used the oven, but this worked well).  Set out two sticks of our favorite butter to soften.  I placed these in my Kitchen Aide Mixer.

I added a dash of garlic salt, the roasted soft cloves, and a large tablespoon of fresh lemon zest to the butter.  We used it first on Mr. B’s trout catch from the Texas Coast and he grilled the fish…delicious.

We also tried this Southside Market Oak Smoked Pepper for the first time…and we both highly recommend it.  You will love it from first scent!


Squash Dish with lemon butter on Over 50 Feeling 40

To go with the fish, I chopped up some yellow squash and zucchini with onion, then cooked it in the butter I just made.  I also tossed in a few sliced jalapenos…just because I had them on hand.  Having the butter in both just tied them meal together.

Fresh Herbs on Over 50 Feeling 40

In the squash dish, I also tossed in about 6 fresh Basil Leaves from the plant I grow in my backyard.  Sometimes these dishes are even better the next day after the flavors have spend some time together.


My family says these are the best beans ever…so I thought I would share what I did.  We gathered last week to celebrate Grandparents Day a week early and I was asked to bring something that would complement pulled pork.

So, here is what I did.  I took a package of Chef Bruce Aidells Fully Cooked Chicken and Apple Sausage, chopped it up, and browned it in garlic-infused olive oil in my bean pan.  Then I removed the meat and set aside.  

In the same pan, I added a little more oil and sauteed a chopped onion, and 1/2 cup of chopped celery.  Then I added two large cans of Bush’s Pinto Beans.  I seasoned with one tablespoon of Bolner’s Fiesta Pinto Bean Seasoning.

Added the sausage, stirred it all together…and received more compliments on these beans than I have on any vegetable dish I have ever made.  It is a crowd pleaser!


September San Antonio Morning

This gorgeous September morning just captured my heart last week and kept me smiling all day.  Mornings like this motivate me to cook…I have to be careful though…and watch the calories and health.  But a little butter occasionally will not harm.

Would anyone like to share what your favorite fall dishes are to cook?  The minute I get an oven, I will be making pumpkin bread again…my grandchildren are patiently waiting.  I also have jumped into homemade soup…what about you?

Please share your favorites and never forget to 


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. This all looks so delicious!! I’m going to try fish that way. We have a market that sells wild caught of different varieties, and I have some in the freezer. I’m a fan of compound butter and yours sounds wonderful! Will definitely be trying that. I do have some smoked pepper and just enjoy smelling it while I cook! The same with smoked paprika. I’m with you on the butter Pam – a little won’t hurt and I can’t imagine a world without butter!! Fall makes me think of baking something wonderful, and for me it is usually pies that start making an appearance. I have to say, one of my favorite things to do is cook (and bake), and I look forward to meal prep each day. I’ll just have to crank up my workouts to cover for those pies!

    1. Thanks for reminding me…I have some smoked paprika and need to use it. I have a few more butter enhancements I want to try! Happy Wednesday, Karen!

  2. We eat fish at dinner 3-4 nights a week, generally salmon, haddock, cod or swordfish. I’ll have to try to find fresh trout. I rarely see it at our fish and seafood market. It’s a fresh water fish, right? That may be why. But I’ll look and find it then follow your recipe!
    This time of year as it has cooled down, Ill be making good old spicy chili, turkey meatballs (Ina’s), or turkey meatloaf. Roast chicken (also Ina’s) is a sure hit.
    Good old soups always win when nightfall temps dip. And for the past few days they have! Good luck with your kitchen remodeling! I’m sure it will be gorgeous!

    1. He caught this trout in the Gulf of Mexico…so it was not freshwater. First time he came home with trout. He always brings red fish and we will probably have some of it this weekend. I think I will do salmon tonight!
      I made homemade soup over the weekend and plan to keep that up for awhile…so healthy and delish! Thanks Paulette!

  3. Your beans sound delicious, and YES, fall is my favorite time of year for big bowls of soup: roasted asparagus cream soup, butternut squash and carrot cream soup, and hearty homemade minestrone with fire roasted tomatoes and a splash of marsala wine and lemon juice added toward the end. I like to bake and season my own croutons from leftover breads (for some reason I don’t bother in other seasons). Last night I made one of my youngest son’s favorite fall/winter meals: applewood-smoked bacon wrapped meatloaf with pan-seared asparagus, red peppers and grape tomatoes, and garlic mashed potatoes. If I’d had your compound butter that would have melted nicely into the asparagus and potatoes, for sure. 😋 Also enjoy baking fresh gingerbread cake and going the extra step to make whipped cream from scratch with just a hint of dark rum and nutmeg.

    1. Oh my goodness, Connie! If you have a moment and can email me your meatloaf recipe…I think my husband would flip out! Your soups sound fabulous!

  4. Here’s my favorite soup at the moment my roasted cauliflower and pepper! (You could do just cauliflower if you want it milder. First I put th oven on to 400 and cover a sheet pan with aluminum foil. Chop up a whole head of cauliflower in simular sizes and a onion and 8/10 mini peppers all cut diagonally with their seeds out. I like a variety of colors as well. Then about 3 tablespoons o olive oil over the top and with your hands make sure all the vegetables are glistening with olive oil ready for roasting. Salt and pepper. Roast for 18 minutes until soft.Then put in a large pot on the stove top ( I like my Creuset) put in all the cooked veg and add a quart to 1 and a 1/2 box of good stock(I like chicken) and then when it is hot use a hand blender and blend until smooth. Gorgeous with grated mozzarella and crotons. Enjoy amd did I say cheap to make!!

  5. Love that Fall and soup weather are here….Bean Soup and Lentil Soup are two I had never tried until I found these recipes. https://www.ournewvista.com/search/label/Bean%20Soup Now they are in my regular rotation. I feel for you with no oven ….baking is so Fall. I made oatmeal cookies and lemon bread yesterday…pumpkin soon. Since my husband’s heart attack we are eating even healthier than ever…I use egg substitute, whole wheat flour, flax seed, healthy oils, etc. in my baking. Have not noticed a difference. Thanks for asking for recipes….I am going to try Francesca’s soup!

  6. Wow your cooking is really making me hungry. Looks delicious. Especially, I want to thank you for the lovely picture of your September morning. I ‘m in the Florida Panhandle and all I have to look at right now is solid rain All night and looks like it will be all day too. At least I know it will not last forever, and I will have beautiful sunrises and sunsets also. Love seeing your smiling face every morning and your enthusiasm that is so missing in many lives recently.

  7. I keep my ham bone from Easter in the freezer and make 13 bean or 16 bean soup from the dry beans that come in a bag. I can also get the bean mix from the bins a Winco. So easy and the ham bits and bone make it delish. My fall favorite soup!

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