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Pamela Lutrell wears Eileen Fisher kimono jacket on Over 50 Feeling 40


Hello Monday!  Welcome to Reality Check Monday where I discuss the reality of my life right now since coming home due to the pandemic, experiencing a layoff, and beginning a new chapter of life. There has been so much joy in the last few days, and I am brimming with appreciation as I live the easy life in my leggings and quiet moments.



Choose Joy on over 50 Feeling 40


Well… there are so many reasons!  First of all, my doctor cleared me last Thursday to get back to working out.  I am taking baby steps, but after just two days, I feel so much happier, and more focused.  It is amazing what a little exercise can do!

My out-of-town grandsons returned for a couple of days and always put a smile on our faces as we get all of the grandkids together.  We are also getting closer every day to the birth of #6!

Thirdly, the weather has returned to warm, yet it is that time when we feel the slight changes and get out more and begin to anticipate the true arrival of fall.

On Wednesday, I am going to share with you my return to cooking.  My professional life had robbed me of the time and fun I once had experimenting in the kitchen.  That has returned!  (With one big limitation). Come check out what I have been up to on Wednesday.




I know for many the onset of this pandemic has been tragic…losing loved ones, or being sick yourself, losing income or even loneliness.  However, I also know that slowing down and quiet have yielded great benefits to many of us.

This article in The Washington Post caught grabbed my attention recently,  WHO IS HANDLING THE PANDEMIC BEST? BOOMERS AND OTHER RETIREES.  The second paragraph states:  “That might seem counterintuitive, since the virus is more dangerous for older people, but studies looking at mental health in the pandemic show that retirees who live at home are free from two of the stressors that are squeezing their younger counterparts — job security and parenting children as they navigate at-home learning and isolation.”

I know my daughter and her family have found so many blessings among the challenges and believe the last seven months have made their family slow down and become closer than ever.

There is power and strength in quiet solitude.  Time to ponder and process and then go experience activity has been such a blessing.  I feel as though each day I am breaking in my new life just like a pair of great shoes…the more you wear them, the more they become a part of you.  As with all things, balance your quiet with some activity and enjoy each and every second.


Pamela Lutrell in leggings on over 50 Feeling 40

On Mondays, I try to style looks with pieces already in my wardrobe or show you a great affordable fashion find.  Today, I am in my wardrobe and joyful over the fact that I can now wear my leggings any time I want to! 

I have owned these Joan Vass leggings a long, long time.  I originally bought them for $18 at Marshalls and they have served me well.  Since Christopher & Banks gifted me with this oriental-inspired top, I have only worn it with capris and sandals.

So, I reached for it recently and wore it with my leggings, an older Eileen Fisher kimono jacket, new gold AEROSOLE ballet flats purchased on sale recently, and some of my oriental-inspired jewelry.  I really like this look and find it to be slimming also. 

The fact these leggings have been worn by me for so long and still look great, tells you they are quality.  They are a medium weight ponte knit and do not cling like many leggings do.  


I want to thank all of you for your sweet encouragement last Monday…while I was having an after-surgery pity party.  I am back in the saddle again and feeling much better, and I cannot tell you the number of smiles you put on my face!! Bless you!

Now, let’s begin the week with a Fabulous Find Fashion Slideshow….tomorrow I am back in the dressing room on my style search…and join me as we ……………………


BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!! (Sorry I couldn’t resist the line)

GOLI on over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell



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  1. I feel so very fortunate to be amongst those who are finding the pandemic least stressful. As retirees, hubby and I don’t have jobs or a business to worry about or children at home. I can only imagine the stress that young parents are under right now, especially with school just underway again in most places and so much uncertainty about how safe that is. Thanks for the link to the Washington Post article, Pam.

  2. This is certainly an uplifting post! I think it is good to focus on areas where we can be thankful and see positive things. It helped me very much to depart from social media which tends to be a sinkhole. Spending more time outside and enjoying the difference in the air, keeping up with things that were always normal activities, these things definitely help. I like your outfit today and am glad to see the return to legging weather! Someone mentioned Christopher and Banks to me recently and it’s a place I’ve rarely shopped, but the conversation was about their jeans and I thought maybe I’ll go check them out. They are one of the places that seems to have weathered the virus storm, so that encourages me to support them too. Plus, my favorite Italian coffee shop is very close by, so it’s kind of a win/win! Really cute picture of your grandchildren!!

    1. Italian Coffee Shop? I will be right there! I have one pair of Christopher and Banks jeans and I really like them…wear them often. Wish I could link to their brand in my slideshows!

  3. As retirees,we are enjoying the stay at home. No stress, If we don’t want to do it,well there is always tomorrow. Your grand kids are so cute. we have 6-4 boys and 2 girls! They are all so precious and different!
    One loves her horses,one unicorn and mermaids the boys are into computers and all things electronic.
    But we are thankful its their parents who have to deal with the virtual schooling,etc. We are enjoying the quiet. NO competion for the TV except for football, Again. It comes around too fast . Well enough for today. Always enjoy your blogs. Stay safe!

  4. An uplifting post to be sure—good to hear that your health is getting back on track and yes, like you my exercise program further uplifts especially during the pandemic! Hurray for us!
    Having my two smallest grandchildren nearby is happiness ! They are just two years old are Twins and bubbling over with smiles and energy! As a retiree things are more mellow and it works for me too!

  5. So glad you are feeling better and are able to resume more activities. I have been switching some of my summer wardrobe for fall and found a pair of pant style leggings that I love and had forgotten about. These will get lots of wear with different tops, mostly around home. The grandkids are so cute on that bench, enjoy.

  6. I love this outfit on you, and think it comes pretty close to what you were describing as your go-to and shopping list. I too have been adjusting, after the shock of my sudden decision to retire given the virus. And I’m finding I’m truly happy. I’m reading a book called The Year of Living Danishly. The Danes are the happiest people on the planet. While some of the reasons/conclusions for this we might not want/be able to adopt here, the book also has a lot of insight about the proper length of a workweek, getting out in nature, etc. plus, it’s a light, fun read. I’m segmenting my days: walk/exercise as soon as I get up, breakfast/brunch with pot of tea and reading your blog and news of the day, chores, snack, hobby time (jewelry for me, puttering for my husband), reading, dinner, evening tv and more hobby time, read before bed. It gives a semblance of routine that is making me happier than my initial rudderless floundering around.

  7. I feel so fortunate to be retired @ this time.
    We have a comfortable home & don’t need to worry about going out except for groceries & exercise.
    Our frustration this week is poor air quality due to the wild fires on the west coast,not good for exercising.
    Love your outfit today…elegant for sure!
    Stay healthy

  8. 🌻 Thank you for your happy post this morning. I am so glad you are feeling better! I am blessed to be enjoying a visit this week with my sons, and will do a little fall shopping while in the big city. Christopher Banks, mentioned above, is on my destination list. I always find things I like, with good fit and a reasonable price point. Their ankle jeans were my summer go-to.
    Your slideshow has a Chico’s pair of green and bone colored earrings that caught my eye. Scrolling through their outfit ideas I found several other green items I would like as well. I am thrilled to see items in everything from evergreen to pale cactus shades this season! Thanks to Linda M. for the book idea, which I look forward to reading as well. Sounds like she gathered some helpful insights.

    1. I thought those earrings were lovely, Connie…and yes, green is everywhere and I am loving that! I agree that Linda M’s book sounds like a fun read.

  9. I’m glad to hear you are doing well & can resume some of your normal activities. Once we got past the original grocery shortages & the 24/7 media coverage of the pandemic, my life & emotions settled down to almost normal. There are things that I miss, but I agree that as a retiree, I am not as stressed as those who are dealing with job loss & home schooling children. One of the recent joys for us is the return of sports & being able to gather with family again.

    1. I agree Becky…we have enjoyed family gatherings lately and sports return. I still love watching my college team play football!

  10. What a lovely upbeat post, Pamela — mind you, you’re always upbeat, but this one seemed doubly so. Glad you’re feeling better & can get back into your exercise routine. It really does make one feel better, doesn’t it? I had some sort of weird back spasm thing going on for a few days & couldn’t do my daily yoga practice & it just knocked my entire week for sixes & sevens. It disappeared as mysteriously as it hit me & I’m fine now & back to some sort of normal. We’re not out for our daily walks these days for the reason Dianne mentioned: smoke from the wildfires in OR & WA have combined with our usual fall fog to turn the air into a thick yellow soup. We can barely see the houses across the street & Environment Canada is telling everyone to stay inside if possible.

    Aside from that I feel almost guilty at how well we’ve adapted to staying home. My husband & I are best friends & like being together & have our own little self-contained world — one reason we retired early was to spend more time together, although this wasn’t exactly how we envisioned it. I feel so sorry for young families who are faced with the combined stresses of having to work & raise healthy, well-adjusted children in a world gone a little mad, especially with the added anxiety of school starting again. It’s got to be a tremendous strain on everyone.

    1. I know there is stress for many young families…but my daughter’s family has just excelled through this and grown closer. Be so careful with smoke…I did not realize it was affecting Canada as well.

  11. I’m of an age where I could be retired, but I’ve run my own business for a while and feel very lucky that very little of my life has changed this year. I always worked from home, so “remote” is just “across the hall”. I enjoy the peace and quiet — so long as I stay away from the craziness of social media.

    This is one of my favorite of the outfits you have been styling recently. It is flattering, and I think that the punch of the top lights up your spirit without shouting you down. I thought some of the Johnny Was items made so much of a statement that they drowned you out.

    You have become one of my favorite bloggers to follow.

  12. So glad to hear that things are on the upswing for you Pam!!! Yeah!!!

    I’m one of the 60+ who is still working, although I was furloughed for two months this spring (I won’t lie, it was great). But, going back to the office has been fine, especially since there are many staff who are working at home. I get the office to myself most days!

    My husband (who also is still working) and I have always been home bodies, so the pandemic hasn’t affected us too much. We have family nearby and have been able to meet up and social distance fairly regularly.

    Christopher & Banks is one of my favorite places to shop. The quality is very good for the price point and they have great sales!

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