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Hello Monday!  Welcome to Reality Check Monday where I discuss the reality of my life right now since coming home due to the pandemic, experiencing a layoff, and beginning a new chapter of life. There has been so much joy in the last few days, and I am brimming with appreciation as I live the easy life in my leggings and quiet moments.



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Well… there are so many reasons!  First of all, my doctor cleared me last Thursday to get back to working out.  I am taking baby steps, but after just two days, I feel so much happier, and more focused.  It is amazing what a little exercise can do!

My out-of-town grandsons returned for a couple of days and always put a smile on our faces as we get all of the grandkids together.  We are also getting closer every day to the birth of #6!

Thirdly, the weather has returned to warm, yet it is that time when we feel the slight changes and get out more and begin to anticipate the true arrival of fall.

On Wednesday, I am going to share with you my return to cooking.  My professional life had robbed me of the time and fun I once had experimenting in the kitchen.  That has returned!  (With one big limitation). Come check out what I have been up to on Wednesday.




I know for many the onset of this pandemic has been tragic…losing loved ones, or being sick yourself, losing income or even loneliness.  However, I also know that slowing down and quiet have yielded great benefits to many of us.

This article in The Washington Post caught grabbed my attention recently,  WHO IS HANDLING THE PANDEMIC BEST? BOOMERS AND OTHER RETIREES.  The second paragraph states:  “That might seem counterintuitive, since the virus is more dangerous for older people, but studies looking at mental health in the pandemic show that retirees who live at home are free from two of the stressors that are squeezing their younger counterparts — job security and parenting children as they navigate at-home learning and isolation.”

I know my daughter and her family have found so many blessings among the challenges and believe the last seven months have made their family slow down and become closer than ever.

There is power and strength in quiet solitude.  Time to ponder and process and then go experience activity has been such a blessing.  I feel as though each day I am breaking in my new life just like a pair of great shoes…the more you wear them, the more they become a part of you.  As with all things, balance your quiet with some activity and enjoy each and every second.


Pamela Lutrell in leggings on over 50 Feeling 40

On Mondays, I try to style looks with pieces already in my wardrobe or show you a great affordable fashion find.  Today, I am in my wardrobe and joyful over the fact that I can now wear my leggings any time I want to! 

I have owned these Joan Vass leggings a long, long time.  I originally bought them for $18 at Marshalls and they have served me well.  Since Christopher & Banks gifted me with this oriental-inspired top, I have only worn it with capris and sandals.

So, I reached for it recently and wore it with my leggings, an older Eileen Fisher kimono jacket, new gold AEROSOLE ballet flats purchased on sale recently, and some of my oriental-inspired jewelry.  I really like this look and find it to be slimming also. 

The fact these leggings have been worn by me for so long and still look great, tells you they are quality.  They are a medium weight ponte knit and do not cling like many leggings do.  


I want to thank all of you for your sweet encouragement last Monday…while I was having an after-surgery pity party.  I am back in the saddle again and feeling much better, and I cannot tell you the number of smiles you put on my face!! Bless you!

Now, let’s begin the week with a Fabulous Find Fashion Slideshow….tomorrow I am back in the dressing room on my style search…and join me as we ……………………


BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!! (Sorry I couldn’t resist the line)

GOLI on over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell



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