Next Stop on my search for a new life-style: Johnny Was and my boho-side

Today I resume my search for a new style during a new stage of life, and in order to tap more into the bohemian side of me, I headed to Johnny Was.  This is a brand known for quality, exquisite detail, beautiful embroidery, and lovely fabrics.

Johnny Was Fall 2020 Collection

When I received my September Johnny Was catalog, I thought this would be a great place to begin to assess how much boho I want in my new wardrobe.  Here are a few points about this post:

  1. I brought along my friend Iris Gonzalez.  Iris is a petite, and I am a Misses XL and neither of us were sure how the fit was going to go.  But, we know we represent a lot of women with our body types.
  2. We went to the gorgeous store at The Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio and the sales associates were excellent.
  3. I know this is a high end brand.  However, they often have good sales events, and I am going to put an Ebay link for you below.  But for those of you who can shop Johnny Was, this Fall Collection has beautiful fabrics.



Pamela Lutrell shops. Johnny Was

Johnny Was offers many selections that are reversible and that little touch will stretch your dollars and cost per wear. I am wearing the Faiza Kimono which is reversible and features lovely florals combined with the new sporty/stripe detail. Other side is at the top of the post.

Elva Jacket at Johnny Was on Pamela Lutrell

This Elva Jacket also has the sporty detail with a heavier fabric for cooler weather.  Johnny Was does sell Plus Sizes but I discovered that the toppers and Kimonos in XL do fit well…and occasionally I sized down to L. 

Pamela Lutrell in Johnny Was kimono

This Oskana Short Kimono would have been too big in an XL, and it is currently on sale.  Since I also like classic style, I find that my bohemian vibe is best fed with toppers with a neutral base. I like the prints better that way.  And …you know me…I love kimonos!

Johnny Was pink tunic on Over 50 Feeling 40

Johnny Was Peasant Blouse on Pamela Lutrell

For the blouses, I had to have an XL for my XL hips!  But, I am still struggling a bit with the round necklines.  The bottom green textile is gorgeous and I believe can also be found in a tunic top.  Above is the Raspberry Peasant Top.

Johnny Was V-Neck Top on Over 50 Feeling 40

I wish this EULIA V-Neck Blouse had been in the store…I love the V Neckline, vertical (slimming) stripes and simpler print.  This is the type of top I would wear in a moment’s notice! There were many things I wanted to try, but they were not in the store.


Iris in Wild Life Bomber on Over 50 Feeling 40


You can tell in her photos that Iris is a fun loving Latina…and definitely found some fun at Johnny Was.  The first thing she tried on was this Wild Life Bomber in a Medium and it suited her spunky personality to perfection. 

The Johnny Was Hayek Wrap Top

The Hayak Wrap Top is beautiful and the perfect fit for a petite lady.  I loved this on her. It is an elegant way to do boho. Would look so great with jeans.  AND then…she discovered this beautiful reversible jacket…. (was not able to locate the jacket online.)


Much to our glee, we learned we both can wear these clothes and we learned which designs fit us best.  So now we can shop the sales with more confidence.  We learned the quality and beauty of Johnny Was is real and captivating.  Sadly, the stores keep limited inventory, so 

while you can find petite sizes online, we did not find them in-store and we did not find many of the styles in the September catalog.  I did leave with a scarf though, I will style it for you soon!

I continue to believe for me that my bohemian pieces will be limited, a bit simpler, but still in my closet for sure.  There is something about it that I just love, and I do love so very much about this brand.  My search to discover the new Pamela continues on…..


For those interested:  JOHNNY WAS ON EBAY



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By Pamela Lutrell



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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. I love this brand, even though like you, boho is very limited in my wardrobe. The v-neck top that was not in the store is gorgeous, more understated and flattering. Love that one! I really like the puffer jacket Iris found – that would be something I’d wear in an instant because we have such a long, dreary cold season and that would add so much fun to an otherwise dreary weather day. Such beautiful things. The kimonos are wonderful, and I’d personally like to have the rug! (Or be able to fit into the gorgeous swimsuit on the rack!) Can’t wait to see the scarf you found!

  2. That bomber jacket is so much fun! I agree, Karen, to own a statement piece or two in a classic wardrobe really says great style!

  3. Oh I really love you in most of these Johnny Was! It seems it’s the new you! You look so great in nearly every piece (did not care for the round neck green blouse) and like you, the Vee neck vertical striped piece that wasn’t in the store is my very favorite! You must order that!
    What a happy uplifting store!

  4. I just bought a few pieces of Johnny Was from their website when they had a final sale. I prefer the summer collection because of the embroidery and linen pieces they have. I bought 3 linen blouses. Two are a peasant style that are white with embroidery. the third is a button up blouse with more embroidery both on the front and back. They have nice velvet styles also but i don’t need any more velvet since I live in Florida.

  5. Love Johnny Was……………….in theory, anyway. The pieces are works of art, but most require a certain personality/attitude to be worn with casual air of the boho. It’s too easy with the brand to end up shouting “Look at me! Look at my beautiful boho style!” Thank heaven the price point is what it is or I would have made a few style mistakes over the last couple of years. I love to envision myself wrapped in one of his beautiful kimonos and satin pajama pants, perfect make-up and carefully tousled hair, relaxing on a chaise.
    Of all that you’ve shown I think the green blouse and the simpler kimono with the animal print front interest are the best looks for you. The others, including the pink shirt, seem to be the oversize looks that you’re trying to depart from.

    What fun to see/feel the beautiful garments and fabrics!

  6. Oh, Pamela I’d certainly try to find that gorgeous V neck top that wasn’t available! That would be so lovely on you and so flattering. I love Johnny Was and am keeping my eye on Ebay, since they tend to be a bit out of my budget! Love the detail and vibrant colors along with his exquisite craftmanship! A touch of Bo Ho really adds so much to our wardrobes!

  7. Johnny Was also sells beautiful silk face masks made from their prints. When you order, you get an assortment.

  8. I too love Boho style but I often find it too much for my introvert personality. A brand I found that mixes Boho and is a bit toned down is Habitat. they are a small company and sizes run true.

  9. I have about a dozen JW pieces. One problem is the sizing. I normally wear an XL but can wear a small to XL in their pieces. I don’t have a store close by so I have to order multiple sizing. The 2 peasant style tops you modeled look better then most rounded neck lines because of vertical embroidery and hanging tassels. Many times the ties can be left untied and open the neck into a v shape. I do love their prints and the tops fit easily with solid colored bottoms. So I can wear with my classic solid jackets and pants to have my boho and classic look. A wardrobe would be extremely boring with only one style!

  10. The Eulia v neck blouse WAS in the store. You can see it behind Iris wearing the Wild life Bomber jacket. Is this the one you wanted to see? I wrote a long comment on my experience with JW but when I tried to post the note said something like I had already made a similar comment. In fact I only tried to make the one post!

  11. I hope this will post because I forgot to add these comments in my previous post! Neiman Marcus has good sales on JW. Other stores also carry this line such as Zappos and Bloomingdales. I order my pieces from JW or other online retailers since I don’t have a store nearby. The sizing is difficult. I wear a small to XL in their styles and usually order multiple sizes to find the best fit.

  12. Pam I loved the first look on you so becoming! I also agree about the black blouse I could get into trouble with that one too!! I love Johnny Was!

  13. Johnny Was is a very different look for me. Cloaked in conservative looks during my working years, I went to Johnny Was late and after retirement. For some reason have never liked prints. But, love Johnny Was. His tunics and kimono dominate my summer wardrobe because of their easy care, comfort, cut and quality. They remain cool and unwrinkled all day. For winter, only have one tunic and a solo kimono. I’m a plus size and must order on-line. Neiman Marcus and eBay have the best plus size selection and pricing. Aside from this brand, all else is Eileen Fisher in solid colors. So, Johnny Was is easy to mix with my wardrobe. Would like to know how to accessorize Johnny Was. Don’t want to be gaudy. Please consider showing how to accessorize such a lively brand with accessories: scarves, jewelry and purse.

  14. I’m not surprised you left with a scarf Pam! The fabrics are gorgeous. I find scarves such an easy way to add a bit of the bohemian into my otherwise mostly block colour wardrobe. They are often at an accessible price point even in luxe fabrics, can change the feel of an outfit and keep colour near my face – I’m a big fan!

  15. Love Johnny Was! I was wearing boho back when it was the original thing in the 70s & where I live now it’s still a bit of a thing, lots of casual west coast looks, surfers & even a few honest-to-goodness old hippies living up in the hills with their pot plants & love beads 🙂 I don’t have any JW, surprisingly, but do have a few pieces of boho, tops mainly that look good with jeans, a velvet midi-skirt with embroidery & beads I wear with boots & a little fringed vest (albeit with more under it now that when I was in my 20s & went braless because I could!), a gorgeous embroidered & fringed jacket. But it’s a difficult look to get right. As some have mentioned, you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing a costume or trying too hard unless you’ve got a certain flamboyance to go with it.

    Remember it was all about counter-culture & “doing your own thing” & deliberately & defiantly standing out from the crowd in its heyday. JW does a good job of giving that rebellious spirit a solid fashion foundation, though, I I truly believe every woman would benefit from a piece or two just to remind us that fashion, at its heart, is about playing dress-up! I can hardly wait to see what you bought, Pamela — & what else you might still buy!

  16. I love the hayek wrap on your friend; the color is beautiful and her and she looks elegant in it. I’m going to buy for myself. I’ve bought Johnny Was and sizing is always different. Could you tell me what size she has on in the photo? Thanks so much

  17. I would like to add that while silk masks look beautiful , tests have shown them to be limited in significantly reducing the amount of respiratory viruses emitted in droplets and aerosols. If you are considering one, make sure they have a high quality layer or two of cotton or the ability to add a filter. You will want it to be more than a fashion statement.

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