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Deborah Boland on Over 50 Feeling 40


It’s Friday and the day we continue learning about elegance from women who wear it well.  These are women who agree elegance can be learned and they are living great examples for us to follow.

Today, I am introducing you to Deborah Boland of Fabulous After 40. 

Deborah is another blogger I met years ago who has done an amazing job of demonstrating how to be a gracious, elegant woman. I sent her a list of questions so you can get to know the blogger behind the blog.


  1. Tell us about you   “I’m Canadian. I live in Burlington, Ontario in a house on the lake with my husband, and my family. I have two sons in a university, a daughter in high school and a cute maltipoo puppy named Bella who likes to join me on photoshoots. Prior to starting my blog I was an award winning TV producer and host for over 25 years. I’ve worked as news anchor, talk show host, entertainment reporter, fashion expert and even had my own show on HGTV called “Backyard Pleasures.” I enjoy family trips, a great cup of tea, following the Royal family and binging on Netflix.”
  2. How did your blog come about and how did you select the name?   “In 2006, I had three young children and wanted to move from TV into something where I could spend more time with them. A life coach suggested I try this new thing called blogging. (Lol!)

           I’ve always loved fashion and was certified as an Image expert for TV, so I decided to blog about how to be Fabulous After 40, since I found looking stylish at midlife very challenging.

         The blog grew very quickly, but there was no way to monetize it besides doing offline fashion coaching. I kept blogging, my readership steadily increased and finally sponsorship, advertising and affiliate marketing opportunities sprang up.  I’m so glad I never gave up!”

3. What challenges have you currently faced as a blogger, and how you evolving your blog?  “I think the biggest challenge as a blogger is just keeping up with all the new platforms. This business is constantly changing which makes it exciting, but it can also be exhausting.  There’s always more places to post from the blog to Pinterest,  Facebook and Twitter, to You Tube, Instagram, IG Reels-Stories-TV, Tik Tok, you name it.  Ultimately, you have to focus on what you enjoy most, and for me that’s video.  On-camera is where I feel most myself, so even though I’m still blogging, I’m moving towards more video.”

4. Tell us briefly about your personal style.   Color is one of my favorite fashion topics because I believe it makes a huge difference in your personal style. A lot of women had their colors done in the 80’s, and then it all went by the wayside. I’m so glad color analysis is back because the right colors for your skin tone, hair color and eyes can do wonders! I’m a Spring and look great in clear, warm, bright colors. Anything else drags me down, makes me look dull, tired and old. I’ve instinctively known my wow colors since I was very young and always stuck to them. My advice to women who are unsure is, get analyzed and start looking Fabulous After 40! ( I offer personal online color analysis if you are interested!



5. How do you define elegance?   “Elegance to me is a state of mind. It’s a calm, inner confidence of knowing who you are and sticking to it. Coco Chanel said “Elegance is restraint”, and I totally agree. It’s simplicity, less is more, an understated way of dressing/being, quiet power. When it comes to fashion you’re not reaching for every shiny new object or seasonal trend. Elegance is also having integrity and being modest, gracious and kind.”

6. Do you believe elegance can be taught? “I think elegance is a natural gift, however if you are not born that way you can learn to become more elegant. Elegance is about learning to appreciate beauty that comes with simplicity. It also about getting in touch with your very deepest self, the part of you that clear in thought, pure, knowing and uncluttered.” 

7. What advice do you have for older women who desire to be more elegant later in life?  “My advice to become more elegant later in life is to slow down, declutter your life (and wardrobe), look for the beauty in simple things, treat yourself to quality people, experiences, things and become more self-aware of the person you are and wish to become.”

8. What is your biggest dream?  “My biggest dream at the moment is connection – that we can all come out of this stressful time in the world more aware and appreciative of the importance of human connection, and that we use our time left on earth to deeply connect to those who really matter to us. Love is all there really is.”

By now, you should be able to see why I would select Deborah to represent everyday elegance!  I hope you have enjoyed meeting her and her blog, Fabulous After 40.

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Number 7 really resonates with me and is where I am currently. In this process right now. I truly believe that elegance can be cultivated when we have the desire to do it. I realize that this isn’t a goal for everyone and understand that. It is a goal personally, however, and I’m enjoying and embracing the process. Inner beauty is also so much a part of this.

  2. Thanks for another interesting woman of elegance. I have not looked her up before, and she lives within an hour of me, so will have to start checking in. If not for procrastination, I would have that decluttered life and home. Baby steps. Good job Pamela.

  3. Another lovely lady and I personally appreciated her referencing modesty as an element of elegance, which I know we all had discussed not so long ago.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hi Pamela,
    Wondering if you have come across this book: Say Yes to What’s Next: How to Age with Elegance and Class While Never Losing Your Beauty and Sass​, by ​Lori Allen. Her home and story were posted about today on Southern Hospitality (by Rhoda). Lori Allen has an interesting story. Thought of you and the quest for elegance when I saw the title of her book.

  5. Fabulous after Forty is one of the first blogs I started following years ago. Deborah is a classy lady and very elegant in my opinion! I never miss a post from her.

  6. Thank you for introducing us to another elegant lady. Deborah spoke about one of my favorite themes: simplicity. That is always one of my goals for my home, my wardrobe & my life. Like so many things, it is a work in progress.

  7. Hi Pam,
    Thank you so much for including me in your Everyday Elegance series. I am truly honored, and I look forward to discovering other mature fashionistas who share my passion for Elegant style. xo Deborah

  8. The moment I saw Deborah’s picture I thought, ok, I know that woman . . . how do I know her? I lived in Toronto for a number of years before moving to the west coast & used to regularly see her on tv, but did not know she had a blog! I love how she equates elegance with simplicity because if there’s any one thing that speaks “elegance” to me, it’s simplicity: in apparel, attitude, how we react to things & situations, how we embrace life. I’m all for a little excitement now & again & enjoy a bit of drama in what I wear when it’s appropriate, but my overall goal is a simple, orderly, pared-down life that runs smoothly — & I want to look good while I do it! Thanks so much for these Profiles in Elegance, Pamela. All these women are such an inspiration.

  9. I just want you and everyone to know about at least one of the companies you do some business with.
    Goli – I tried their gummies and just love them. Some how they help my health and just make me feel darn good!
    Well, I ordered them again and the package never showed up. Concerned, I let them know and didn’t expect much. Was I ever wrong! They communicated with me right away and got it straightened out and they arranged for a new shipment right away. Best customer service ever! What a great company and what a great product. Just wanted to let you know – however, I wouldn’t guess that you would associate with any company that wasn’t that great. Thank you again for all your tips and helping us to find only the best!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! On Monday I have a special offer on Goli… plan your orders for Monday! Thanks for the testimony!

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