Pamela Lutrell in Chicos on Over 50 Feeling 40

These dressing room trips have proven so helpful, and I am beginning to define more specifically what I want my new life-style to look like.  But first, let’s go back to Chico’s!

The jacket I am wearing above is what I wore to the store and it is a Chico’s jacket I have owned for about a year.  I tried on these Brigitte So Slim Pants in Ambered Olive. 

Olive green is one of my wardrobe primary colors and these pants fit so well, I decided to purchase them and take out a pair in my closet that doesn’t fit this good. 


Pamela Lutrell in Chicos September collection on over 50 Feeling 40


This cardigan and tank are in the new Chico’s collection and I do like It, but would not purchase the set.  For me, it is just too much overall animal print…but would work great for others.

Chicos Tank on over 50 Feeling 40


But, I loved taking this tank…which has a great fit…and pairing it with the jacket I wore into the store.  A little touch of leopard print meets my “creative” adjective head on. I actually like this stretchy mesh fabric so much better than the knit tanks.

It is quite flattering with the way it lies.  Check out the Animal Print Mesh Tank.

I have more mesh options in the slideshow below.   The Animal Print Mesh Cardigan is found with this link.

Pamela Lutrell in Black Label Top at Chicos

This Black Label top is very pretty, but I do not need another black top at this time.  However, there are so pretty navy tops in the Black Label line and I put one in the slideshow below.


This is a good example of a top which makes me feel older than I am.  It is the print, the neckline and the boxy fit which do not flatter me or give me confidence.  But, it may be lovely on someone else.

Now, let me just say that the Faux Leather Moto Jacket is great…it does have a buttery feel to it and comes in beautiful colors.  I just do not like it on me. I have never really felt confident in these jackets.  But I am always drawn to them on others.


Eileen Fisher for Fall 2020 at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40


Since I began this search of what the new me might look like, I have made a few conclusions about my style away from office/professional life:

  1. I want my pants to be slim fit, leggings, or skinny denim. Any other cut might as well go.
  2. I want to predominantly wear longer pants.  I do not look good in capris length, but wear them because of the heat.  I am going to wear less of the shorter pants.
  3. I look best in V-necks and collared necklines…I need to move rounded collars along.  They make my chest look larger and are not flattering.
  4. I have discovered that at this stage of my life I really prefer classic styles with an occasional creative, boho look.  But I want to allow my accessories to speak to the creativity.
  5. I am as surprised as anyone, but in these dressing room sessions I have liked the solid colors much more than the prints.  I do like a print in a tank top with a solid topper. 
  6. I am open now to an occasional dress when needed….currently, I do not need one.


So, that is where we are today.  I am going to continue on my journey to see what I discover and I do plan one day to do a post with outfits from the various pieces I have purchased on the journey.  Enjoy the Chico’s slideshow and by all means….




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Pamela Lutrell and Goli

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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40

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