Eileen Fisher Week at Dillard’s: Stunning, Innovative Fall Clothing

Eileen Fisher Fall 2020 Collection with Pamela Lutrell

Happy Sunday, ladies!  This is the second round of a stunning, innovative Eileen Fisher Fall 2020 collection and beginning of Eileen Fisher Week at Dillard’s!  

I am thrilled to be featured in this post with the beautiful Denise, one of the Eileen Fisher sales associates at Dillard’s in The Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio.

You can contact your own sales associate to learn the details for savings during this week, and even work with them to purchase online…though, I will say the stores are very safe!

To start us off today, Denise is wearing the Organic Cotton Boucle Italian Yarn Crew Neck Box-Top in blush….goes so nicely with new brown for this collection.

I am in the Sandwashed Cupro Mandarin Collar Button Front Shirt worn with the leggings in brownstone., and the  Fine Tencel Jersey High Rise Ankle Legging. 

Pamela Lutrell in Eileen Fisher Brownstone at Dillard's

I told you in the first post about the Fall 2020 collection that the colors are amazing…and they are!

I love the new brown, called Brownstone.  Most chocolate browns have blue undertones, but this one has red undertones and pairs so beautifully with reds, oranges, yellows…it is lovely.

Denise is wearing Goldenrod for us today in the Soft Organic Linen Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater Cardigan..and don’t you love the way she twisted the scarf and tied it, almost like a statement necklace. 

All scarves in this post are Eileen Fisher. 

Pamela Lutrell in Eileen Fisher brownstone color at Dillard's

I wanted you to see both wraps in brownstone…the poncho above and the Print Silk Wool Ombre Serape here.  This Fine Tencel Jersey top is also in a new color called Tiger Lily…a new reddish/orange.

I am wearing the washable crepe pants I loved so much for work now in brownstone.  My life now is denim and leggings…and Eileen Fisher has great options in both!

Pamela Lutrell in Eileen Fisher Green for Fall 2020

Eileen Fisher Green V neck at Dillards on over 50 Feeling 40



This is one of my favorite looks in the collection.  It is a Grid Print Silk Wool Ombre Serape, over the Organic Linen Crepe Stretch V-Neck Long Sleeve Sweater in the color Jadeite.  LOVE IT!!




Eileen Fisher Fall Casual Style on Pamela Lutrell

How about this look for a new casual style??  This is the Organic Cotton Stretch Jersey Round Neck Long Sleeve Top, again in Jadeite.  A lot better than a sweatshirt…right?

Eileen Fisher Sustainable Boots at Dillards


Finally, I had to talk Eileen Fisher shoes in this post…are these boots not amazing?  I am dreaming about them now!  Eileen Fisher is the queen of sustainable fashion and these boots are knit with 89% polyester yarn that comes from plastic bottles!!

These Purl Stretch Block Heel Booties are super easy to get on and super comfortable…I hated leaving them at the store!!

Eileen Fisher week at Dillards for Fall 2020

Denise modeled the Eileen Fisher Flats for us!  These are the Seam Stretch Slip On Flats, and in the first picture I am wearing Kiss Stretch Fabric Block Heel Pumps.

I have loved Eileen Fisher for about nine years, and this is my favorite collection so far…with the colors and items which work for my new life-style as a entrepreneur who just left the professional office life, and is also an active woman. 

The colors and styles are stunning, and the fabrics, design, and construction is innovative.  I know many of you love Eileen Fisher, so you should get in touch with Dillard’s this week!!

The special Dillard’s Deal of the week is for eery $500 spent on regular-priced Eileen Fisher, you receive $100 worth of rewards certificates!  Your Sales Associates are ready to help!

Celebrate the beauty of autumn, and always……………………………………………………



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  1. Good morning Pam,
    You do look stunning!! Wonderful colors on you and so vibrant and exciting. I am going to check out the petite sizes as I love the brown and green color ways, put them on my Christmas wish list. I did buy a gorgeous new purple Eileen Fisher silk shirt from last year’s collection on Ebay recently and it looks fantastic with black leggings. I love th e way she celebrates the older woman. Happy Sunday:)

  2. I do like the styling ideas and colour options you show from thess stores, but with the Canadian dollar and shipping and duty, these boots that I love would be over 400 dollars. With such limited outings I will just have to make do with what is in my closet and get creative. I am sorry that I cannot support with many of the stores, but there are still lots to choose from. How much fun is that to be able to play in a store with the sales ladies to show us the options on real people. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Pam.

    1. @Kathy: Pamela hope you don’t mind me jumping in here but for those wishing ways to wear/tie scarves; search Pinterest as most entries even have ‘how to’ illustrations that you can print off for reference. -Brenda-

      1. You look so great in these clothes! They are YOU I think. I’d love to see you in the outfit displayed too…pink with scarf, tan pants (green hue?) on the display….really smart looking! Love this selection.

    2. Hi Kathy, We asked Denise how she tied the scarf and her answer was, “I just started twisting it and playing with it and this is what I came up with!”

  3. Hi Pam, I love the black pumps in your first photo, what brand are those? I agree, stunning fall colors.

  4. Gorgeous Fall lineup and so nice that Denise participated in the modeling of them.
    P.S.: Re Diane B’s comment. I too love the booties but sadly ‘ditto’ as my sentiments as well.

  5. I really like the goldenrod sweater and scarf. I think I need to do some practicing on trying different ways of tying scarves to enhance my outfits. Also, love your booties.

  6. Love the colors but honestly the items are not affordable for me. Being a retiree, I have no office, and with the virus hindering travel and socializing, no reason to purchase. Should I have a need to dress well, such as doctor visit or other appointment, I have plenty of barely worn clothes, and enjoy inventing new ways to wear what I have… But the scarf tying is very artistic and the brown with a red undertone is very nice, goes well with all the other colors, especially the greens. We don’t see enough greens!

    1. Hi Susan! We can always get great ideas from all of the brands….I also bring ideas from every price point for you…and EBAY is such a good place find Eileen Fisher. There are women who are looking for post like this and women looking for my thrift ideas. I try to cover the whole territory for you! Thanks for being here.

  7. I only buy Eileen Fisher from trift stores or ebay because of the fit. The rise goes way above my waist and the hips ( saddlebag area) stick out because I don’t carry my weight there. And she expects a smaller waist . So I wind up cutting it all apart and remaking to fit my straight figure. And of course I don’t t buy the narrow pants because I dislike pants that are tapered. Her fabrics are spectacular! I’m not a fan of the current color choices because I like and look best in winter colors.

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