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Sara on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am so pleased to introduce you today to my friend, Sara.  She is the most elegant woman I know and has inspired me in so many ways.  Our daughters played athletics together and attended the same school.

I am choosing our elegance series to feature Sara, because her story is a perfect way to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

I am going to allow Sara to tell her story in her own words:

“My name is Sara Ames.  During my 64 years of life, I’ve been married for 38 of those to my husband, John. I used to think “64” old, but in some ways, I feel life is just beginning. Different seasons seem that way with all there to learn. One of our greatest joys shared is the opportunity to be parents of two adult daughters & grandparents of 3 grandchildren ranging in ages 3 to 6.

I grew up in what is known as Cowtown… Ft. Worth, Texas,  in what some might say is a small family – mother, father & one sister. We played outside a lot in the neighborhood and I also played tennis. At that time,  I wasn’t really aware of health or healthy eating.  This was just our lifestyle. We ate most meals together with the rule we had to try at least 3 bites of the serving. I do remember hiding Brussel sprouts in the pantry.  I was caught when they were discovered weeks later during a pantry cleaning!!

The first time I remember being aware of weight (not health) was entering college. “Skinny” was in, along with diet drinks. How easy for breakfast on the run to class, right? Quick foods served for meals & this became my normal for a long time. Aside from 2 pregnancies when I ate what I knew to be my best, I continued this type of eating UNTIL my world turned upside down.

A routine mammogram opened the door into one of the hardest journeys in my life.  Sara, “THE DIAGNOSIS IS BREAST CANCER, stage 2 with lymph node involvement. You’ll have chemotherapy for 6 months followed by radiation for 12 weeks.”

My reaction was what? This isn’t supposed to happen to me! I’m 46!  How could this be? But, it does happen to many young women and I became one of them.  This was real, a real raging storm for me with two high school daughters, one a senior! I had no idea how present God was, and how my life would change  and eventually, those changes would be for better.  His love is real, sure, and can be trusted.

I began the long walk, first with surgery followed by chemotherapy treatments as directed. If you’re reading this & have faced something similar, know my heart shares your difficulty. There is no getting around “hard”, but we learn to walk humbly hand in hand with the One who is able to do more than we ask or imagine. I was scared with all the questions you imagine swirling in my mind.  My own health had not been a priority for me. 

.My sister mentioned a nutritional supplement she was taking & suggested I talk to her good friend, a nurse. I did  and while sharing about the product, Juice Plus, she mentioned both MD Anderson and the University of Texas Health Science Center in my hometown of San Antonio had done studies. That was all I heard, because I had travelled there for a second opinion. I thought this must be a good product if places like that are doing research. Immediately, I added the capsules & shakes to my daily routine. I had no idea the impact the added nutrition was giving my body, but I learned quickly the correlation between what I put in my body and it’s effect on health. An easy truth I had missed most of my life. All those years I focused more on quantity (caloric intake) rather than quality.  I grieve that, but I knew I had to start somewhere. This re-start brought a complete change for our family’s kitchen & health. I learned to shop the perimeters of the grocery store for fresh foods, prepared meals with color ( those dreaded Brussel sprouts are a favorite now) & finally I replaced diet drinks with water. In fact, I drink half my body weight in ounces every day. I continue to learn through the opportunities with the Juice Plus company. I’m grateful for the pioneers in the field of nutrition, those who teach me so I’m able to care for my body the way it deserves.

Some of the results I experienced were having my treatments on schedule, remaining healthy during those challenging months, exercising regularly with the exception of infusion days plus attending every single activity my senior high school daughter.  My entire family from oldest at 65 to youngest at 3 have been taking Juice Plus and we all have less sick days, better energy, thinking clearer, stronger immune systems & regularity.

We have a peace of mind that we’re getting the concentrated nutrients even when we don’t practice healthy eating all of the time. 


I believe God healed me  and I give Him the honor & praise. I am thankful for every single doctor who had a part in my treatment plan.  Their wisdom & encouragement was invaluable. I rejoice as I am almost 19 years being cancer free.

Even with the difficulty, I would never want to go back to being the person I was before.  I have new health goals and a stronger heart and soul.  God had me face the storm that tossed me way out of my comfort zone and has used every part for good. 

Everyone deserves education about food, its sources  and the products marketed to allow them to make an informed decision on the best supplements possible!  I want to hear people’s health stories that need to be told & heard.

Two things give me confidence Juice Plus is the best supplement on the market. That is – it’s real food  and has science to prove its efficacy.

When we aren’t healthy, we don’t live out the best life we are meant to have.

Our nutrition is key to not simply good, but optimum health!

I am able to live each day actively – whether it is in the beauty of God’s creation, exercising, walking, fishing, whatever that might be. I continue learn and appreciate each moment.

Someone cared enough about me to tell me about JP+. Where would I be today if they hadn’t taken the time? I don’t want anyone to say, “Sara, you knew about JP+ & didn’t tell me”! I am passionate about good health and thankful for my life and the opportunities given me to continue helping one person at a time care for their bodies the way God designed them to be.”

Juice Plus+ Computer Image on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am one of the people Sara told about Juice Plus seven years ago and Mr. B and I are so glad she did along with other friends who also take the product.   She is so passionate now about helping others and about practicing good health principals. 

If you would like to know more, please contact me at Pamela’s Juice Plus Page.

Yes, there is a small financial compensation, but I am working with Juice Plus in order to help others and to provide the product for me and my husband.  We believe in this and have seen the rewards.



By Pamela Lutrell and Sara Ames

Disclaimer:  I am provided a small income from sales of this product, but this post is my own opinion and that of Sara.


  1. So nice to meet Sara and learn about her journey with breast cancer. She’s a wonderful woman to be a part of your Cultivating Elegance Series!

    So happy to learn that she’s been cancer free for 19 years!

    I have following the Mediterranean diet for the last 8 years and will have to check out Juice+. It sounds like a wonderful supplement!


  2. God bless her for walking through this with her focus on Him. I know God brings us to things and our job is to trust. I was encouraged by Sara’s words. Having worked for many years in a cancer center, I have great admiration for the people who are there for treatment, their amazing attitudes, and have many times been encouraged by them. I remember one lady in particular who clearly knew the whole experience was in God’s hands and trusted Him to bring her through in His way. I had many chances to talk with her, and do believe that God puts people in those places to encourage others. So glad to hear that Sara is a survivor and has a full life. This is a beautiful story. From the first picture, I can tell she is an elegant lady, but it is the inside that is so encouraging.

  3. Thank you for introducing us to Sara. She is the picture of elegance & strength. May God bless her as she continues her life’s walk with Him.

  4. What a lovely woman with a heartfelt story of being a cancer survivor. But, disappointed it turned into a sales pjtch.

    1. Hi Lee,
      This is her story. She truly believes in this product and that it plays a huge role in her recovery. That is why she wants to share it. It is not a sales pitch. It is a heartfelt passion of Sara to share this with others. I am happy to give her a platform to do this. I have not made one penny on this. Good nutrition, no matter how it is gained is critical to our lives.
      thanks for being here.

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