Would You Wear It For Fall Clothing on Over 50 Feeling 40

Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing on over 50 Feeling 40

Happy October Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing with me and my friend, Jennifer!

Would You Wear It at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

Jennifer and I go out and about and find fashion displays which make us wonder what your opinion on the styles would be. 

Would You Wear Red and Black on Over 50 Feeling 40

I discovered this family of three with a red and black fall fashion theme.  You may comment on one or all three if you wish.

As always, keep your comments personal and detailed.  Please do not just say Yes and No…but, tell us specifically why it does or does not work for you.  Most readers love the comments on these posts and learn from them.

And please keep your comments nice and kind!

Would You Wear It for Fall Fashion on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, please look my family of three over and tell us ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………


For today, make sure you……

  1. Go out and enjoy the day, but be safe in your mask and with hand sanitizer.
  2. If you shop, please consider using the links below to go to the sites. New brands have been added to the list.
  3. Breathe in the glory of fall. I just did this in my backyard…glorious. 
  4. Then, go to Jennifer’s page at A Well Styled Life and comment on her display!



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Love red & black! It’s been one of my favorite combinations for decades & as I always have plenty of both colours in my closet, I wear it a lot. But I’ll pass on all the outfits shown as they’re all too dressy for my very casual lifestyle 🙂 I do like the wrap & can see myself pairing it with black turtleneck sweater & either black or red pants, red earrings, lots of bangle bracelets & classic black leather booties.

  2. Happy Saturday Pam! A big “yes” to all three for me. I am a dress girl and these looks are classy and very much my style. I like how they have modern touches even though the dresses are basic styles. I wear dresses weekly and the toppers shown here could also work with other items in my wardrobe, making them more versatile. I like the lines of these outfits and find them flattering. The colors work for me, and I can think right now of many places to wear each look, and also how I would use the basic components to work with other things in my closet. These are beautiful!

  3. Like both jackets. Definitely would were both, though more with black slacks since I don’t wear dresses too much anymore. The wrap not so much-too much fabric and the pattern is too bold and “notice me” for my taste! Although great for our climate. Have many pasminas and other wraps, but some how they never leave the drawer Like the threesome choice. Certainly gives us more to consider. North Florida is just getting a wee bit cooler-in the 70ies, but not so cold yet as to need more than a long sleeved blouse. Happy days! But at least not in the upper 90ies

  4. Of the three Outfits I like the red sheath dress with cape (?) in red with black. At present I have no where to wear these dressier outfits but if the pandemic dies out and I am once again more social the red ensemble would be my pick! Very pretty!

  5. Nope. The combo of red/black does not work for me and the prints are too big. I don’t like the style of the black topper with dots. Nothing for me today. I’ll get back to my jeans and sweater. Happy Saturday.

  6. I love all of these looks. These are very classic looks that will not go out of style. I agree with Janet D. though, too dressy for casual lifestyles. I am about to retire so will not need as many nice clothes and have already been rethinking all of my clothing purchases.

  7. These ensembles look like typical, tailored, classy Ming Wang brand! Wow, the wrap is colorful in red and black but alas, I have no place to wear these outfits. Like red and black together; however I don’t wear skirts/dresses anymore but would wear the animal jacket and wrap with black pants & red or black tank if my
    life situation was different. No to the all black ensemble; would wear the animal print jacket with the black dress if…,

  8. In my previous life I would be trying these on, but now I have no use for more dresses that are that ‘dressed up’. The colours are a bit strong for me as well. When we are able to go to events again I will have to take stock of my outfits and rethink. We are told to limit to immediate household members again this week, so there is no need to have more for now. Wow Pam, that list of links is impressive and covers just about anything needed. Enjoy the autumn temperatures.

  9. I like all three outfits, but would only buy the red one. Would need to try it on because as a petite I am always concerned about being over whelmed with too much fabric. I do like to wear red with black.

  10. If I was still working, I would have worn any of these outfits. Red and black is one of my go-to colour combinations. I especially like the red dress with the shawl. However, I’m currently a student and my wardrobe is mostly jeans and t-shirts.

  11. I really like the red dress with the big scarf. I don’t even wear red and black but I like this anyway and I’d wear it. It’s cheery and friendly and classic and fresh. I wish I had somewhere to wear it.

  12. I like black and red together and I like all three outfits. The last one is probably the only one I could wear in this California climate. When I zoomed in on it, it looks like a black tank dress, which could be very versatile, with a cardigan topper.. Are those pearls on the sweater/ jacket? I could see wearing an outfit like this to a dressy event at the club.

  13. I love red and black. The dress with shawl is my favorite. I’d wear it to a special dinner or evening out with my husband. The other black & red outfit I would have worn to work but since I’m retired, it would just hang in my closet.

  14. This is a hard pass for me. While in younger years this was a good color combo for me, it’s too harsh as I age. The all black outfit might be good for someone who needs a lot of dress up wear, as you could split the pieces and get a lot of wear from them. The red and black jacket, with its prominent buttons, feels too over the top for my taste. The button detail hits right on my widest point.

  15. Neither red nor black are flattering for me up near my face, so all three are a personal no. I do love these looks though and would be intrigued enough to see if any was offered in a different color.

  16. While I do not wear black and red all that often I will say no as the outfits or pairings are a bit too matronly.

  17. First of all I envy anyone who can wear red as unfortunately I can’t, so choose it only in accessories. As to the garments themselves, though do like the pattern-block wrap and zebra jacket all pieces are a pass for myself as currently have no need for them though do see their potential as separate pieces if it were otherwise.

  18. Red and black have always been a favourite. This display makes me yearn for a night at the theater. I too would choose the shawl as it would also be lovely to curl up with by the fire or wear over top of a wool coat . If you have a trick to make it stay up on your shoulder like shown I would love you to share it.

  19. I love the red dress and shawl. I don’t need something like this but if I did, this is exactly the style and colors that look good on me. The skirt and jacket don’t appeal to me at all. My first thought was they looked matronly! The skirt is too short and the jacket is too boxy for me. I like the black dress and matching jacket but again, while this is classic, my lifestyle doesn’t require a dress/jacket combo.

  20. As I sit here wearing black trousers, a red shirt, and a black kimono with red roses topper, Yes, I think I would wear all of these.
    I especially love the wrap worn with the red dress (but truthfully, I would probably wear it with jeans and skip the red dress.

  21. All 3 outfits are very attractive. The first manikin appears to be too slim for the dress, which is making it look too full. I like the idea of the wrap, but the pattern is too much for my taste especially the inclusion of hounds tooth. The second outfit is nice in that it is not too formal, and could be worn anywhere from grocery store to an early dinner or to church. I like the length of the jacket, but I would have to wear this outfit with an exciting gold necklace to bring it into how I feel not how old I am. I would have to see and try on these first two outfits because of the red color. It appears not to be a clear red and that is a no no for me.Really like the black skirt and jacket/ It is classic. Is that a material trim on the jacket?

  22. If I still wore skirts, I would wear all three of these outfits. Red & black is a favorite combination on mine. I could see the outfit on the left with black tights & the other two with sheer black hose, as I am not a bare legged girl. The jackets & wrap would mix well with other items I already own.

  23. I love them all but would most likely wear them with black slacks. It seems I wear slacks most often to not appear overdressed. The trimmed black jacket is very flattering as it brings focus to a linear middle making one appear slimmer. The red jacket has a V neck that is also flattering and can be worn with a necklace. The print is subtle enough to not be flashy. I have been retired for ten years and I still would wear these jackets. Now, the wrap is lovely but I would not purchase only because I buy wraps and neglect to wear them. I have given several away and regret having done so. Which reminds me, Pam–have you considered the topic of what clothing to NEVER give away? Most of us have several regrets having done so…

  24. I would walk right past this display. I find the overall look conservative, not one of my adjectives. I prefer a little bit of an “edgy” vibe.

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