My Second Act Vision Board…Answering the question, What Now?

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I sense that many readers here have also left behind the professional life. However, have you found yourself wondering like me…What Now? Here is what led to my new vision board. 

As many of you know, after 45 years of working for other business owners, I made the decision to leave it behind when I was laid off in July due to COVID-19.

My Second Act began at that time.  Many think our second acts begin at age 50, and I can see why that might be the case.  But, for me, the second act is starting now…. because it is so different from the first.

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I have actually worked since I was 16 years old.  My first real job was helping in a women’s boutique in my West Texas hometown as a teen who loved clothing even then. (Memories of Skibell’s)  Since then, I have always worked to generate some type of income.  Many years found me working two to three jobs at a time.

I found work to be a great learning experience, as well as, my identity through many years (the latter is not a good thing).  Work also provided excuses for me to stay away from a home full of discord (between parents) after I went to college.  I have never been afraid of hard work and am thankful for every table I waited on…every customer I assisted…every student I taught…and every communications job I held.

(NOTE: Why the moon image?  I have always thought of myself as a moon child.  I love to look at the moon and have my entire life! Somehow, it needed to be here)

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Now, I am enjoying blogging and as it is my sole profession, I can do it my way…finally… and there is much joy experienced through now being my own boss.

But I know I have the time and the desire to do MORE…just not sure what that is at this moment. Several well-intentioned, lovely ladies have reached out to encourage me to join them in their different missions.

However, with each one, I have sensed God saying, “Wait…pray… and listen.”

Last week, one of the sweet blog readers (Hi, Marlene!) asked me if I had done a Vision Map.  I told her I had, because I was thinking of a Vision Board.  But, no, I have never done a map and feel like that may be the next step.  I am about to order this book, Vision Map by Joel Malm.  It looks like something I might agree with to guide me through the mapping process. 

However, she did inspire me to create a new Vision Board for my Second Act.  I want to use this board as a guide of what opportunities to consider saying Yes! to and which ones are a definite No!… because they are not in line with what my board and goals represent.

 The way I was taught to do this is to dream big…don’t consider anything out of reach. Go with your biggest, deepest dreams and see what you learn going forward. Often, a true passion and direction can be discovered deep within a bigger dream.

Pamela Lutrell's Vision Board


I am going to explain to you what each image represents to me on this board so you understand and perhaps may be led to create your own.

First of all, let me clarify that since I became a Christian at age 25, I have not needed work or people to fill me with peace or joy.  My relationship with God does that.  What I do with my time is in answer to how I can serve Him best and even continue to help provide for me and my family…anything else just adds more Joy Icing on my cake.  I am not seeking purpose…I found that years ago.

When I pray over the Second Act, it is like a daughter sitting on her Father’s lap and asking, “What do you think I should do in this stage of my life? How I can I best use the gifts you have given to me?”

 After lifting up this prayer and dreaming big, I created my Vision Board.  Here is what each image represents to me:

  1.  JOY – I am a joyful, optimistic person and desire to share it with others…as well as, not allow anything or anyone to rob it from me.
  2. WOMEN HOLDING HANDS –  I want to continue to come alongside women to encourage, edify, educate and help in any way I can.
  3. MICROPHONE –  Dreaming big here…I would love to have a podcast. Not sure at this time what we would discuss.  Years ago, I was on the radio for a brief time and loved it and the impact these broadcasts can have.



4. PSALM 143:8 –  This is my theme Bible verse for my Second Act.  God is reminding me to Trust Him…He’s got this.

5. WOMAN LOOKING AT A MAGAZINE – I have always wanted to oversee a magazine (With me at the helm!)…print or online. I would love to see a magazine evolve around the blog.

6. FIRST TWO SMALL PICTURES – I love hospitality.  Once COVID is contained with a vaccine, I would like to host more dinners and events at my home. I enjoy this so very much.

7. NEXT TWO SMALL PICTURES – Really dreaming big here and Mr. B would have to dream right along with me. I would love to live in a small town of the Texas Hill Country and either run a Bed & Breakfast or live in a simple, yet lovely, country home. 

8. BOOK PICTURE – Most of my life, I have wanted to write books.  God will need to clarify if this is fiction or non-fiction.  I am a journalist, so non-fiction is a comfort zone.  I began writing fiction in 5th grade though….those are actually pretty funny!

 9. FRESH STARTS, SECOND CHANCES QUOTE – to remind me that this time is a fresh start, a new beginning and not the ending to anything. Don’t allow discouragement at any point.

10. TYPEWRITERI want to write something worth reading….blogs, books, another website…not sure exactly just yet.

11. THE BEAST SQUAD –  My time must make lots of room for this BEAST SQUAD….five (about to be six!) grandchildren who need to know they are a major part of Gigi’s life. I want to have an impact on them in many ways. 

So, there you have it…my Vision Board…to help me make decisions going forward.  I have been experiencing anxiety over what to say yes or no to…this gives me direction and helps me make decisions. Now I am excited!

Have any of you made a vision board for your second act?  This is easy to do with a computer or by hand on a bulletin board.  If you are a Christian, you will enjoy reading CALLED OUT (Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a life pf True Calling) by former ABC journalist Paula Faris. 

I have really enjoyed her book during this time of creating my board.  I hope this might inspire some of you to make your own vision board if you are pondering, WHAT NOW?


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  1. I love the iidea of a vision board!! I hope to retire in 5 years but think I want to start one now!!! I also want to concentrate on women helping women…we need that in our world. I always enjoy your blog.!!!

  2. THank you for that post. You wrote some insightful suggestions. I a at the first step process. I have taught,been a very underpaid volunteer and am still managing some property buildings of my husbands. I was a volunteer for our local Symphony Guild for many years but the group just seemed to dissolve last year when no one would take on the presidency. I have done that kind of work for a very long time. Than came COVID. Now what do I do ,at home, with physical problems. So it is a challenge! But I am working on it. THanks for the suggestions. I also love the picture of the beast Squad. I can relate to that.We have six-22 to 6 years. Two girls,horses 4 boys.three are triplets, so I guess I could call them my B squad too. Stay safe,keep posting. Look forward to the time I spend with you every morning!

  3. Good post! Like you I started working at a young age. Throughout high school, college, having children etc. I was always working, achieving, going. My mother who lived to be 94 worked into her 70’s. I retired 2 years ago at 67 and I hear my mother’s voice all the time telling me to ‘smell the roses’. I now have time for me; a daily devotional, exercise, either golf or walking, cooking, decorating etc. I decided to tackle my excessive (my word!) wine drinking. Going on 2 months without a drop. Next, return to yoga daily. Next attack the boxes of family photos and finish the genealogy. When COVID is over and we return to some kind of normalcy I am trusting God to point me in the right direction to some kind of charity work. The important part for me is to not push it but leave it in God’s hands now.

  4. Good Morning, and thank you for the post. Your instinct to wait for the “right” next thing is a good one, I think. Whether it is a new podcast you develop, a book or magazine, or an unexpected job offer, I think you will come to know what is best for you in time. I sometimes feel hemmed in by my current family obligations, unable to envision what comes next because I am so busy with what is needed of me in the here and now. Then I take a deep breath, or pray, or take a long walk, and remember that this is but a chapter in my life. Your suggestion to make a vision board is inspiring me to create one as well. Those dreams may be delayed in my case, but I will dream them all the same. 😊

  5. I retired four years ago after thirty seven years in education. I was 62.5 at the time. I have never looked back. That first September retired, I began volunteering at SVDP food pantry. It has been so humbling and rewarding. I walk daily with a neighbor or my husband and go to the gym three days a week for a strength training class. The gym and volunteer opportunity has provided many new friendships.
    One of our favorite activities is getting up in the morning and taking off for a picnic or hike. You have to jump in and I have enjoyed every day and so grateful for reaping the rewards for all of those years in the work force. I highly recommend volunteering as you move forward.

  6. When I retired back in 2011 after 35 years of a demanding job full of deadlines, reports and being with people, I was so relieved to be home by myself every day, that I really didn’t need another focus. However, I did begin my blog at that point because I needed a creative outlet and a routine I could count on. Since that time, I have not felt the need to re-purpose myself as such, but have learned to enjoy every day and not pressure myself to meet any goal that wasn’t God led. I have absolutely loved these years of traveling with my also retired husband, investing in our home and staying healthy. I do admire the direction your board seems to be taking you. So many possibilities and avenues for God to lead. I look forward to seeing where He takes you.

  7. Good for you Linda…with tackling the wine and with allowing God to lead. Sounds like you are making some real progress. Thanks for sharing…I am certain this encourages others.

  8. Creating the board really helped me Connie…you might enjoy the process. I do not know what lies ahead, but I like dreaming the dreams all the same.

  9. I agree Elizabeth…there are so many possibilities and that is why I did the board to focus me in where I sense God is leading.

  10. What a wonderful read today! I completely understand where you are. I retired last year at the age of 67 after 45 years in the school system. I LOVED my job, but was tired of the stressful paperwork. Reluctantly, I retired, and hated it until I found some volunteer opportunities. I prayed for God to lead me to the volunteer work I am involved in.

    The best part of being retired is no longer waking up at 5 am!

  11. I had to laugh…I think one of the best parts is not getting up at 4! I get up now around 5:30! Thanks for sharing about your early days as well!

  12. You have placed your faith in the most important spot at #1. This will lead you where you need to go in God’s time, & He is not always on the same timetable as we are. We tend to hurry, but He is always on time. I have no doubt He will get you to right place at the right time.

  13. I love this Pam!! I have not heard of vision boards, but feel a transition coming in my life and want to do this now. I’m so glad you posted this. I’m also a Christ follower and have been praying about this very topic. Thank you for posting this today. I’ll be creating my own board, dreaming very big!! By the way, I bought two things this weekend through your links…so easy, and am glad to support your business even in this small way!

  14. Thank you for sharing your relationship with Christ. I am recently retired and my husband and I have prioritized our relationship with Christ as most important followed by our relationship with each other, our two grown children and their spouses, our eight grandchildren, our church, our small group, and mentoring. We will see what else God brings our way. Covid has changed some of our plans, but God will always use us where we are planted. We also hope to spend some time traveling in our trailer. Thank you for sharing your vision board and I look forward to reading your blog each day.

  15. Pamela, since you became a Christian…that’s all you ever have to say, to define yourself. It’s about eternity. That decision informs what we do here on earth once we make the decision, but sets our sight so much further beyond any act we will ever do here. I could wish that precious decision on each person, forever. Love your commitment.

  16. Thank you for sharing with us readers where Joy comes from for you. I too am a Christian. As the pandemic continues to worldwide, I feel, we need to speak more of Christ and let others know where our Peace and Joy comes from so perhaps, they too may look to our Savior. Thank you again & have a wonderful week.

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