Seeking my new life-style: A return to J.Jill for fall clothing

JJill Tunic for fall clothing on over 50 feeling 40

Tuesdays have become the days I look for what my new life-style will be over 50…so I returned to J.Jill after they received more fall clothing. 

I so enjoyed working with the great staff at the J.Jill in The Shops at la Cantera in San Antonio!

FIRST NOTE: I need to remember to wear neutral shoes when I do this…The shoes were great for the outfit I came in wearing, but not so great with everything I tried on.


The first look is a beautiful, comfy style for around home and in their new color dark fig, an eggplant purple that you all know I love!!  The Rayon A-Line Tunic in Dark fig looked lovely with the necklace above.

The sales associates also pointed out how cute the Rayon A-Line Tunic in the espresso harvest paisley with the smoothing-ponte leggings of several color choices and boots would be!

I tried it on with the new Smoothing-Ponte Leggings…these leggings are amazing…a new favorite!

Pamela Lutrell in J.Jill leggings

These are the Smoothing-Ponte Leggings I purchased…love the dark grey heather/dark charcoal heather texture! I can do so much with these for the cooler weather.

J.Jill Fall Clothing for 2020 on Over 50 Feeling 40

My friend, Leigh Anne, was with me and she liked this outfit best.  I am still a little skeptical of the extra weight a puffer vest adds, but this is a beautiful vest and I like the length. 

Side-Zip Down Puffer Vest   would look great with several options and denim.

Pamela Lutrell in J.Jill Open Front Cardiagan

J.Jill has many styles of cardigans to try at this time.  I did like this Fair Isle Open Front Cardi...very soft!

The Ponte Knit 3/4 length sleeve tunic in cream is what I am wearing underneath and is actually one of my favorites in the store right now.  I just did not need another white top. Love the style and fit though. 


Pamela Lutrell in a 2 pocket cardigan at J.Jill

The second cardigan I tried on is the Refined Two-Pocket Cardigan, in the dark fig.  I tried in on with the Easy Ottoman-Knit Top which is a great top, but a little bulky under the cardi. 

One Way for the J.Jill Poncho on over 50 Feeling 40

Vertical side of the two way poncho on over 50 feeling 40

Leigh Anne and I are showing you both ways for the Two-Way Fair Isle Poncho.  I found the vertical side to be more flattering for me….I like garments you can wear two ways. 

JJill Sweater in Dark Fig on Over 50 Feeling 40

Here is what I ordered online to go with the leggings I showed you above.  The Carmen-Silk Sweater in dark fig with a V-neck fits my new life-style perfectly and I cannot wait to get the package.  I promise to get a picture!

J.Jill is full of lovely new fall clothing pieces…is a safe environment following CDC rules…and has knowledgeable sales associates ready to help!  Consider it for your next fall shopping trip!

Are there any other colors that catch you eye?  Thanks for joining me as I search out my new life-style, and for those who have offered suggestions!  



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  1. I like J Jill a lot for my current lifestyle. It’s fits perfectly with wanting to look polished, yet casual and approachable. You tried some beautiful things, and I like the fall colors very much. Those leggings your purchased are so textural and elevated over the standard, solid colors. Those are great! The eggplant color really appeals to me too. Lots to look at and choose from here!

  2. I love the J.Jill ponte leggings and I have them in several colors, including the tone on tone gray you showed. I also have the silk cotton v- eco sweater in black and it is one of my favorites…will be a great layering piece. I have had my eye on the cream ponte tunic but was worried about being able to see through it. I think it would be great with the leggings. By the way, the vest looked great on you. In fact I preferred it over the cardigans. Thanks so much for these try on sessions. They are so helpful.

    1. You cannot see through that tunic I linked in the post. It is the one I tried on and it is not see-through at all. Hope that helps, Michele

      1. I agree with Michelle. I think the vest looks great on you and in fact I think it is slimming. The fig sweater combo and the Poncho are in my opinion ” I want to hide my body” pieces which we may want to do some days.

  3. During these 7 months of being at home cooking and cleaning so much, I find clothing with a lot of fabric just gets in the way. I now wear nothing that can’t be buttoned, zipped, tied or tucked close to the body. I look forward to the day when I can once again wear items with flowy flair.

  4. The color that actually catches my eye, is the blue garment next to you modeling the Fair Isle Cardi. Its absolutely gorgeous IMO. For this season; can see wearing it with black leggings and a long sleeved black ‘fitted’ T underneath (to extend its sleeve length) with either a statement necklace or a pretty scarf topped of with a pair of flats or low pump heels. It might even look amazing belted. Re the puffer vest; living in ‘the great white north’ as I do where Down-filled garments are often a wardrobe staple during our Fall and Winter seasons , what I’ve discovered is that if the stitching lines (baffles) are on a diagonal (rather than a straight horizontal) they will give an illusion of slimness as well as height. -Brenda-

  5. I love the dark fig colors. Both on you …. and on me! Try them with olive. It’s a really different but lovely combo. I also wear my fig pieces with leopard. That color goes with everything, including both navy and back. It likes to be paired with camel/amber too. It really functions as a neutral, and I’m surprised how in most years it’s so hard to find. The Tory Burch ballet flats I bought yesterday at Zappos (through Pam’s link, of course) also come in fig. Alas, the tan was a need, the fig was the want. And two pair were sadly out of the question.

    1. Yes! I love wearing deep purple with olive and do it often. Thanks for mentioning the combo, Linda and for shopping with my links! Bless you! The shoes sound lovely!

  6. Thank you for showing this collection. This season’s colors are lovely. I like the stripped top and vest you wore. It likes very nice. Have an outstanding Tuesday.

  7. Thanks for the review. I’m going to get the cream tunic after seeing where the hemline hit on you. I’m curious to know which black pants your friend is wearing with the poncho.

  8. Pam, you look fantastic in that eggplant color!

    Thank you for introducing us to those textured leggings — they look wonderful and so perfect for the upcoming fall/winter season.

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