Would You Wear It for cold weather wear

Pamela Lutrell shares Would you wear it

Happy October Saturday!  Though I have been in the 90s for two weeks, I know many of you are experiencing colder weather.  So in honor of that, let’s discuss Would You Wear It for cold weather wear?

This is the day my friend, Jennifer, and I post fashion displays we have discovered that make us wonder what you think about the styles….

Would You Wear It from Dillards

We ask that you look the displays over and tell us if you, personally, would or would not wear what is on the display and explain your answers.

It is important to explain your answers because many readers read all of the comments and learn from them about why something does or does not work. 

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You can see I have a fashion family of three and would love to know what you think of all three looks.  So give them your fashion-stylist eye and tell us…………………………………………………………………………………………………….


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  1. Here in Colorado, it’s all about layering. I’d wear any of these, especially since we have a foot of snowing coming this weekend!
    I like the olive green outfit the best. I prefer jackets with a defined waist over something boxy & I have infinity scarves like the mannequin is wearing. That shade of green isn’t my favorite, but I could work with it.

  2. My take on these jackets is a little odd, but the only one that really appeals to me is the olive utility style jacket. And even then, it probably wouldn’t be worn much past late fall. These jackets are very short, and where I live we really need to cover up to stay warm. So I’m seeing these from that perspective. I honestly don’t like the fabric on the black vest, and the black jacket and the beige jacket lack any particular style which makes them boring to me. Since we wear winter jackets for so many months in Ohio, I look for style features that won’t get boring as the months go on. These seem fine for places where it doesn’t get freezing cold, but for the reasons stated, they don’t work for me. I know this is a trendy and sometines pricey brand, but their styles always seem a little boring to me. They do have great, practical features, but just don’t draw me in.

  3. Yes, and yes to the center outfit and right side jacket. They are both cute layerings and do look warm enough for December Through to March here in the northeast. . I especially like the center mannequin jacket layered over the red sweatshirt hoodie. Very sharp looking!
    The only thing I would change is the top under the tan jacket. It’s a wee bit too short. I’d add a longer sweater…by an inch or more.

  4. I’m writing from Chicago 34 degrees currently. In my world you need a longer jacket than what you are showing – a butt covering jacket. The jackets and leggings shown are a fashion look definitely not cold weather gear. I don’t wear obvious branded clothing so NFace nope.
    Happy Saturday!

  5. A qualified yes to all 3, but for myself I prefer a longer coat (to keep my bottom warm) and diagonal stitching which is far more flattering. Of the three mannequins, I actually like the right one best for myself because I avoid black & the utility jacket wouldn’t provide enough warmth. I do like the overall outfit in the middle as the hoodie provides some color, but realistically, I wouldn’t wear that many layers.

  6. Love all 3, the only not total love is the beige puffer jacket, because of the color, if I could find that in a Winter white, would totally love everything. Indiana weather goes from cold in morning then warmer at noon then cooler/cold at nightfall. These layered looks are great for camping, and being around a outside fire. Once it gets cold and we are socializing outside, I don’t worry about the puffer vest over the hoodie adding visual pounds, I just want to stay warm and comfortable, and enjoy friends. I will actually keep copy of these looks and use for inspiration this Fall/Winter.

  7. I like the styling of the far left model. The bulky scarf replaces the vest. I’d wear this sort of thing when I’m out walking, Once we get past December I usually do switch to a longer coat, but our mid-Atlantic weather has a long season where shorter jackets are good.

  8. i only like the olive green jacket, but i havent experienced a real winter since the mid 90s.
    but im going to pretend for the moment i dont live down here….i do remember as the other ladies said, you need a longer coat for real cold….and i dont think the quilted style would do me any favors. as for the hats, as i remember it, there is no saving your hair in serious cold, so if they were effective against the cold, i probably would wear them.

  9. I like seeing the olive pom-pom on the knit cap with the utility jacket (much like one you modeled for us recently). Here in southern Oregon, I can get away with lighter outerwear for all but the coldest snaps so this would be cute and practical for me. The puffy jacket is not my best look, so no to that. None of the pant choices seem particularly warm or like what I would choose except to exercise.

  10. I actually have a rather large coat/jacket collection, and have a version of all of these shown. As previously mentioned, when the real cold gets here I have to get out the longer, bum covering coats to stay warm. My colours are more to the navy and grey with a pop of colour always in the hats and sscarves and gloves/mitts. I do agree with previous comment, the bottoms on all of these looks are a bit thin for keeping warm here.

  11. Living in Eastern Ontario, layers are key to staying warm in the winter months (snow in the forecast for this week). Of the three, I would wear the outfit on the centre mannequin. I like the contrast of the shiny fabric on the vest against the jacket, as well as the contrast with the red sweatshirt. The red hat is cute too. I’m a bit puzzled why a store would style winter clothing without including footwear on the mannequins – since they have headwear, it looks a bit unbalanced.

  12. While I might not choose the exact pieces shown here, this is exactly how we dress for late fall here in Alberta! Layers are essential in our cold climate. I don’t care for the shiny fabric of the vest in the centre and I prefer navy over black. I have a jacket almost exactly like the olive one on the left. For winter, I wear a longer coat that covers my hips.

  13. In Toronto I’d need a jacket that was longer to be warm, but all of these are not jackets I could wear except on the weekend because of the culture of my workplace, which I would not consider terribly formal. I have one vaguely parka-ish coat that I’ve kept for 10 years and I don’t need another because I rarely wear it. Unless there is 2 feet of snow, it feels too casual for the city. In fact, here is an interesting remark I heard at work about this sort of coat. After interviewing job candidates one of my fashionable female colleagues and a male colleague who is kind of average both remarked that everyone should have a proper coat–not a puffer jacket. The woman thought the puffer coat made people look heavy and like college students. The man thought it was not professional. Given that the job applicants were wearing a name brand I know costs $800-$1000 and that you can get a good cloth coat under $500, I felt badly for the job candidates who probably thought they were wearing an investment piece! (Of course, in a blizzard, anything goes.) For a more casual lifestyle, especially if you spend a lot of time in a car, I can see that the short length is probably easier to manage. So much depends on your lifestyle with this one (not just style preference.)

  14. Because of the climate I live in; with exception of the head wear and hooded sweat shirt, for ‘casual’ wear (not to be confused with street wear) I would consider wearing any of these pieces for FALL as just not warm enough for our Winter. Particularly like the utility jacket as feel it would be ideal for a nature outing. (No handbag needed with those pockets …☺.) For footwear, would pair them with a hiking or combat style, lace up boot. -Brenda-

  15. I like and would wear all 3 of these; I lead a more casual lifestyle in general and have a nice wool coat when the occasion calls for it. Although I’m not a big fan of ‘puffy’, the camel color on the right is my favorite.

  16. I’m from northern Ohio, and while these jackets are quite fun and stylish, I need a longer length for coverage when the cold hits. I walk most days and my winter parka is mid-thigh which is a good length for the climate here.

    The olive utility jacket really appeals to me because of the color! It might work for the days above 30-degrees.

  17. As another Texan, I have to chime in and present a different view from those who live in colder climates. All three outfits are quite suitable for most of our fall and winter weather. I have several different colors of puffer jackets and utility jackets that are plenty warm. I don’t remember the last time I wore a long coat. I’m not even sure our stores in Houston (and San Antonio) have warmer options than what you’ve shown. At least today our temps were low enough to wear a lightweight jacket to dinner. I’ll take our mild winters over snow and ice any time—no shovels needed.

  18. I too live in this area but am retired. I have but one puffer coat that I would wear to the mall as my warmer, longer coats are too heavy to lug around. As I am not visiting any malls it will stay in the closet this winter. I judge how cold our winters have been by how often I wear my sheepskin coat that I’ve had for many years. It has a large shawl collar that goes up into a hood, turn back cuffs and is knuckle length. It keeps out the deepest cold. The one fashion issue in this group I see is the middle multi layer group. Unless you have a very long neck, to have three sizable collars including a hood would be very uncomfortable in my opinion.

  19. I pretty much have iterations of all these transitional season jackets. If it’s cold enough for a stocking cap, you’d want a warmer jacket than the green one. Once winter sets in, which has already happened here in the northland with several inches of snow already on the ground and more coming down right now, we cycle through an entire wardrobe of jackets, vests, and coats in various lengths, weights and purposes. I have between two and three dozen outerwear items in my coat closet, for all the changes in season and weather. I enjoy a variety to choose from both for utility and to ease the boredom of wearing the same ones all season and our outerwear is often all that is seen by others.

  20. They all look great and if lived in a really cold climate I would not hesitate to bring one home. However in m part of Florida, it never gets that cold. Have a few quilted Talbot vests that do the job for me.But love all the colors It would be a hard choice!

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