Home (decor) is Where My Heart Is

This is the last Sunday in October…went way too fast …so let’s get a warm beverage and discuss why home-decor is where my heart is today. 

Pamela Lutrell kitchen before

Almost six months ago, I shared with you current photos of my kitchen, family room, and breakfast area.  I told you we were going to re-model.

Pamela Lutrell kitchen before remodel on over 50 Feeling 40

Well, it has taken this long for us to hit the calendar for the company we hired to help us…during that time, many decisions had to be made.  I think everyone else decided to renovate as well.

The work in our kitchen begins tomorrow…..

Kitchen for home decor renovation

The readers here agreed with most of our friends that the red walls needed to go first.  So Mr. B has been finishing the painting in order to save some cash.

Home Depot paint selected for kitchen renovation

My interior designer friend, Gail, helped us to select this color from the Behr Marquee Paints at Home Depot…the color is called Pueblo. Kind of perfect for a Texas home!

Several of you wanted to see us paint over the red brick…but I love the red brick, so with Gail’s approval, I decided to keep it. There is just something comfy about red brick. 

Gail was able to take my choices for the kitchen, place them alongside the red brick, with the saltillo tile on the floor and select the Pueblo color.  It was like watching a master painter at work.

I hope everything I selected goes well together…I am a little nervous until I see the final results. 

It will be a very chaotic week, but I hope to show you the big reveal next weekend!

Pamela Lutrell's autumn porch decor on Over 50 Feeling 40

I decorated my porch for autumn early and so glad I did, since the time is soaring by.  The orange marmalade flowers are still lovely.

Autumn Porch decor

I see many beautiful decorations for fall everywhere and I need to step up my game once all work is done.  I will have so much to do to prepare for Thanksgiving. 

I have also had many requests for my Pumpkin Bread, and unable to meet the requests since my ovens were dead.  So now…very soon…let the baking begin!

Award Winning Pumpkin Bread by Pamela Lutrell

If you would like the recipe and have not seen it, please check it out ….My Award Winning (yes it is) Pumpkin Bread.

What do you have planned for this last Sunday in October?  I hope they are special plans!  The shopping links below are for home decoration projects!


Please consider shopping with these links:

Home Depot



Williams Sonoma



Bed Bath & Beyond

Best Buy

Macys Holiday Shop


Pottery Barn

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  1. Renovating is such a stressful time and sorting out the colours is difficult. When you show the little bit of tease with the new wall colour, it looks so much brighter and just sort of leads the eye right out to the outdoors. It will be such a fresh change. When we changed the wall colour in the kitchen, I just sat in it with my tea and said why did we not do this sooner. Having an oven will be the best treat though. You will get through this. Happy Sunday.

    1. I can see me doing that…but with some baking involved…since I haven’t been able to bake since last March! Thanks for the encouragement, Diane!

  2. the hardest thing for me, when i redid my kitchen about 6 years ago…was the choice of hardware for the cabinets….i must have stood in home depot for an hour just frozen.
    and ive never really been happy with my choice of backsplash, but by golly after all that it is staying…

  3. I know exactly how you feel as we just completed a complete kitchen reno last month. As we went through the process I kept saying, ” I’ll need mulling time for that.” We are thrilled though with the result. Our kitchen is light, bright and way more functional that it had been. I’m sure you will be just as happy once you’re done as I love your front porch decorations.

  4. We started a kitchen renovation (gut job) last fall. I had no kitchen for Christmas. We were cooking on a camp stove in our garage….I live in Canada…I cooked our turkey in a big electric roasting pan, dessert was provided by a friend….dishes washed in the bathroom sink. Oh my! And a real celebration when they hooked up my appliances. But my kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! So worth the pain. Thanksgiving in Canada was a couple of weeks ago and I got to cook the turkey in her! You take care. People told us to move out because a wall was being removed and popcorn ceilings scraped but we stayed. Drywall dust everywhere but everyday when I came home from work it was amazing to see the progress.

    1. These guys have reassured me that they will have me going soon and no problems with Thanksgiving…we will see if it holds up. I am hopeful! Thanks Wendy.

  5. How exciting for you! We are still slogging our way through here since June, but it’s the entire house getting done. Our kitchen will be the last room, so this next week after the main bath is completed we are taking a break over the holidays. Living in a work zone has been taxing. Then come January, we’ll delve back into the last mess. It is so worth it to have everything fresh inside this 80 year old cottage, ready for our next chapter. 🤗 Best of luck with everything, and I hope you and your Mr. B will love the finished product! 🏡

  6. Your front porch is beautiful and I’m sure your kitchen will be as well. Assisted my daughter recently in her kitchen renovation (different floor plan configuration, all new cabinetry, appliances, etc.). Big job; but pleased with its outcome on the whole, however did run into a few snags re installation as not according to specs so advise to monitor closely! So excited for you and anxious to see the reveal. -Brenda-

    1. I will let you know here if we run into snags and how they were handled…I am so anxious for the kitchen that I hope nothing holds us up too much. Thanks Brenda!

  7. I like the paint color you selected and looking forward to seeing more work in progress photos and the finished product. We renovated the kitchen in our prior home. What an experience…but once the work was completed it was so worth it. Didn’t realize how the patterns, stuff and trinkets I had competed for attention. The kitchen ended up being more open and brighter. Hope all goes smoothly for you.

    We will have to give your pumpkin bread recipe a try.

  8. I just happened to sit down to enjoy your blog with a piece of warm pumpkin bread! My family adores my bread & insist that they can’t enjoy the holidays without it!
    My recipe is very similar to yours – I use Saigon cinnamon too – so I have no doubt your bread is delicious!
    Good luck with the renovation. It can be nerve-wracking but worth it in the end. I’m looking forward to the pics!

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