This is the last Sunday in October…went way too fast …so let’s get a warm beverage and discuss why home-decor is where my heart is today. 

Pamela Lutrell kitchen before

Almost six months ago, I shared with you current photos of my kitchen, family room, and breakfast area.  I told you we were going to re-model.

Pamela Lutrell kitchen before remodel on over 50 Feeling 40

Well, it has taken this long for us to hit the calendar for the company we hired to help us…during that time, many decisions had to be made.  I think everyone else decided to renovate as well.

The work in our kitchen begins tomorrow…..

Kitchen for home decor renovation

The readers here agreed with most of our friends that the red walls needed to go first.  So Mr. B has been finishing the painting in order to save some cash.

Home Depot paint selected for kitchen renovation

My interior designer friend, Gail, helped us to select this color from the Behr Marquee Paints at Home Depot…the color is called Pueblo. Kind of perfect for a Texas home!

Several of you wanted to see us paint over the red brick…but I love the red brick, so with Gail’s approval, I decided to keep it. There is just something comfy about red brick. 

Gail was able to take my choices for the kitchen, place them alongside the red brick, with the saltillo tile on the floor and select the Pueblo color.  It was like watching a master painter at work.

I hope everything I selected goes well together…I am a little nervous until I see the final results. 

It will be a very chaotic week, but I hope to show you the big reveal next weekend!

Pamela Lutrell's autumn porch decor on Over 50 Feeling 40

I decorated my porch for autumn early and so glad I did, since the time is soaring by.  The orange marmalade flowers are still lovely.

Autumn Porch decor

I see many beautiful decorations for fall everywhere and I need to step up my game once all work is done.  I will have so much to do to prepare for Thanksgiving. 

I have also had many requests for my Pumpkin Bread, and unable to meet the requests since my ovens were dead.  So now…very soon…let the baking begin!

Award Winning Pumpkin Bread by Pamela Lutrell

If you would like the recipe and have not seen it, please check it out ….My Award Winning (yes it is) Pumpkin Bread.

What do you have planned for this last Sunday in October?  I hope they are special plans!  The shopping links below are for home decoration projects!


Please consider shopping with these links:

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Pottery Barn

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