Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing

Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing on over 50 Feeling 40

Yep…it is a new day and time for Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing with me and my friend, Jennifer!

I would like to remind everyone that we do not go out and look for displays that we like or dislike…just displays that make us wonder what you would think of the styles. 

These would be such great posts for fashion merchandisers, retailers, sales associates, or even designers to read and learn what real women think.

Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing on Over 50 Feeling 40

We ask that you look the displays over and tell us what you PERSONALLY think of the styles.  If given the opportunity, would you wear the styles in the display.

Then explain why or why not in a constructive way so others learn and understand where you are are coming from with your evaluation.

Would You Wear these for fall clothing on over 50 feeling 40

Today, I have a family of three in very distinctive styles.  You may comment on all three or just one….but please look them over and tell us……………………………………



Fall Decorations on over 50 feeling 40


For those who asked about our new granddaughter, she arrived into the world yesterday around noon, and she weighed 6 lbs and 4.8 oz.  We are blessed beyond all measure. 

 I am enjoying each moment of fall with family, and hope you will relish this special time of year as well. 

I could not find the specific items on the mannequins on the website, but here is a link to A NEW DAY collection at Target.

Now, head on over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display…please consider shopping the sales with the links below…and always, ladies…..



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  1. Good morning Pam! Hmmm. I find the black top/grey sweat pant comfy looking but not at all flattering to most figures. It appears to add bulk just about everywhere. I’d pass on it unless ut was for a stay at home hibernating day. I’m not a fan of longer dresses, nor of florals like this dress so this too is a no. I also don’t like this dress neckline at all. The leggings with green sweatshirt is okay, and might go home with me…..I am trying to work some refreshing greens into my wardrobe.

      1. I like the green sweat shirt but the leggings/pants are too short for Canadian fall and winter. The other two outfits are too much too dressy for my new career in horticulture.

  2. I would wear the pants and shirt but would prefer a more fitted shirt. I wouldn’t wear the dress. The print is too large and the dress too long. It would overwhelm my 5’ 1” frame. I do like florals.

  3. I hate to say it, but there’s not much that I like with any of these mannequins. The floral dress print is too large & the yellow/black is too severe for my complection. I’d wear the green sweatshirt & leggings around the house but not in public, as it wouldn’t look good on my pear shape.

  4. I would wear the green top at home only because it looks comfy and warm. I’m not sure about that shade of green. The sleeves on the black top are too much, and the grey pants look like sweats. The dress no — yellow is not my thing, big floral is a no, and the tiers add volume in a bad way. I don’t wear leggings. The black booties are OK.

  5. I can feel your smiles at the announcement of your new little sweetie. What a joy.
    As for the display, I think I would walk past this one due to the colours, also the racks behind are all in shades I do not wear. I would hope there are other colours in the store that are more vibrant to draw people in that can’t wear the warmer tones. Oh, I know the jogger type is in grey, but I don’t wear that type of bottom either. Not to be a downer, but this would look good with a big cosy knitted sweater and grey booties instead of the puffy blouse. Congratulations again.

  6. Congratulations to your whole family on the birth of your beautiful granddaughter! What a blessing! I can just imagine how exciting this is for all of you!! Beautiful baby!
    These outfits, I would wear the green sweatshirt and leggings for exercise and inside my house. I like the proportions and overall look of those pieces together. The black, puffy-sleeved top is too much for my frame so that’s a “no” for me, and I’m not really into athleisure, so the pants don’t really work either. I’d wear them inside my house, but would not invest in them. The top is definitely “no.” The dress is just not my style. Usually I prefer the large florals over the small ones, but something seems off here, and the choice of footwear wrecks the entire look for me. I would be overwhelmed by the print in that dress and would feel very self-conscious in it. I prefer more to-the-knee, fitted styles for myself. Certainly is a strange display, doesn’t seem very cohesive.

  7. I like the color of the green sweatshirt.
    The sleeves with the bell sleeves don’t do me any favors, and they get into things in the kitchen. So, after several duds of that style in my closet I’m not biting on that trend again.

  8. i do like the black sweater, and now that im in retirement I could wear that…when I was working, and tried anything like that, inevitably, i would knock a carefully collated stack of paper off the desk, or my pen, or dip a sleeve in my coffee while reaching for the phone….
    the dress, i agree with most of the above commenters, first the print, to me, is just not pretty. and if those are pleats, thats an item that would need dry cleaning to get right, and they use to charge extra, i dont know if thats still a fact, because its been decades since i could get away with pleats. no to the sweatshirt, down deep south here, i have them but they are zip ups because in the summer in an icy cold resturant you love them, or a movie…and in our winters, you still take them off by noon. my biggest oh no of this display is that clunky shoes with a gap between the dress or pants…thats just one of those trends that kinda makes me nuts. and finally many Congrats on the new grandchild!

  9. I wouldn’t wear what the first two mannequins are wearing because I don’t wear patterns like this and my shoulders are too broad for puffy sleeves. I would wear the last outfit and love the green color. The raglan sleeves would be flattering on me too.

  10. Congratulations on the birth of your wee granddaughter! What a blessing!

    I would probably walk by this display without taking a second look. Nothing there appeals to me whatsoever. The only thing I’d actually consider wearing is the black leggings, but as you and I both agree, leggings are not pants and should be worn with a longer top.

  11. Many blessings with the new baby!!!
    The only item from this morning’s choices that I am somewhat drawn to is the green sweatshirt because I like that particular shade. Nonetheless, it looks rather short waisted so I would take a pass. One of the lessons I have taken away from really thinking about all these fun “would you wear it” segments is that if a potential new item of clothing is only 90% right for me, I should pass it by and wait for that 100% I LOVE IT feeling. No more pinched toes, oversized sleeves, or prints I can only feel good wearing if I cover 2/3 of it with a sweater! Happy Saturday to all. 🌻

  12. I don’t care for the big print on the dress and the style is just too overwhelming for me. I zoomed in on the green sweatshirt but because it’s a cropped style I would pass on it. I have a long torso and I pay attention to exactly where a garment hits my middle. Below my waist is better. My daughter wears (and tosses seasonally!) many things from Target but I prefer to buy pieces I know will last a bit longer.

  13. Cannot wait until designers go back to full length bottoms and IMO it cannot come fast enough …. lol! … as in my climate ‘high water’ pants just don’t make sense unless they are for spring/summer wear. Now that I’ve got that off my chest with the exception of the Chelsea Boots with their slightly squared off toe, the leggings which appear to be of a reasonable length and the casual jogger/lounge wear pants which I’d only wear around the home; the answer is a ‘no’. Reasons being; their necklineS are not my preference nor are their sleeve styles so purchase or wear of such wouldn’t even be considered. Oh, I do like the belt and feel I would get use out of it as would work as an accessory even on a blazer or coat. Last but not least; so happy to learn that your little angel of a grand daughter has arrived safely and has joined your family. -Brenda-

  14. Wow Fantastic and wonderful about the baby!!! Not so much with today’s fashion example. Nothing appealing this time.

  15. Welcome to your new little bundle. You must be over the moon.

    As a petite, the dress print would be overwhelming even if the colour suited and the belt would be way too wide. The sleeves on the black top would also be too much and I agree with others very impractical. It also needs a necklace to downplay the width the sleeves give to the silhouette. The sweatshirt looks blue on my screen and although it looks short would likely be a good length on me. I don’t however like the turtleneck on it. It looks like one of those that isn’t long enough to turn over but is too flimsy to stay standing up.

  16. Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter; hope baby girl and Momma continue to do well! Now, these 3 mannequins: firm no to dress on the left (color, neckline, large pattern, voluminous skirt, length would not be flattering for me) and center blouse and pants (color, length, sleeves, silhouette not for my body) although, LOL, those pants do have pockets. I do like the top and pants on the right (nice shade of green, raglan sleeves, casual vibe) But, all 3 pairs of shoes are winners

  17. Congratulations on the arrival of your new granddaughter! How exciting!

    The only item on these mannequins that I like is the green sweatshirt. However, I’d wear it with pants instead of leggings since the shirt is shorter. I need coverage.

    The dress is too bold for my taste and looks clunky with the shoes. Same for the black and grey outfit. The top is too bulky for my style and the cropped pants would not be flattering on me.

  18. Congratulations to your family on the birth of a new baby girl! Another sweet bundle of joy to love! As to the outfits shown, I might wear the green sweatshirt & black leggings for exercising but not for anything else. I still haven’t jumped on the athleisure wear bandwagon & likely won’t. It is just not my style. The large print & length of the dress would not flatter me, nor would the black top.

  19. Congratulations on the new baby girl! So exciting!!!! I know you are looking forward to lots of snuggles with her! Not sure how the situation is now for family members, but when our daughter had her sweet little boy in June, she and her husband were the only ones allowed and he packed a bag as well – couldn’t leave until they all could go home! Thankfully all was well with Mama and baby, too. Since he was her first, I got to stay with them a week after daddy had to go back to work. Babies are a blessing from God and should be loved and cherished as such – Happy for you all!

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