Pamela Lutrell on everyday elegance

In June, I began a journey to learn ways to cultivate (grow) everyday elegance into my life over 50.  

Though posture is important, we have learned from other women, book authors, and each other that elegance is much more than walking with books on our heads!

Cultivating Elegance on Over 50 Feeling 40

Many of you and women profiled have shared your very insightful definitions of the word “elegance,” and agreed that it can be learned.  My own definition includes these components and practices:

Dignity – Peaceful strength grounded in wisdom

Grace – unearned, empathetic acceptance; loving to all

Style –   a confident understanding of me and ways I communicate it

Elegance – self- assured poise

I have been purposefully working on these areas:

  1. Pause– I now wait a moment to consider what is before me. This is contrary to the woman I have been in the past….the one who forges ahead, listens to her gut , and goes with it. I often either react too quickly to something or over-react. The elegant woman brings awareness to everything and every moment.  For me, this means to pause before going forward or reacting.
  2. Ponder – Does it require research?  Does it require seeking counsel?  Does it require new budgetary consideration? What are the pros and cons?  Does it require a purposeful consideration of others? Does It require a time of prayer or meditation? By looking at whatever the decision is, will it enhance the outcome if I think of it differently?
  3. Proceed – Now that I have stopped, waited, thought it over, what direction is giving me true peace? Then, with courage, proceed that way.

So many of you agree, that true elegance comes from the inside and not necessarily the outside.  

I believe in evaluating my own behavior over the past five months that I have done well in the pause, ponder, and proceed area.  I have used it with decision making …particularly in regards to this blog. social media and my new life! 


Elegant Women on over 50 Feeling 40

In these five months, I have introduced you to eight women who all have very distinct personal styles, but none fall into a mold for all women who desire to look elegant every day.

They have a confident understanding of how they desire to look, and what they want their wardrobes to say about them. Each is different and unique in their own way.

When I look at the eight, I see that they portray confidence, strength, dignity, intelligence, and their own je ne sais quoi, (a component unique to each one and a little unexplainable by others).

I point all of this out to say that each of us will have our own personal style in our journey to be everyday elegant…we do not have to fall into a mold of attempting to look like someone else. 

Of course, there are many women from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to Audrey Hepburn who are known to be the epitome of elegance with their poise, grace, and simple on target styles.

But, ladies, we can be elegant without looking like these women.  I hope the past 5 months have proven that.  All you need to do, is decide what you want to say about you and stick to it with each clothing selection.


Leigh Anne on Every day Elegance

This is my friend Leigh Ann.  One reason I want you to know her is that she is assisting me with the blog…and her help has been invaluable.  

Leigh Anne is an elegant, over 60, hard working, grandmother, mother of three, and we share much in common.

I honestly have known Leigh Ann more in athletic wear…since we worked out together for several years.  

But, she rocks her own great style…like she is wearing here.  

Her necklace was worn in honor of her mother’s birthday…and she wears it every year on that day to honor the memory of her mother. (A very elegant thing to do)

One note:  Reader Michele, wanted to know where Leigh Ann got these pants.  She originally bought them at The Loft but it was several years ago.  Her belt is a wonderful Patricia Nash find for $20!! during a Dillard’s sale. 


I believe over the past five months we have seen all of us agree that true everyday elegance requires KINDNESS as an attribute.

For those joining me to vote “in person” for the American election, please also join me in practicing kindness to all those around us.

Standing in line for a long period of time is a great way to get to know some interesting people…even while social distancing and under a mask. 


Now, ladies, I would like to hear from you…

  1. Would You Like to see the elegance series continue? or are you done with it?
  2. Would you like for me to profile more women?
  3. Have you learned valuable information about living everyday elegance?
  4. Does the word elegance turn you off and have no value for your life?

I would love to hear from everyone!!!  You can find all of the posts about elegance by clicking CULTIVATING ELEGANCE at the top of the page!



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