Elegance, Joyful Dressing and Texture

Pamela Lutrell in fall clothing for 2020

It’s Friday, and the day we discuss cultivating everyday elegance.  Today, I want to focus on Joyful dressing and the role textures play.

I find it interesting that the majority of women most of us consider to be elegant rarely smile.

They are dressed in the most fabulous clothing, but most often look pensive or even dour. 

For me, elegance must include wearing clothing that makes you smile and happy about your appearance.

That can be done on any budget.

Pamela Lutrell in Eileen Fisher jacket and top for a fall style 2020

This outfit makes me smile.  I love my new JJill Leggings with this Eileen Fisher jacket and sleeveless top…along with my Rockport Tessie Zipper Booties.

When I went to my favorite style book, The Truth About Style by Stacy London, I found out why I might like it so much.

Pamela Lutrell dresses with textures in mind for fall 2020

Stacy has a whole chapter on joyful dressing.  She believes joyful dressing includes color, pattern, texture, and shine. I do love the textures in this outfit. 

I can wear this almost anywhere and feel quite elegant in it.

Of course, I would not have worn the leggings to the office before now, but my home office allows it!  Such freedom!

I looked at the textures on these two pieces, hesitated a moment and then thought, I believe it works well!

Stacy London Quote on Over 50 Feeling 40

I really think elegant women do this…they seem to just know what to do and when to experiment.  I hope to develop that part of elegance going forward.

But, when I wear something I love…my face will show it!!

Next Friday, I have another elegant woman to introduce to you.  She has inspired me for years. 

 Now, do you ever dress with color, pattern, texture and shine in mind?  Do you believe elegant women are joyful dressers?


Leigh Anne on Every day Elegance

Leigh Ann has been with family all week…a new grandson came to visit, but I wanted to end the week with her silver linings!

We are both in our 60s and both were laid off over the summer by well-known San Antonio organizations.   

Despite that, we share the belief of taking one day at a time with an optimistic outlook.


  1. Enjoying home cooked, leisurely dinners on our screened in patio practically every evening.
  2. Our fabulous monarch butterfly migration season in San Antonio.  (Her husband has planted the flowers that attract them!) This is from her backyard!

  1. Tennis, a passion, and the opportunity to play 3-5 times a week now. 

She has been a silver lining for me…so nice to have someone helping me with the blog.  We are enjoying much fun when we go out and about to create blog content!

What are your silver linings today?


White Pumpkins on over 50 feeling 40


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Wow, do I ever like those leggings, Pamela! I’m always on the hunt for good-looking knit pants/leggings/jeggings because they & jeans are pretty much all I’m wearing these days. One of my favorites is a tweedy texture like those JJill ones. For me, the texture of a garment is as important as its colour & fit & is an integral part of its overall design. I love the texture on your jacket, for instance, & think it elevates the whole look of your outfit.

    And I so agree about the JOY element! If I put together an outfit, whether it’s in a store fitting room or from my own closet, if it doesn’t make me smile, it goes back on the hangers. I think we have an instinct about what works on us & what doesn’t that kicks in before our critical brain does, & I think we need to listen to IT more & that critical brain less 🙂 I know when I overthink a look, I get uncertain about it & that makes me less confident about it, which then makes me less joyful. When someone says “you look happy today” I know I’ve done it right!

  2. I do like to add texture to my outfits. It definitely adds interest. Those are great leggings…JJill does offer some interesting patterns and textures. Something I enjoy in creating outfits is using dressy and casual fabrics together. Lace with jeans, that sort. of thing. Maybe we don’t see the women we think of as elegant smiling is because they are trying to minimize lines and wrinkles! Who knows really!?

  3. Thanks for sharing Janet…I love it when someone tells me I look happy! I agree…then we have done it right.

  4. I am really into mixing the dressy with the casual lately…especially with professional attire still in the mix. It is fun to play with that type of look. I think I look much older when I frown, but I can see where some women might consider the smiling wrinkles.

  5. I have enjoyed the photos of your new kitchen. I have one that needs work and I plan to get it done in the coming year.Your reno has been an inspiration as to color,etc,fixtures. Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay very safe. I would miss you in the mornings if you stopped blogging!

  6. Thanks so much, Susan. Have fun with your kitchen…and I would miss all of you too! Plan to keep going….

  7. I loved this blog – lots of good information and sharing! I agree – I too wonder why beautiful, elegant women who are dressed fabulously are so – blah or bored looking? First one that comes to mind is Victoria Beckham! She’s always beautifully turned out and looks like fabulous – hair, make-up, outfit (even the ones I wouldn’t be caught dead in, but they work for her) – and NEVER smiles in any picture! If nothing else, she’s married to David Beckham! I’m being funny, but you know what I mean…. Grace Kelly was elegant and beautiful – and so pleasant looking! Smiling (of course not in EVERY picture), but she looked like she enjoyed her life! I just had a thought….maybe some of the women CAN”T smile….I’ve heard botox makes it difficult! LOL Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family in your beautiful kitchen!

  8. You do look very happy in this outfit! When something is nothing quite right, it shows in the face (or lack of smile). You have the best smile around. You are also part of my silver lining that I am building.

  9. I find an outfit that is a little too tight (especially around the waist or gaping just a smidge at the bust) drives me crazy, has me constantly readjusting, and makes me generally crabby. It reminds me how much difficulty I have with my fluctuating weight, and I can be hard on myself over it. Even when people compliment my outfit, if it feels tight, I still don’t feel like myself or think I look good. Of course, the solution is to wear clothing that fits … leading to a wardrobe that is mostly knits or jeans/pants with stretch

  10. I too like the leggings you are wearing and always have felt that adding texture to an outfit adds interest. Similar to its use in interior design and perhaps one reason why animal prints have stood the test of time as gives the illusion of such. As to elegant women (not to mention a fashion Diva) a favourite of mine is Helen Mirren as IMO has a smile that can light up a room and quite possibly reveals she probably has a good sense of humour as well and not stuffy at all like Brits are often portrayed to be. -Brenda-

  11. I hear you, Linda. I struggle with this as well. That is why there are many things I will not wear if I do not feel confident in them. My wardrobe is stretchy…but it keeps me smiling!

  12. Oh dear, I am currently going with a neutral, solid, muted look. Oh well, I do like Stacy London and loved “What Not to Wear”. I agree with Linda M. on the too tight clothes. I recently donated a sweater with aggravatingly tight sleeves of all things. Oh, I also like Karen Anderson’s idea of mixing dressy/casual elements (or feminine/masculine).

  13. I am experimenting right now with the dressy and casual and I have enjoyed it. Wearing jeans with items I never did before. Have run with it Lily!

  14. Hi Pamela, I love the texture of the JJill leggings but when I click on the link I just get a general overview of all of their leggings, Can you tell me the product name of those leggings? Can’t wait to try them, thanks!

  15. Hi Laura, I cannot find them on the website…they may be sold out. They are the Smooth Legging, but that option is gone. So sorry….I wish I had better info for you…I did not realize they would be sold out when I posted.

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