Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing


Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing On over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Saturday and welcome to Would You Wear it for Fall Clothing with me and my friend, Jennifer!

This is the day we post mannequins and ask you what you think about the fashions, and ways they are styled.

Scrutinize the displays and tell us if these would or would not work for you….then explain why! The comments are important and read by many, so please explain thoroughly…..

Remember two things: we are simply asking if you would wear it (Not would you buy it) and be kind to others who feel differently from you.

Would You Wear This for Fall Clothing on over 50 Feeling 40

So, please look over my display of two styles and tell us…………………………..


Chicos tee shirt on Over 50 Feeling 40

This was on a message tee at Chico’s recently when I stopped by.  Good way to celebrate the weekend.

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I would not wear either – the colors are too dull for me, especially during this time when I’m craving more color. The green blouse on the right could work for me if it didn’t have the dropped shoulder. As someone who is broader & larger on top, dropped shoulders only accentuate an area I’m trying to minimize. Happy Thanksgiving to your and your family.

  2. I might wear the dress with some accessories and a fun jacket, boots, and tights. I would wear the blouse with a different bottom. I don’t love skinny as most others do so I would wear a bootleg cut jean with this I love the green color.

  3. the dress, pretending for a moment i still wear them, is a little bland for me. if i were wearing a solid color like that, i would want it to be a bit bolder. no ankle pants for me, either. now, the blouse i really like….however, sometimes that sort of material snags on everything and then im disapointed quickly. love the color though.

  4. Ditto to what Lisa said in her 1st paragraph! Color, color and more for me….RED, Burgundy, Grape, Royal Blue, for example.! ( Just found a red plaid cardigan that I would wear with black pants such as shown in pic) The ‘faded’ green blouse is a possibility, depending on longer length; like the sleeves but not the color.
    Don’t wear dresses anymore; if I did this looks very matronly and the color would wash me out totally!! Can’t wait to see what you find at Chicos tomorrow……
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  5. The dress is a no – blah color and I don’t like the style at all. I like the green color of the blouse but the style is too full for me. I can always use a pair of black tailored pants.
    Macy’s has Charter Club cashmere sweaters at $39.99 — that’s $100 off. Can anyone comment on the quality? Happy Saturday!

  6. Both styles are elegantly simple. I would possibly wear the dress but not sure if the color would wash me out.
    The green blouse is gorgeous, I’d wear it with black longer-length pants, though. The cropped style does not work for me.

  7. My husband and I have been watching season 2 of the Crown.
    The dress looks like many of the clothes worn in that period,dumpy! Don’t think any accessories could save it for me! The black pants I might wear, but the green just doesn’t do it for me. Better luck next weekend. Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.

  8. I would wear the styles on both mannequins but not the colors of the dress or blouse.
    I think they would both need accessories to make them feel special!
    Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🍽🦃

  9. Good morning Pam! I like the style of the dress and still wear dresses weekly. The color is not suitable for me and looks very blah to my eye, but if it was red, black, winter white, a jewel tone, I’d definitely wear that. The blouse on the other mannequin is too much for my frame and would overwhelm me, so I’d pass on that. I do like the pants, they’d be a little longer on me so perfect. The colors on this display are bland, I think. Clearly, that is by design. The dress could be “dressed up” with a pretty necklace. The colors are off for me here, but with some minor changes, I could make the dress and pants work. Pretty pajamas! The shorty ones are not practical for where I live, but I just “ran into” some beautiful pajamas on sale when I was in Macy’s this week and grabbed them. This was a deep discount, brand new display so well-stocked, and beautiful choices! All set for winter!

  10. Good morning Pam! Well the dress on Left is immediately eliminated from my radar. I don’t like the color at all. It just is so, so sad. The off green blouse is pretty here tho I’d like it better with a vee neck. The black pant looks fairly basic so nothing really to criticize. I wonder how the blouse would look with a camel pant or winter white pant? I think that would be pretty.

  11. I like the green shirt, but it seems as though it would wrinkle terribly – note the camisole hanging behind it that looks like it is the same fabric. I could imagine getting dressed and getting one drop of perfume or some other product on it – off to the cleaners!

    The color of the beige onw is just too blah for me – I have light blonde hair and fair skin, so it would wash me out.

  12. I wouldn’t wear either outfit. As others have noted, the colours are a bit drab. The dress and the blouse are both a bit fussy for my taste.

  13. The dress looks sad to me. It reminds me of dresses you see in pictures taken during the world wars and I don’t think you need that look just now. The puff of the sleeves on both looks doesn’t work well in my cold climate as you pretty much always have on a second layer and they bunch underneath it.

  14. A definite ‘yes’ to the blouse as love its style (subtle scoop neck, long sleeves and fitted wide cuffs) and its fabric (feminine and elegant). Though normally don’t wear green, I would give it a try as feel it is muted enough. As to the pants; do have black ankle lengths so they would be a ‘ yes’ . Re the dress a ‘no’ for myself due to style (too full of skirt but do like its length ) and color (I’m fair complexion so just wouldn’t work) however feel it would look amazing on someone perhaps who has dark auburn hair and/or whose skin tone reads darker than mine. HAPPY SATURDAY, Pamela.

  15. First, I love those earrings and would wear them myself after the mask comes off. Now, for the outfits, I do not wear short pants of any style in the winter unless they would be under tall boots….cold ankles make me cranky. The blouse would be beautiful if it had fitted shoulder seams. The dress is just so washed out for my colouring, so perhaps if it came in a raspberry or teal blue I would try it on with some embelishment at the neck area. I have always been drawn to the dresses from the fourties and actually used to wear my grandmothers fit and flare when I was much younger. Looking forward to tomorrow to see Chicos items.

  16. As a fellow blonde, I’m going to join the blonde brigade and give the color of the dress a no. However, I do like the styling (as someone mentioned it’s very retro) and think that accessories and a change of belt could make a big difference to it’s appearance. In fact, if it were in a more suitable color I’d definitely try to make it work.

    I’m not a pull it over my head kinda girl. I prefer button fronts or zipper fronts. I feel that my breasts look better and less “mounded” with that little detail between them. Just me…..

  17. I don’t like the style or color of the dress. Being long waisted I avoid dresses hitting me at the waist. I do like the color of the blouse but it’s too voluminous for me. My upper body is narrow and rather small and I prefer fitted more tailored tops.

  18. I agree with a lot of the others. If I still wore dresses, the color of that dress would make me disappear. My gray hair needs a bit of brightness and I find that now, especially, I am drawn toward brighter colors.

    The round neck on the blouse would not look good on me. I’d like a v neck and buttons instead. I’m not too sure about that color either.

    Happy weekend, everybody.

  19. The dress is a definite no for me. Though the colour might be nice in a blouse, it’s too bland for a dress. The style says prim, proper, and boring to me, definitely not the words that I want what I wear to say about me. I like the colour of the green blouse, but I’m not sure about the shiny fabric and the slouchy style. It does look nice with the basic black pants though.

  20. I would add a different belt to the dress to color it up. Red plaid or animal print maybe. Boots would jazz it up. It’s too June Cleaver the way it is. I adore the green top but I would surely spill something on it.

  21. I would wear the blouse with black longer pants or cream with a statement necklace for the holidays. The dress is ok but not in that color as I also am a blonde.

  22. I like both styles, but no cropped pants for short, little me. However, I would wear the blouse with longer pants

  23. Unlike so many of the ladies today, I actually like the simple lines and color of the dress. My hair is still mostly brunette, and I’m often drawn to a white, cream, pale yellow or pale tan top. The lighter colors work for me, and although this dress comes across as retro, I think it would be a flattering way to dress modestly (church services of any kind). I might add a scarf or sweater, but yes, I like it. 😊 I also like the pants and silky green blouse, though I envision this as something I would wear out to dinner or to a New Year’s party. I loved an earlier suggestion of pairing the blouse with winter white pants. That sounds lovely.

  24. While I typically like simple lines and solid colors, neither of these appeal to me. Each piece is just okay. Maybe they need accessories, an additional piece…something. If I had to choose one, the blouse and pants would be my choice over the dress (that outfit has more color saturation and fits my lifestyle better)

  25. The dress would be a definite no for me. The color is drab and style looks too fussy and uncomfortable. The pants and silk blouse are a favorite combo for me. The style and color of the blouse would not work for me. I prefer jewel tones and a more fitted blouse. The dropped shoulder and somewhat exaggerated sleeves do not appeal.

  26. The color of the dress would wash me out but the green color of the blouse would be good because I have green eyes. However, since I live in a northern climate I am looking for clothing that keeps me warm. Even if I wore this under a sweater or jacket I would need a scarf around my neck.

  27. To me there is nothing wrong with either outfit. But, they both need more — as in accessories.

    I’m guessing the designer was going for simplicity of style … but because the colors are on the dull side, they really need a bit of a ‘pop’ somewhere. Fun boots, belt, necklace or scarf would really take these outfits from drab to amazing!

    The green blouse would look beautiful with winter white pants and a layered pearl necklace.

  28. Love the fireball earrings & the burgundy jammies! Many years ago I told my mother one day when we were arguing over something I was wearing that life is too short to wear beige. As the only blonde in a family of redheads & brunettes, I still feel that way (for the record, my mother looked stupendous in beige, so it works for some people). So no to the dress. The green blouse is pretty but too faded for me, plus I’d never wear that neckline, & unless those black cropped pants turned out to be full-length on me because I’m short, they’d be out, too. It’s cold & wet here now — we’ve had non-stop rain for days & there’s snow on all the mountains around us — & just looking at cropped pants makes me shiver! But in the second photo, WAY down the left aisle, there’s a rack of red & sapphire blue. You’ll find me down there 🙂

  29. Hi Pam,

    I don’t really care for the dress; the color is too bland for me and I don’t wear the buttoned up style as I feel it’s to constricting.

    I love the green blouse and definitely would wear it dressed up with black pants and fancy heels and dressed down with jeans and flats or boots.

    Have a great day!

  30. I bought a velvet jacket (thrifted of course!) that exact shade of green yesterday. Love the color but decided it looked matronly on me. My college age son rocks it though. He’s my thrifting /fashion buddy. For the holidays, I would style the blouse with a black velvet blazer. Millennial Pink is my favorite color, but this dress is too buttoned up. I would undo some buttons and add a gold lame cardigan. Lots of bling with both!

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