Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing Pop-Up

Would You Wear It from Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am still in an autumn-state-of-mind…so let’s do a Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing Pop Up and see what you think of this seasonal display!

Would You Were It Display on over 50 Feeling 40

Just in case you are new to the blog, what I ask of the readers is that you look this fashion display over and tell us if you personally would or would not wear the style.

Give it your best eye, and tell us why or why not it works or doesn’t work for you.  Please don’t say anything that might offend another reader who believes differently from you.

Would You Wear this for Fall Clothing

Readers learn much through these posts on the days we run them.  So, give this family of three your best discerning eye and tell us, ladies…..


BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I WON!Estee Lauder Blockbuster on Over 50 Feeling 40

Seriously, I won this amazing prize in a recent Zoom meeting!! It is the Holiday Blockbuster from Estee Lauder...pretty amazing prize and I love all of the products!! There are 33 of their top products in the package.

It is valued at $455 but you can have it for $75 along with a purchase.  Beautiful colors and a trusted brand for years!

Dillard's at the Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio

If you want to see a Holiday Blockbuster for yourself and you are near Dillard’s…just go by the beauty department.  This is the one I visit regularly at The Shops at La Cantera.  

But it is pretty cool to be a winner!!


Recipe Contest on Over 50 Feeling 40

Just enter my HOLIDAY RECIPE contest by end of day Friday, November 13.  I am looking for your favorite Hot Cocoa and Dessert Recipes.  There will be two winners of a fun gift box put together by me!!! Get those entries in!

OK…let us know what you think of the mannequins!  Please shop with my links below…and always


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Gift Giving on Over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Of the outfits shown, only the pants in front would work for me. I do like the orange sweater, just not the mock neck. If it had a v-neck, that would be perfect! The teal blouse might be nice, but the pairing with the split skirt kind of wrecks it for me. The neckline may not work, but I’d try it to see. The color is good. What a fabulous prize!! Estee Lauder has some great products. I especially like their mascara.

  2. I love the teal color, but i might have to try that one on, as im not sure about the neckline accent. the middle print i kinda like, not sure about the orange in it, i like a peach color, but too far into orange and its too much on me. i would not wear the sweater on the end. too boxy for my shape, and that orange….none of the bottoms are my cup of tea, although its interesting that culottes are back…..

  3. Well, as usual, the autumn colours are not for me and the styles would not make me try anything on. Those leggings in the middle would be fantastic with the sweater on the left if it was a bit longer. Congrats on the Estee Lauder win. I love their products and when the Christmas gift with purchase and special deals are on it is quite a thrill. I do love the advent calandar offerings in the cosmetic departments and find lots of new items in trial sizes. Three teenage grands are fun to shop for.

  4. I like the teal top. The twisted fabric at the neck looks good on its own — no necklace or scarf needed. I would wear it with dark jeans or a dark velvet pencil skirt with tights and booties. The split skirt does not go with the top. Nothing else for me today.

  5. First of all, a congrats on your win Pamela. As to the garments a yes to all three bottoms. However those on the left which appear to be ‘paper bag’ pants I would want in a longer length, the middle faux suede (?) leggings for sure and the culottes for their casual ‘n comfortable wear ability. Like the fact too, the pleats are stitched down through the hip line and the pattern matches. In respect to the tops; do like the knitted cable in the sweater and the high, mock turtle neckline but would prefer it in another color (due my complexion) whereas the other two just a definite no because of their styles, pattern, colors and fabric types don’t personally appeal to me.

  6. I like the fall colors but orange is not my color. The teal color blouse might work out . . . may pair up nicely with jeans n’ a jacket or cozy sweater.

  7. I like the faux suede pants (leggings?) in the front and have a pair in camel from last year at Talbots. They are very easy to style and, being matte, do not show every lump like the shinier faux leather leggings I’m seeing everywhere. Otherwise, these are nice clothes but unneeded in my wardrobe. I love the colors in the middle top but large florals do not fit my adjectives of polished, confident, interesting, and aware. I know that’s only 4, but my other one, creative, is expressed almost solely in accessories.

  8. I do like fall colors generally but I like only two of these 6 pieces. The faux suede rust colored pants center are nice and the glen plaid split skirt would be cute with either a short sleeve cashmere sweater or even a sleeveless sweater. Tall boots are a yes with a split skirt! I don’t care for any if the three tops shown.

  9. Hello 1970s. I wore it all before (except for what we called gaucho pants). The top is a little short for the leggings and would be even shorter on my long torso. The baggy pants just don’t float my boat

  10. An enthusiastic YES to the turtleneck & mock suede leggings (not together; I’d want a longer top over the leggings) & maybe even the culottes, although it’s hard to tell the fit because they need pressing to get the creases out so they hang properly. But if they fit well I’d pair them with either the pumpkin sweater or a rust or copper turtleneck under a casual wool or suede tobacco brown jacket & tall boots or dark leggings & loafers. The teal blouse is not a colour I’d ever wear & it’s too fussy for me; the other top is also a no because neither the neckline nor the colour work on me. And the baggy pants, too, are a no. I prefer a slim pant & the high-water pants don’t work in my climate & I frankly don’t find them attractive. In the background of the first photo there is what appears to be a lot of grey & red on the left — now THOSE are my colours! And congratulations on winning that great prize from Estee Lauder! It looks like one of those things you’d never buy for yourself which makes it even more enjoyable & fun.

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