Affordable Warmth at Kohl’s with coats and soft-wear at amazing prices


Pamela Lutrell in Vera Wang Jacket in Kohls

The recent cold weather in San Antonio sent Leigh Ann and me into Kohl’s in search of warm affordable coats and soft-wear during a current amazing sale.

Now, I recognize for those of us in South Texas we are somewhat wimpy when it comes to cold.  Thirty degrees is pretty cold for us!

Pamela Lutrell in Simply Vera Fleece Jacket at Kohls

However, I was very pleased at the selections we found at Kohl’s and with current coupons, these coats are very affordable.

I am starting today in this lovely Simply Vera Vera Wang Faux Fur Jacket (the color is called Wind Chime) and on this day it is priced at $43.87, 25% off at checkout when you type in FAMILYSAVE. 

It is pretty and warm…and that’s a deal! The FAMILY SAVE 25% off ends on Wednesday, December 9.

d.e.t.a.I.l.s on Pamela Lutrell at Kohl's

This brand was new to me but I found the seaming and the styles of d.e.t.a.I.l.s to be very flattering.  This is the Women’s d.e.t.a.I.l.s Hood Fleece Jacket in Rosewood and it is only $29.99!

Pamela Lutrell in KOHLS jacket on Over 50 Feeling 40

This is another jacket by d.e.t.a.I.l.s and it comes in misses and plus size.  It is heavier and very warm and features flattering chevron stripes. Women’s d.e.t.a.I.l.s. zip front hooded jacket. Currently $59.99!

Packable Puffer Jacket at Kohl's

This jacket comes in so many colors, and is lightweight and more flattering than most puffer jackets I have seen.

It is the HeatKeep Faux-Silk Packable Down Fill Jacket and is currently $37.49!

Pamela Lutrell in Kohl's Coats

The next two are for those looking for fashionable dress coats perhaps for special occasions.

This is a fun look from Nine West.  It is the Nine West Notch Lapel Coatigan and is currently only $55.12.

Pamela Lutrell in Nine West Coat

For those of you, like me, who need a little help with definitions….”A coatigan is a trendy new garment which has begun to make its mark over the last couple of years, the coatigan is simply a cross between a coat and a cardigan. A coatigan resembles a cardigan (a knitted sweater which is open at the front and usually fastened with buttons) but has the substance and functionality of a coat.”

There were many coats at Kohl’s and, of course, I could not try on them all.  But, it might be worth you time give them a look online, Kohl’s Coats.

CuddleDuds on sale at Kohls on Over 50 Feeling 40

We left the coat department and headed to housewares, but on the ware touched this mannequin.

At that moment, we stopped, because of the softness and the affordability!  These Cuddle Duds pjs are so, so soft and look quite warm. 

Leigh Anne picked up pajamas at $19 a set for a couple of gifts…and I picked up a faux fur blanket for a gift for only $23.

Remember this sale goes through Wednesday!  

Holiday Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40

I hope all of you are staying warm, and experiencing some joy each day amidst all of the stress this year has brought.  Just focus on the joy!

Remember, the great gift idea I shared on Saturday with Skylights!

Skylight featured on Over 50 Feeling 40

Excellent product and fun for anyone on your list!  

The Skylight Photo frame is a unique frame that you can email photos to and they appear in seconds.  It is 100% guaranteed and boasts of thousands of happy customers.  

This is a beautiful photo frame that stays up-to-date and changes the images constantly to be enjoyed every day. Skylight is a touch-screen photo frame you can update by email from anywhere!

Think of how we so often walk pictures in the old version and eventually not notice…because they are always the same.  These are constantly changing as we feed the frame with more.

I am excited to have one in my home and to also gift them to my children who have children!  What a great gift idea. 

Check out SKYLIGHT and see what you think!

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GOLI on over 50 Feeling 40

For everyone who agrees with me that Apple Cider Vinegar is great for the metabolism and other health benefits, then order your GOLI today.  Just go to my page at GOLI HERE.  







By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Those coats are lovely!

    Thanks for the skylight suggestion. We are looking to get one for my 87 year old mom who has dementia. Does it work with absolutely no help from my mom?

  2. You certainly found some nice things, at very low prices! I have more coats than I need currently, but might run over to see about that bed jacket that I’m looking for! I do like that “coatigan”…tailored coats are my favorite .

  3. I believe it will, Barb. Please click on my link and read and ask questions there. I would love a gift like that from family!!

  4. I have a couple of coatigans and like them for early fall in Ohio; they could easily be winter wear in SA, and I think you would like them a lot. That said, it would be a good thing to buy at affordable prices because I don’t find them as versatile as either a cardigan or a coat and do not plan any additions in this area of my wardrobe. 30 degrees is often the temperature here in October, November and part of December, and for me that means a thin sweater under a thin quilted vest for outdoor walking. My puffer jacket gave me hot flashes when I tried to wear it in 30 degree weather :)! It just depends on what you are used to. It seldom gets below 10 degrees here (more often 20) in the winter, so I’m really shivering at zero. Unless the sidewalks and trails are treacherous, I still get outside every day to walk. The bitter cold contributes its own “thing” to a walk and the air gives a crystalline brittleness to the bare trees.

  5. Pam,

    You look just beautiful in all of these coats! In fact, you look great in everything you try on. And….your smile!!!! Your posts always make me feel better.

  6. I love my Cuddle Duds jammies! They are a great fabric. My night sweats have pretty much stopped since someone clued me in to wearing natural breathable fabrics. I had worn polyester night gowns for years and even though they were light weight, I would wake up sweating. It took me awhile to find 100% cotton and viscose fabrics, but what a difference! I recently bought a pair of fun jammies and forgot to check the fabric label. Sure enough, I woke up dripping and knew immediately why. So now I wear them in the evening, but switch to my Cuddle Duds to sleep in. Why isn’t this advice about natural fabrics given to us when we’re going through menopause??

  7. I wish I had known that! Thanks for sharing, Susan. Leigh Ann just told me she wore her Cuddl Duds around the house all day Saturday and they were so warm and comfy!

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