The Power of Accessories + A Reader Meet Up


Pamela Lutrell in December look on Over 50 Feeling 40

I hope December slows down!  I am loving it sooooo much. Today, I want to discuss the power of accessories and show you a fun reader meet-up!

My denim with a black jacket is kind of a uniform for me (someone just thought – I know, you wear it too often!)

But, it is like an artist canvas…so much can be done.

Pamela Lutrell in Eileen Fisher jacket on over 50 Feeling 40

I have an extensive bank of accessories and rarely weed them out, because I never know what painting I am going to create on any day.

Accessories make it possible to wear something different every day built upon a small, strong wardrobe of neutrals. 

I own four Eileen Fisher black jackets: one is a shorter/lighter version; one is a sparkly sequined version; one is kimono style; and this one is a boyfriend length. (all purchased on sale!)

Today’s look includes:

  1. Eileen Fisher black jacket
  2. JJill V neck, knit top
  3. Talbot’s jeggings
  4. Leather, Via Spiga pull-on sneakers from Nordstrom Rack (also a favorite)
  5. A bracelet from Soft Surroundings
  6. A Patricia Nash 10-year anniversary handbag at Dillards
  7. Honestly, I have owned this scarf and pin so long that I do not remember where they originally were found!


Reader Meet up with Over 50 Feeling 40

Last week, I was contacted by a long time reader, Lisa.  She and her husband are currently living in Arizona.

They were traveling the country from Utah, to the Carolinas, and throughout Texas and she asked If I could meet for lunch and recommend what to see in the area.

My schedule was open that day, so I was happy to meet up with them and it was great conversation and fun.

Whiskey Cakes in The Shops at La Cantera on Over 50 Feeling 40

Fried Green Tomatoes at Whiskey Cake in The Shops at La Cantera

Lisa suggested we meet at The Shops at La Cantera since she sees it so often on the blog and that was perfect….I love these green tomatoes just as a lunch entree at Whiskey Cake.

It is always so special when I get the opportunity to meet those of you who read this blog regularly.  You are a member of my family!

Thanks to Lisa for getting in touch…she learned a lot that day about San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country! 

Also, since we are talking accessories…look at how good her necklace layering is…she was styled in a perfect fall casual look. 

What puts a smile on my face? The readers, of course! Safe travels to Lisa and Doug. Thanks for stopping by.

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40

I hope there is something on this December Sunday that will put a smile on your face…make it a priority! 

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Jeans and a blazer is a uniform for me too, so I get it! That scarf you’re wearing is a beauty! Accessories are a smart way to change up basics. What a treat for Lisa to have lunch with you! Their trip sounds like such fun, and reminds me I’m overdue for a trip to the Carolinas. My grandson has been driving up here lately and I miss going south!

  2. I think this is the best outfit I’ve seen you in! I know its casual, but isn’t life these days? It is so slimming through the top and hips, doesn’t seem at all bulky. You also look stunning and happy overall!

  3. I love accessories so much that when I was working, the joke was someday I would forget to get dressed, but my underwear would be fully accessorized. It’s hard to resist some memorable fashions, but the things I wear on repeat are basics. My own journey is to resist sales that once gave me quantity to wear to work, and now that I’m retired, maintain a much smaller wardrobe that is filled with “loves,” not “likes.” And then do what I love … accessorize.

  4. What fun for you and Lisa. I wish we could all come down to Texas sometime (post pandemic, of course) and enjoy a fun day or two – like a conference meets camp-out. 😁 I would love a chance to meet all the ladies, shop, lunch and sightsee together.

  5. Pam, when I saw that first photo I thought the ruffles were on a blouse & my immediate reaction was, ok, I’m getting that, even though my mantra these days is “no more clothes” & I am not usually a ruffle person. There’s something about the contrast between the softness of the ruffles & the classic lines of the blazer that just works. The combo of cocoa brown & black is a favourite of mine, as is the team of a blazer & jeans. They go together like peanut butter & jam, relaxed AND classic. And, as you say, they make a perfect canvas for accessorizing up or down. My “go to” accessories with a blazer are a camisole, white shirt or light turtleneck sweater (depending on the weather) worn with a collection of necklaces or just a pair of bold statement earrings. And speaking of “bold statements”, that Julien bag from Anthropologie you have in the slideshow is beyond gorgeous. It takes “accessories” to a whole new level. Poor Santa’s not going to know what hit him when he gets my list this year 🙂

    Great photos of you & Lisa, btw. Your smiles are incandescent & make me smile from over 3600 km away.

    1. I love black & brown! One of my favorite combinations and when I saw that handbag, I knew I had to include it! It such a beautiful bag. What’s great about blogging, Janet, is that you don’t seem that far away!

  6. I love the outfit you are wearing and look forward to when it is cold enough in Sydney to wear a similar combination. It is great that you could meet a reader, lisa, but I am just surprised That people are able to travel around the country freely, when the Covid pandemic is so bad in the United States.

    1. Hi Dee! It is just a matter of taking precautions. We wore masks except for this picture and I always carry hand sanitizer and avoid big crowds. Personal responsibility is important and also the states all handle it differently and some states might not be good for travel. Thanks for the concern!

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