Fashion Trends 2021: Which ones will you follow?

Fashion designers and retailers are working diligently to attract customers back to the racks in 2021, and I have read several lists of what the trends will be.

I thought it might be fun to report some of my findings….and then let you comment on what trends would or would not work for you!

I do like to pay attention to trends because they keep me looking current and youthful with my style; however, they do not dictate my style.

From the runways to the racks, you will see more of:

  1. Patchwork designs in fabric
  2. Knits…lots of knits in response to more comfortwear at home
  3. Exuberant colors and pattern mixing designs
  4. Sheer/Romantic styles
  5. Luxury Sportswear…for example, metallics and taking sportswear to higher levels of fashion
  6. Lots of options in jeans and denim
  7. Outfits and fabrics with nautical/seaside designs
  8. Florals – one magazine called them fantasy florals, and one called them delicate florals
  9. Very BIG, bold shoulders
  10. More feather trim on garments and accessories
  11. More wide leg pants
  12. More white before Labor Day
  13. Oversized Boyfriend Jackets and the return of more oversized toppers
  14. Headscarves…yes, like many of our mother’s wore and like Princess Grace and Audrey Hepburn
  15. Yellow Handbags
  16. Yellow & Camel together
  17. Blue accessories
  18. Bags with Fringe
  19. Folk Inspired Prints for Coats
  20. Sorbet inspired pastels (soft lavenders, cool mints)
  21. Pantone Colors of the Year (yes, two!). Soft yellow and gray

Did the list make you snooze or get you excited for a new season of fashion?  It has been a few years since I have seen a list with no animal prints on it…think they will retire for awhile…but rest assured, they will return.


This is a great week to make your donations to your favorite thrift shop and get a receipt for tax purposes.  Then, the early weeks of January are great times to shop thrift!

I loved this plaid bracelet over the holidays after finding it at our local Goodwill San Antonio.  And the suede jacket below was great for seasonal color….

It is so much fun to find a Liz Claiborne suede jacket for $4.99!  Make sure to check your thrift shops for Senior Citizen Days to get even more savings.

Pamela Lutrell for Goodwill San Antonio

So, tell us, ladies…what is on the trend list that is a yes and a no for you!  Let’s see if we can help the world of fashion understand the Woman over 50 customer and what her likes and dislikes are…..

I appreciate everyone of you who comment, follow, read and respond to requests…you are the best!


Take some time this week to smell the flowers and look over the amazing sales going on….

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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am provided gift cards to shop Goodwill and then report what I find!


  1. Of the trends listed, there are some I already enjoy, such as various styles of jeans, some florals and sheer fabrics. I have two yellow handbags and wear white. The big shoulders are a big NO. Wide legs a big no. What you are wearing, the blazer and shirt, that’s my style, with current touches. I’m not real trendy.
    My style is classic modern, but I do pay attention to trends to stay current.

  2. excited that florals, fringe, are returning…prints and colors…all favorites.
    but OMG that red jacket….i am green, i tell you, green! fabulous!

  3. That is a long list. Just goes to show that the years of only a certain look are over with. I like that there will be a larger selection of jeans to choose from and the wide leg look is something I like. It is like every year in spring the nautical look is supposed to be ‘new’. The thing I really miss with lockdown is the thrift store browsing, and they will not be open again until the end of January at the earliest. Not that I need anything, just that it is fun of the search. There will be a drive to thrift first thing in Feb. ps. there will not be any big shoulder pad in my future, I can still remember how huge they got in the 80’s. LOL

    1. In looking at the size of the shoulder pads on the runway, I predict many of them will eventually end up in thrift shops…where I often cut the pads out!! LOL!

  4. I love knits and excited to see this. I like knit tops with some type of feature such as a knot or ruffle. I’m happy to see wide leg pants continue, color, and some floral print. I’m petite so my floral needs to be smaller.

  5. Thank goodness jeans and denim are on the list…my uniform!!! I like the idea of florals and oversized jackets. I always find knits challenging if they are clingy…no need to emphasize the lumps and bumps!!! I love pastels but unless I have some color on my face they make me look really washed out. The rest are not in my future!!!
    Have a great day!!!

  6. I wear knits all the time, and wore many of them even before covid kept us home. My weight fluctuates a lot, and if I choose the right silhouette, they can go from fitted to slightly oversized. I also love the idea of more luxury sportswear, if what you meant was well designed joggers and etc. I don’t own cashmere loungewear but plan to hit a clearance sale or two for this this winter. Both of these trends would seem to align with a recent retiree’s wardrobe transition. Blue accessories? Sounds great … navy is something I’d like more of in my wardrobe, and it’s been hard to find. Yellow and camel together … uh, no. The nautical “trend” is half my spring wardrobe. I don’t like the wide leg pants on me at all, as a shorter apple shape. I dread their reappearance. Pastels wash me out, and florals don’t suit my personal adjectives. Question/post idea for you, Pam: do you think adjectives need to be adjusted after a big life transition, or are they fundamental and just tweaked as needed? For example, Polished is one of mine, but I would not describe what I’m wearing these days as polished. Do I need to refine what I consider polished, or best to choose another word?

    1. I actually have that post topic on my January calendar, Linda. I have been re-evaluating my adjectives since my lifestyle change…so I am going to discuss that more going forward! Thanks for mentioning it!

  7. I’ve read this list over twice, Pamela. Yikes. I tend to dress preppy with lots of navy, touches of pale blue (good news), pink, and lighter grey and beige with white. I like the picture of you with white shirt, red blazer and floral scarf tied at neck. That might be the extent of my florals……sorry to report.
    I wear cable knit crew neck or turtleneck sweaters in winter, plain plain plain…. with basic slacks or leggings, jeans. Pretty boring.
    Yellow is not a color I’d select.

    1. I understand, Paulette…I think it is good for retailers to here the different perspective. Someone wrote that after the last big pandemic, the roaring 20s came in with flashy fashion. They are predicting this flashy fashion to uplift spirits after COVID. Time….and sales…will tell.

  8. I am thrilled about the soft pastels and the soft greys and yellows. It’s good they are on trend, but I’d be wearing them anyway. Hope there are lots of offerings in those colors for 2021.

    None of the other trends excite me much, but I’m certain there will be lots of fun things anyway.

  9. I guess I won’t be shopping a lot this year! I either already have the “trends” or have no interest in them. I have never cared for big shoulders and mixing patterns. I don’t wear pastels and yellow is not my friend. I do like and wear knits. I have two pretty sheer blouses. I have white jeggings and white jeans. I bought a small floral print Ralph Lauren maxidress last summer. It’s nice to know it will still be stylish in 2021. I wear a lot of denim skirts in different colors and styles. A denim pencil skirt and a nice t-top are my spring/summer uniform. Thanks for the list!

  10. I don’t pay much attention to trends & wear what I want & what makes me feel good, which works because I spend most of my time in jeans & tees 🙂 I’ll continue to wear some animal prints when the mood strikes. Knit sweaters, yes. Knit anything else? Doubtful. Nautical? Never. Wide shoulders? Been there, not interested in a repeat. Wide pants? Never. Patchwork? Never. Sheer/romantic? For evenings if we ever get out of lockdown [sigh]. Delicate florals? Never. Head scarves & sorbet pastels? Never, & never. Blue? No. Pantone anything? Only by accident because it coincides with what I love anyway. What I will be wearing in 2021? Denim. Slim pants & leggings. White shirts. Tees, hoodies & (for less casual occasions) “statement” tunics/tops. Leather jackets. My 40 year old fringed leather hobo bag that I’ve been using for those 40 years, same as always. Oversize boyfriend jackets with slim jeans (same as always). I like to think I’ve figured out my “look”, but I could just be in a rut 🙂 And that red suede jacket you scored? Absolutely gorgeous! I’d have snapped it up on the spot had I been there ahead of you 🙂

  11. Glad to see that some of the things in my closet fit with the trends for 2021 as I don’t expect to be doing much shopping for awhile yet.

    Your jacket is stunning! What a treasure at such an amazing price! I love thrift store shopping. Unfortunately, ours is closed for the foreseeable future.

  12. Thank you for the list. Everything but the wide pants look like fun to emphasize with what I have. I’m a short pear and they would be too boxy and widen my figure. Getting out to shop is so fun and relaxing. I will really enjoy it when the time comes.

  13. I’ll say maybe to the knits, luxury sportswear & delicate florals. I would have see them & try them on before I jump on board. Jeans & denim are a staple in my wardrobe already, & I have always liked nautical/seaside items for summer. Sorbet pastels could be a welcome change for spring after all the dark colors of winter. Blue accessories could be fun. The rest get a no. If I wore it as a teenager-patchwork, wide leg pants & fringe, I’m really not interested in wearing them again. As for the BIG shoulder pads, been there, done that & it wasn’t pretty.

  14. Oh dear – big shoulders and feathers! Aagh!!! I’m very short so wide leg pants (as Mary said) don’t flatter me at all. I do look forward to some new prints though in shirts as long as they’re small. Last year all I could find were stripes and polka dots. I love the red suede jacket that you found at Goodwill! What a bargain and it looks terrific on you!

  15. I would just like to know what BORED person(s) thinks of all these so called “trends” LOL While I do understand that “fashion” does change over time and influence our choices…….we all need learn to ignore what is a “no go” and embrace what works for us as individuals.

    1. That has always been my main message here, Lauren…to decide what YOU want to say about YOU with your style choices. We will be talking more about it as we go forward in 2021! Thanks for being here!

  16. Looking wonderful in your red suede jacket Pamela and bonus that it was such a great find. Re the trend forecast; based on age, body type, skin tone, style preference, lifestyle and geographics
    Likely — #2 / #3 /#4 / #6 /#11 / #13 /#17
    Unlikely — #1 /#5 / #7 / #8 /#12 / #15 / #16 /#20 / #21
    Dislike — #9 / #10 / #14 / #18 / #21

  17. Great post, Pam! I follow trends to stay current, but I am choosy about which I adopt. I have learned that not all work for me and many are not worth the money. I usually look at trend lists and look to see what I have in my closet that fits. In some cases, I find that a trend does work for me. When that happens, I try to make purchases that are reasonable in price.

    Your list here is intriguing. Yellow is not a color I wear much, but I have one yellow top and yellow/black/white print blouse that will work. I might look for a scarf with yellow in it for my handbags. I will wear the knitwear and cozy sweaters – picked up several sweaters during the sales. I like that white and blue are in the trends. I have found myself drawn to white a lot lately in both clothing and accessories. I have a gorgeous blue handbag that will work, and just ordered a white Coach handbag that I found on sale. I read that warm tones will be a trend so the camel and yellow makes sense. One trend I really like is the puffer handbags. I got one for myself, and I love it. It feels so soft!

    Happy new year to you, Pam, and your family, and to all the ladies on the blog! I wish you all the very best 2021!

  18. Oh no, please don’t say animal print is out. I just bought a darling flat and irresistible bootie both with animal print. Perhaps if I don’t overdo, I’ll be fine. Thanks so much for your informative info!

    1. Though it isn’t listed in the trends, Denise, it never really goes out of style completely. Has always been around. Wear those shoes! I know I will be wearing mine!

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