Holiday Joy: Crepes, Cocoa, Clothing, Unique Gifts…So Much Fun!

Over 50 Feeling 40 at Sweet Paris Cafe

It has been such a fun week…eating fabulous holiday crepes, making rich cocoa, wearing fun clothing, and finding unique gifts for all to consider.  Pure Holiday Joy!

First, I was invited out to Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe at The Shops at La Cantera to try their holiday crepes!

I called Leigh Ann and said…Let’s Go!

Holiday sweet crepes at The Shops at La Cantera

You are looking at THE GRINCH dessert crepe…full of strawberries, M&Ms, and dulce de leche!  We tried this after tasting the Turkey- Cran- Brie Crepe, and specialty items benefitting the SA Food Bank. So good!

JJill Fall Collection on Over 50 Feeling 40

I loved Leigh Ann’s outfit…she was wearing a JJIll poncho she tried on during one of our recent visits to JJILL.  Love it with the boots.  (I could not find it on their website, so it may be sold out).

Pamela Lutrell dressed in plaid for holiday shopping

We also recently went by Kohl’s to do a blog post, and on that day I wore a plaid coat from Nordstrom, knit scarf, JJill V Neck top, Soft Surroundings denim, and my Rockport leather sneakers. 

I want to thank all who participated on Wednesday in my decision making on a Chico’s purchase….you will learn the results soon!


Decadent Hot Cocoa on Over 50 Feeling 40

Bonna, Bonna, Bonna…you have changed our hot cocoa lives forever.  Mr. B said that this recipe you sent is fabulous and the one he will prefer from now on…and I still have two more recipes to test!

When I first read Bonna’s recipe, I thought it would be way too sweet….but you know, it wasn’t…it is rich and creamy and decadent!  Just loved it. Thank you for sending it along, Bonna.


Bonna’s Hot Cocoa
1.5 cups whipping cream
1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
6 cups of milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups of chocolate chips ( I use milk chocolate)
Stir together the whipping cream, milk, vanilla and chips in a crock pot 
Cover and cook on low 2 hours stirring occasionally until mixture is hot and chips are melted. Add sweetened milk stir and continue to heat. Garnish as desired.

I did not use the crock pot, but made it on the stove….so good.  And here is a fun garnish (Stuffed Puffs)….I have one son who is seriously into marshmallows and chocolate!



Name Stories on over 50 Feeling 40

I have five family members with birthdays immediately after Christmas…four are in January.  So, when I shop this time of year, I am shopping for Christmas and birthdays.

That is why this female owned company, NAME STORIES, caught my eye.  When Shakespeare asked, WHAT’S IN A NAME?, I would answer A LOT! I have always believed our names are significant to who we are.

So, I love what they do with names…

Name Stories Goal on Over 50 Feeling 40

The first poster above is to be framed for my grandson’s room.  You choose the colors…so I went with this vibrant blue.  It is on a study stock that will frame nicely.  I am excited to give them all a wall hanging of their names.

Helps them to remember who they are…..check out Name Stories.   

For all of you shopping with my links below in order to support Over 50 Feeling 40, please know that I am thankful each and every day for you!  I cannot believe it is two weeks until Now, enjoy your day and 

KEEP SMILING!! (Where did I set my cup of cocoa?!?!)

Holiday Joy with Pamela Lutrell

Two Weeks from today is Christmas Day…goes too fast…enjoy each moment!

Teleflora To Say You Care






Ann Taylor



Lane Bryant Plus Size

LuLuLemon (Perfect gifts for young adults)

World Market




Home Depot


Christmas Decor with Pamela Lutrell


Best Buy


Rack Room Shoes


Nordstrom Rack

Ross Simons Jewelry

Lands End


J Crew Factory

NEST Fragrances

Art of Tea




Season of Joy on over 50 Feeling 40

Anthropologie Home

Crabtree & Evelyn

Artfully Walls


Bed Bath & Beyond

Pottery Barn

West Elm

GOLI on over 50 Feeling 40

For everyone who agrees with me that Apple Cider Vinegar is great for the metabolism and other health benefits, then order your GOLI today.  Just go to my page at GOLI HERE.  







By Pamela Lutrell


  1. The crepes sound delicious! Many years ago we had a French coffee shop in town…in fact, that was the exact name of the place! My mom liked to take us there for their crepes, and my sister and I often chose that when my mom took us to lunch for our birthdays. Your outing brought back many memories for me! Maybe I’ll make some crepes for dinner tonight!!

  2. Loved the idea of a crepe lunch or dessert break at this time of year. Maybe next year when the pandemic is behind me. I have done only limited in store shopping mostly small local places. I have friends who have not left their homes since the start of this surge in cases here in New England thus fall. Sad. I love to shop in person and try on outfits but that too is a no go. You’re lucky that you are going out again. Next year that will be me! I bought the poncho Leigh Ann is wearing (end of summer when fall things hit the stores). Love it!

  3. I want to practice making crepes, Karen. It truly looks like an art to get them just right. One of my cooking goals is to learn this…I am impressed that you can do it!

  4. I think a lot people purchased that poncho, Paulette. I could not find it to link to today. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Crepe making isn’t hard if you have the right tools. Well, tool. It’s a spreader specifically for the crepes. You don’t need a special crepe pan
    ( it’s nice but unnecessary) .! I first saw a street vender using one in Paris in the 70’s. I couldn’t find one here,, so a made one. Now you can get them on Amazon!

  6. See? And you thought not going into the office was something dire. Look how much fun it is to not have the “daily grind” and have time to actually relax and savor time out shopping and eating, instead of cramming it into an already busy day. I love love love love retirement!! I do have some commitments to keep me quasi-scheduled, but oodles of time to enjoy what I do.

    And that shows in every single picture of you since you started working only from home……….the happiness. You always look relaxed and joyful!

  7. Carol, I am loving this right now. Though I am working…I am working for me and it is so much better….you are right. I am not fully retired but completely in control of my business and my time.
    As long as I can continue to generate the income supplement that Mr. B and I need, I will keep on keeping on…it is so much fun! Thanks!

  8. I ate at Sweet Paris Creperie at Baybrook Mall in Houston yesterday! I took 5 ladies that work for me as a holiday treat; they loved it. It is about 3 miles from my house so it is a joy to have close by!

  9. The crepe is so cute. Our restaurants are closed here in Michigan for covid reasons so it was a joy to see your crepe.

  10. Both of the crepes you mentioned sound delicious. I, too, would have thought the hot chocolate would have been too sweet because of the sweetened condensed milk. This year has been a bit different, but I love being retired from the corporate world. Anytime you can do things you love, whether it’s being retired or being your own boss, makes for a good life.

  11. What a fun outing Nyla! I want to take my grandchildren this summer…their milkshakes look amazing.

  12. At the moment, we only have restrictions on closings of bars. The restaurants have a lot of rules to follow, but most are open. Glad sharing a crepe with you, Mary brought some joy.

  13. Oh, I am with your son. I love marshmallows and chocolate. I only indulge though at Christmas with a chocolate covered marshmallow Santa and at Easter with chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. Yum.

  14. THought this recipe sounded yummy for Xmas morning brunch. Can set up a hot choco. station on the buffet. Had never heard of the stuffed marshmellows,but found some at our local Walmart,both white and choc.ones! Always learn something new from the grandchildren. I also liked you Name Story website! Will be great for B’day gifts this coming year. Thanks for the idea. Looked them all up, all the comments were so positive for their little minds. I am all for positive! Merry to you and yours!

  15. I agree, Susan. I like the positive affirmations and do not think we can say them too much. Love the idea of a hot chocolate station for Christmas morning…now I am pondering where to put it!

  16. If you wish to take the easy way out, buy them already made and frozen from IKEA & just warm them up in the microwave. I do this whenever I’m close to an IKEA. I enjoy Nutella & slivered almonds on them.

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