Would You Wear It – Casual Fall Clothing + New Artisan Jewelry Collection

Would You Wear this at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Saturday, everyone and welcome to Would You Wear It featuring casual fall clothing, with displays on two blogs!

My friend, Jennifer, and I locate fashion displays in our respective worlds which make us wonder what you would think of the styles!

So, we ask that you look our displays over and tell us personally if you would or would not wear the clothing, and explain with constructive thought why you answered the way you did.

Please keep it personal and constructive…so as not to offend another reader who may feel differently from you.

Fall clothing at Dillards on over 50 feeling 40

I have a family of three in my display today, and you may comment on one or all of the styles.  So, look them over and tell us……………………………………………………………………….




Sorrelli Handcrafted Jewelry on Over 50 Feeling 40

About ten years ago, my daughter lived and worked in Austin, Texas.  One day she discovered Sorrelli Handcrafted Jewelry in a boutique on Congress Avenue and she was hooked for life.  

Once I saw the beautiful designs from this woman owned company, I also was hooked….the beauty and creativity was so lovely and pieces are handcrafted to last a lifetime. 

So, I am thrilled to now represent Sorrelli and show you the earrings from their latest collections,  I have selected for my daughter this Christmas.  (Hopefully she won’t read the blog before then!)

From the Sorrelli Website:

It all started 37 years ago

Our founder Lisa Oswald was invited to all the cool parties of New York in the 80’s. She had nothing fancy to wear, so she made her own bold creations. It made her and her friends shine.

Inspired by her heritage and love for family the brand was named after sorelle – sisters in Italian.

Her sparkle was contagious. Our family joined from the early start. And today, Lisa’s daughter, Lily, is our CEO. That makes us a second generation, female founded and female led, family brand.

The earrings are (L-R) the Jacobella Dangle, and Acacia Dangle Earrings.  Check the HOLIDAY URBAN Collection.



Money Saving holiday ideas on Over 50 Feeling 40

If you need money saving gift ideas, remember your local thrift shops…like our Goodwill San Antonio.

One year, I found this new, lovely set of Christmas plates at Goodwill SA…and that is what I used to gift cookies to various people…including those I see at the dry cleaners, etc.

Practice kindness with just a little holiday joy for those around you.  These plates costs less than paper ones at the grocery

Christmas gift ideas from Goodwill San Antonio on Over 50 Feeling 40


Thank you for joining me today…remember to go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and see what Jennifer has for us…consider using my links for your shopping…and throughout this day…..




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Kirklands on Over 50 Feeling 40Kirklands

Ross Simons Jewelry

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GOLI on over 50 Feeling 40

For everyone who agrees with me that Apple Cider Vinegar is great for the metabolism and other health benefits, then order your GOLI today.  Just go to my page at GOLI HERE.  







By Pamela Lutrell


Season of Joy on over 50 Feeling 40










  1. My favorite of all these pieces is the middle top. I love the rich colors & the drape of the fabric. I would wear it with full length wine-colored pants if I could find them. I’m short & I never seems able to find cropped pants that are a good length for me. Usually, they look like I washed them in water that was too hot & they shrunk up enough to be considered awkwardly short but not enough to be “cropped”!

  2. Other than the center mannequin, I really see the left and right outfits fitting my lifestyle. I wear jeans and leggings nearly every day now, and the only change I might make to Ms Left is to find a snugger long vest. This is a bit too wide I think.
    The center outfit is just not me at all.
    I’m pretty much a minimalist dresser so these outfits do work!

  3. I like the top on the middle one. I would wear that , the rest all have too much fabric .Also I am uncomfortable in those pants that look like cutoffs. That is not a goof look for short people. BUt for those taller ladies, all the looks are good. Did like the plate idea for gifting.

  4. I really like your idea about gifting treats on pretty plates. I remember that from years past when you mentioned it. Makes a gift look so pretty! The display… this one would not cause me to stop. I have to dismiss the ensemble on the left straight away, it’s so bulky and, to my eye, sloppy. It would be overwhelming on me. The long cardigan/duster is just a little bit long for my taste; again, it would be too much because I’m not tall and need something somewhat shorter. I don’t care for that shade of blue. The middle outfit is a “no” because of the cropped pants. The top would not cause me to stop and check it out. The display as a whole needs some attention. It looks very haphazard to me, like the designer didn’t take a step back to consider the finished product. I find myself looking at displays now when I’m out shopping with an eye to “oh, this would be perfect for Pam’s “Would You Wear It”!!!”. Going now to look at the beautiful jewelry!

  5. welllll…no.
    i do like the print of the middle top, but those sleeves arent for me. the big short pants with it are also a no. the black leggings are a maybe, especially around the house. cant really see the top under the fuzzy vest, thats a maybe…but in the vest or the (is that a dress) other top i would resemble saswatch. i still think whoever gets the job of dressing the mannequins must be angry. im almost glad im stuck inside, if i were out shopping the urge to redo them would be strong….would they just kick me out, would i be charged with anything…hmmmm

  6. My comment is a question. What kind of legwear does one wear with the cropped pants in the center? It would probably be impossible to match the color of the pants, so would I match my shoe color?

    The vest on the left looks a little too shapeless or too large. It also looks like the kind of fabric that sheds, then your whole look is lost.

  7. I agree with most everyone else concerning the cropped pants. When you are short a cropped pant just doesn’t work or look anything like it does on someone taller with long legs, although I do love the color of the. Leggings are a go and the long duster would work perfect here in Nebraska, but I’m looking for warmth which rarely comes in a slenderizing look. The denim looking dress/shirt I wouldn’t even try as I believe being a pear shape myself I would have to buy it much bigger to fit my bottom half. That shape doesn’t work for me although I do like the color 😄

  8. No to all of them! I have been steering away from oversized, voluminous styles because I feel that they make me appear larger. I do like the middle top’s pattern & fabric but when I looked at the back & saw all the gathering, it was a no. About 35 years ago I bought a Lenox pattern called country holly and I bring it out right after Thanksgiving. It never fails to create a festive atmosphere!

  9. Lots ot consider today. First, the only outfit I might try would be the dress. However, I would put it with lighter leggins, perhaps a navy or other dark blue, as the starkness of the black seems to cut it off. also the drop shoulders seem to be a thing to make an item fit more sizes, but I do prefer a seamed shoulder. I would add lots of chunky jewellery or a gorgeous printed scarf and feel nice and cosy in this. Thanks very much for showing us this beautiful line of jewels. I think I am in trouble. I am still drawn to different looking items and no where to wear them at the moment. The gifting plates are so pretty and I have also gotten some wonderful finds there and you are so right, they can be less expensive than a much cheaper and ordinary new buy. Lots to check out today Pamela, thanks.

  10. Wow! For the most part, this looks like what not to wear and yet there are elements that do attract my attention. The oversized vest on the left is a definite no. I love the colours in the middle outfit. It looks very comfortable, but reminds me too much of pyjamas, especially the pants. I love the fabric of the top, but it would probably be too short on me. I’d try the dress on the right on. I love the colour and I’m attracted by the simple style, but it might be too voluminous for my slender frame. I do like it over the black leggings.

  11. I think they’re meant to look comfy, but as a short person I would feel lost and overwhelmed in these outfits.
    Love the Sorreli earrings!

  12. I have a petite frame with narrow shoulders so I think these would all be too loose and unstructured to be flattering although I would think they looked very nice on someone else. I also pick up pretty plates at thrift store, etc to use for gifted goodies. This year, I haven’t been in-store shopping much since March so my supply is low but, I’m not sure how people (outside our pod) will feel about homemade goodies. My 2020 plan is treat baskets with fruit, non-food items, or commercially prepared foods. Maybe we’ll be closer to our ‘old normal’ by next year

  13. The oversized vest outfit would overwhelm me, even at 5’8″. The middle outfit colors are not my most flattering. The pretty shade of blue in the boxy dress on the right interests me. It reminds me somewhat of the dresses offered in the J.Jill catalog, so I would look to those styles for inspiration in minimalist accessories which they do so well. Happy Saturday from foggy Oregon! 🙋‍♀️

  14. I love the colour of the dress on the right but the sleeves are dropped and too wide all the way down. This scarf does not enhance the outfit but one with a pattern could soften the tunnel look of the dress. The top in the middle is lovely and the pants would be O.K. with high boots on someone taller than me. The vest on the left looks like a lovely cozy blanket that I would belt or wear with a large scarf that you could wrap around your arms ( for the garage/outdoor visits that are happening in my neck of the woods). Alas all pieces are outside my budget and do not come in petite but a little dreaming these days is good for the soul.

  15. These outfits fit the new me. I like all of them. I’m really into flat quilted vests now, as I find them incredibly versatile. This vest might be a little too much length and thickness to flatter my larger body. But I would try it on. I’m actually on the hunt for a longer tunic/shorter knit dress to wear with leggings. This one is a beautiful color, but looks a little flimsy. I’m thinking more of a pointe knit or something that doesn’t show bumps, perhaps even in a Breton style stripe,

  16. I think all 3 outfits are shapeless and unflattering. I would not wear either outfit on the right or left. I think people would think I just gave up. I would wear the pants in the middle because the color is beautiful. I would find another top – I am so over statement sleeves.

  17. Not sure where my previous comment went, but I will shorten it up and say that the dress on the right is the only one that caught my eye. I would change the leggings to a lighter option of navy or dark blue to soften the break. I would also prefer the shoulders to be fitted and I would add chunky jewellery. Thank you for introducing us to a new jewellery line, that is so dangerous, I love almost all the pieces. I totally agree about getting the plates from Goodwill, and have done that myself. There are so many wonderful finds there. So much for us today Pamela.

  18. Considering all three displays the only items I might choose to wear are the leggings and scarf. Reason being; I wouldn’t look or feel lost in them unlike the other pieces which have far too much fabric for my body type. Re the ‘Sorrelli’ jewelry, oh do love their mask charms so thank you for their link which I’ve bookmarked for future reference. -Brenda-

  19. To me, all three outfits are just blah … shapeless and dull.

    I realize that because so many of us are working from home and not venturing out much that fashion has become more relaxed and comfortable. But these mannequins don’t seem to offer much that is flattering.

    The outfit in the middle is the best … although I think it would be more flattering with burgundy leggings instead of the loose cropped pants.

    I like the outfit on the right, but without that scarf. I think a long statement necklace would be fabulous.

    As for the outfit on the right, that vest is just not something I would wear.

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