Reader Survey for Blog Content 2021

Reader Survey on Over 50 Feeling 40

Thank you for being here!  I am pondering my vision for this blog going forward into 2021 and I need your help.

This blog is for you…women 50,60,70,80 and beyond! I want to produce content you look forward to reading every day…

That is more than a fashion blog…but one which discusses all types of issues on your heart during an interesting time in our lives.

So, please answer the questions below and feel free to send an email to if you want to say something private to me!


Please answer:

  1. How many times a week to do you read the blog? Daily…1-3X…once a month….please explain
  2. What do you enjoy about the blog?
  3. What would you change about the blog?
  4. Do you solely want fashion discussions or do you like it when I cover cooking, home decor, etc.  Again, what would you add or delete. If you solely want fashion, please say!
  5. Do you share this blog with other women in your life?
  6. What would need to happen for you to share this blog?
  7. How do you find new content here…email, Bloglovin, Facebook, IG


Reader Survey on Over 50 Feeling 40


It is important to me to produce work that is inspirational, helpful, and something you look forward to reading.  Thanks for the help……





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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Some answers to your questions:
    I read your blog 3 or more times per week.
    I enjoy fashion, sales, cooking, recipes, skincare, health & exercise tips.
    I’m on your email list.

    I’m looking forward to your blog in 2021!

    1. I read your blog every day. It’s filled with useful ideas and information for a woman my age. (62) I appreciate the clothing you model and suggest as it is age, cost, and lifestyle appropriate. I would really like to see ideas and links for health and exercise. Not how to work out at the gym, but practical things I can do at home or in my neighborhood. I look forward to your blog everyday, thank you!

  2. I read you every morning. Think I would enjoy articles hat are inspirational-not necessarily religious , but encouraging, that there is life after those milestone birthdays and we can still make valuable contributions to our family and friends. Many of your readers may suffer from poor health,isolation(I have a friend in a care facility,who has made no friends there this year. So sad, she has not attempted, nor has anyone attempted to be a friend to her),to be encouraging each of us within our personal limitations to continue exploring and learning. Happy New Year-it has got to be better!

  3. 1- I get an email every time you post a new blog edition.
    2- I love it when you try things on at National chain stores.
    3- I would love more discussion on fit. Length, girth, fit of sleeves, tightness across back, closures etc. your body shape and mine are very similar and the size you are trying on will help me know the size to order. Because I care for my 89 yo mother during the pandemic, in store shopping is not an option for me.
    4- while I enjoy getting to know you by way of your home and cooking, I’m most interested in seeing your clothes selection and styling.
    5- I don’t share any of my blog connections with friends because I prefer to have personal limitations on what I read, think and experience. I am an xl and tall person in a world of xs short people so it’s irrelevant.
    6- probably nothing would change my mind about privacy.
    7- I get daily emails.

  4. Hi Pam – I really enjoy your blog via email every day and have shared with friends. I’m retired and appreciate all of the subjects you cover. In particular I am trying to put together a minimalist wardrobe with high quality pieces like Eileen Fisher so am loving your research. Looking forward to your thoughts next year – Happy New Year!

  5. I look forward to your blog everyday and read it at least once in the morning. Often I’ll come back to it and read it a second time. I enjoy fashion, home decor, cooking, health and styling tips. I’m on the email list. Over the years I have shared your blog with friends. You haven’t done a round up of interesting articles lately; like that!

  6. Thank you, Pam, for your interesting blog. I’m on your email list and read your blog about three times a week. I especially enjoyed your focus on elegance and it made me rethink my presentation to others and what I wanted to communicate. I read Tish Jett’s book Forever Chic and took notes. I dug through my current wardrobe and found new ways to wear forgotten clothes and accessories. It became a creative project during our quarantine. You’ve helped me grow into a better version of myself and I thank you.

  7. Happy Ho Ho Ho! Love your blog.

    1. Daily
    2. The variety of content, the partnership and links with other bloggers
    3. To be able to click on a link and open a new page, not have it replace your page that I’m still reading. It would be so much better on my end (don’t know how much work it would be for you) to stack the items I’m interested in viewing, instead of going back and forth reopening your web page, find where I left off, read some more, click on a different shopping link, then repeat.
    4. I like the variety, not just fashion.
    5. I sometimes share verbally what you wrote about, it not the actual blog.
    6. Not sure.
    7. Email and click through to blog.

  8. I read your blog every morning with a cup of tea, and find it on my ‘favorites’ on my laptop. I don’t have IG or facebook. I enjoy it because it feels like catching up with a friend. I like the fashion aspect, and the personal look such as your shots of the house, and tidbits of the garden as well as updates on the ‘beasts’. I have told friends about it, but not sure whether many of them actually read blogs on a regular basis. I really don’t have friends who are as fascinated with fashion, skin care and such, so I mostly shop for those things by myself. Although we live in different countries and lead different lives, I really enjoy you sharing yours with us. Looking forward to another year of personal connections.

  9. Hi Pam, I’m an Ottawa, Canada reader and I so enjoy reading your blog. I read it when you post, so several times a week. I love your down- to- earth style and grace. I enjoy your fashion posts most of all. I also enjoy how you respond to your readers when they comment. And, I especially admire how you handle the readers who are critical ( must the teacher in you,lol).This shows me you really care about what your readers think. I find that so refreshing. Keep doing what you’re doing! You don’t need to change a thing.

  10. I receive your daily email and head to the blog from there. Of course fashion is fun, but I have so enjoyed your kitchen remodel you shared with us. In the future, definitely any home decor ideas or decluttering and organizing ideas. Cooking for two (most recipes are for larger quantities), so recipe sharing would be fun. I’m not a person who wears make-up, but skincare is very important to me. Along with that would be healthy living ideas, exercise, etc. for those of us of a “certain age” (at home exercise suggestions would be great). My husband and I aren’t huge travelers, but date night or weekend getaway ideas would be fun….you know, ways to stay connected as empty nesters. I love to read, so having your followers share book suggestions, or other hobbies they enjoy, to give us ideas on how to keep our minds active. Yes, I love fashion and I love to see how other women dress…I am such a “people watcher”, but I am also a “nosy neighbor” and love learning about people’s lifestyles.

  11. I read your blog daily and am a subscriber to your e-mail. I enjoy all the topics you share with us. The only thing I would change is to add links to the fashions you post especially the “would you wear it” days. I share the blog with others my age. I read the blog from the e-mail and also look for your posts on Facebook, I don’t do Instagram but have noticed different posts on that media. I look forward to your posts every day.

  12. Good Morning!
    Here are my answers-
    1. I read the blog 5-7 times a week
    2. I enjoy the fashion/beauty advice. I have discovered brands and products I would not have found on my own or had the confidence to try. I would say while that was what originally interested me, it’s your positive attitude and confidence building that has kept me a loyal reader. You always make the start to my day brighter.
    3. I don’t have any good suggestions for change. I enjoy posts about your home and how you decorate in addition to the fashion posts. I also enjoyed your posts on self care (I Matter) and would like to see more of them. It’s nice to have a place that focuses on women over 50 and 60.
    4. I like a variety of topics in your posts. I think discussing different topics keeps things fresh and interesting!
    5. I have mentioned the post to others and told them to check it out.
    6. I will continue to share you blog with others.
    7. I subscribe to your emails and get the link to your posts there.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  13. 1. Daily
    2. Variety
    3. Less blatant shilling for companies……..I know that’s how you make your money, but too much obvious representation of brands gets old. I do appreciate it that you mention you were gifted were some items, but…..
    4. The variety of topics is nice. Since you’re not in an office all day it’s nice to see you have time for other things, as well. The inclusion of Leigh Ann has been a nice plus.
    5. I often share what you’ve talked about
    6. Since I already share, nothing…..
    7. e-mail updates daily

    Thanks, Pam, for listening to us!

  14. Hi and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year to All! I read your blog daily; I like the connection outside of my own life. I enjoy hearing about your taste in clothing, cooking and home decor, so yes, I would enjoy a wide variety of topics. BTW, where is that cozy and beautiful fireplace scene? I would share the blog with friends but my small circle of friends don’t have or use a computer. I would freely share if the opportunity arises. Thanks so much!

    1. That cozy scene at is our fabulous Hotel Emma in downtown San Antonio! I was recently down there and took some holiday images. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  15. 1. I read your blogs most mornings, so 5-6 days/week.
    2. I enjoy the fashion, even though our body types are so different. Styling tips from you and your readers are great. I so enjoyed the search for elegance… I don’t want it to stop. We all need reminders to clean up our physical and mental houses! I had fun with your kitchen makeover.
    3. The ads are getting out of control. As I’m reading a video shows up. Sometimes I’m not sure what pictures you’ve posted and what are ads. Not so interested in recipes ( I try to eat low fat, no sugar so mostly they don’t work for me. And I live alone so don’t cook for anyone else.
    4. I’d definitely keep the fashion…it’s your biggest draw. You home, decorating and especially organization are great . It feels like talking to a neighbor. Add some suggestions for books, movies ( on tv, now) . Anything you’re doing or want to try. Readers could be interested in how you learned to blog. Really learned…( hopefully it wasn’t “ I have a friend who…” cause the rest of us don’t have your social circle!
    5. I’ve shared the link with several friends.
    6. N/A
    7. Your emails link me to the blog.

  16. 1. Daily
    2. Fashion ideas
    3. I enjoy it very much
    4. Yes, i enjoy the fashion and skin care discussions
    5. Yes, i domshare some of your fashion ideas , especially with jewerly
    6. Nothing, i already do.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. Hi, Pam,
    1. I get an email and read it most days, unless a sponsored post or something that clearly doesn’t interest me (see below). I really enjoy it, look forward to it, and it’s about the only blog I make comments on. I appreciate your hard work, classy approach, and overall positivity. Criticisms are intended to help because you asked for honesty.
    2. I like the fashion advice, styling, dressing room try ons at stores that cater to us over 50, mixing in older pieces to make fresh looks, transitioning into casual looks, closet clean outs, etc. I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for not making the blog political.
    3. Add in more technical fashion advice ….silhouettes, colors, updating. Accessories. I understand you need to do sponsored content, but there is a finesse to it, and I’m feeling a little “oversold” these days. (Links are fine). A few posts about interesting articles, downsizing, interesting women, but these should not be the focus.
    4. Fashion, please. A bit of makeup, lifestyle. When things open up again, a bit of what you wore around town, showing the sights, travel wardrobe for a weekend getaway. Not interested in the recipe exchange, or the decorating, except for major ones like your kitchen remodel. I hope this isn’t unkind, because your house looks very nice and some of the recipes sound good. It’s just not what I come here for.
    5. I share snippets from blogs with other women. If someone expresses interest, I would share.
    6.honestly, there is nothing you are not already doing.
    7. I use email links. I’m in the minority, but I don’t like IG (that does seem to be where others go a lot, though). I spend quite a bit of time on you tube, which I think is very suited to fashion.

  18. I read your blog 3-5 times/week. I usually read it in the morning before I get started on work – I’m WFH right now. I REALLY enjoy your optimism. You are not silly and OTT pretending everything is wonderful but overall you see things in a positive manner. (Your faith likely helps). I enjoy the variety of topics. I find your content via email. I appreciate email because it makes it super easy to forward.

  19. Hi Pam, as a long time reader of your blog, I’m happy to share my thoughts in answer to your questions.

    1. I’m on your email list, so I read every post, usually the day it’s published.
    2. I was initially drawn to your blog by the down to earth fashion advice. That’s what I continue to enjoy the most. I also find it inspirational. I love it when you share bits about your day to day life, your faith, and beautiful San Antonio. Because of your blog, visiting SA is on my bucket list!
    3. I’m with those who have mentioned that the advertising aspect has become quite overwhelming. I realize that the blog is now your primary source of income, but that’s become too obvious. I hope there’s a way that you can tone that dow. I often find it difficult to figure out what is part of your post and what is simply advertising.
    4. I’m primarily interested in the fashion discussions. I love it when you profile other women. I enjoy seeing what you find at Goodwill. A bit of home decor is interesting and I’ve especially enjoyed watching your kitchen transformation. I skim over the cooking/recipe sections as well as advertising for health care products.
    5/6. I have shared links to your blog on my own several times.
    7. I’m on your email list. I also see your Facebook posts.

  20. -I read your blog about 5 times a week. For some reason I am not able to subscribe (I try at least once a week)
    -I enjoy fashion – it would be nice to see some outfits in cool colors, you have warm coloring and the clothes you try on reflex that. I enjoyed your series on what is elegance, I miss your suggested articles,
    -too many ads – some days your blog seems like one big ad
    -going forward I would like to see fashion, organization, downsizing, home decor, life style
    -I do not share because of the ads
    – again I am not able to subscribe so I read your blog when I think of it – do not subscribe to you on IG — too many ads

    1. Hi Carol,
      I am going to try and subscribe for you through the email if that is OK with you…I am not sure why it doesn’t work on your end. But I will give it a go.

  21. Just wanted to say I appreciate the time and thought you put into this blog everyday. I would be hard pressed to come up with something new everyday!

    I read your blog everyday. It comes as an email. I enjoy the variety whether it be health, fashion, recipes, etc. As far as sharing, I do mention things I’ve found interesting, but I think I’m the only one in my circle that reads blogs.

    Not sure I can add anything in the way of direction. Just continue to be true to yourself.

  22. Please answer:

    1. I read online 3 or 4 times a week but usually read all postings. We have been in lockdown since last March so don’t know if I’d have time to stay with that once, of it, life ever returns to normal.

    2. I like the natural and honest flow of your writing. It feels like we are having a conversation.

    3. I’d like a down button as well as an up button as I often like to go back up to pictures to see what others have noticed and would like to go back down to where I was reading without having to scroll all the way down through the links. Don’t know if that is possible.

    4. Fashion is what I enjoy most but variety is the spice of life. Being one of your Canadian followers I’m sorry that I don’t access your links due to costs and availability. I do find inspirations even though I am a petite with a very different body shape. Your newer casual, more fitted styles are more in my wheelhouse.

    5. No

    6. I don’t share much online so don’t know if I have an answer for that.

    7. I don’t know what Bloglovin or IG are. I only Facebook with family, hate the ads that are always flashing at me. If I’m interested in something I will do a Google search. I originally found your site through The Vivienne Files which I found searching for travel fashions and packing. Oh to travel again.

  23. Thanks for asking about our opinions.
    1. I read it every day
    2. I appreciate that you are honest & real & willing to share your faith & values. I also appreciate that you work hard to keep it non political, & that bashing others is not a good thing.
    3. I agree that the advertising has become a bit overwhelming.
    4. I like a variety of topics-fashion, decorating & organizing & living our best lives. I have enjoyed your posts on elegance & hope they continue’
    5. I’m not a sharer.
    6. I would share if someone were to ask.
    7. I just visit the website each day.

  24. Here are my responses:
    1. I read your blog daily, have for years (unless I’m camping without internet access!) I look forward to it each day and it’s been part of my morning for a long time now!
    2. I enjoy all the different topics that you cover. I like how you don’t just feature outfits, you talk about them and why you put them together the way you did. It’s not just picture after picture of the same thing, but you explain your choices and that is helpful. Your health and beauty features are always informative and pertinent to women in our age group. I also enjoy seeing pictures of your family, because it brings you closer to us, talking to a friend kind of thing.
    3. I don’t mean to be dodging this, but honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing! I appreciate that you respond to the women who comment. That also makes your blog more personal. I know that takes time, but it also indicates that you read what we write!
    4. I follow very few blogs, and enjoy the ones that cover various things. As I said before, many are just a string of pictures of the latest outfit without any real discussion other than where they were purchased. That’s why I really limit where I spend my time. You have interesting content in your shopping trips, recipes, and things that you are doing in your days. You are relatable and have features that appeal to a wide audience, and cover all price ranges. That’s pretty rare from what I’ve seen out there. I like that you are not one-dimensional.
    5. I do share your blog with other women. So many people ask where I find time to read blogs (?????) but I don’t really understand this question. You make time for things that are important to you, right? Oh well. I do share it though when I see things that I know are going to appeal to women that I know.
    6. See above, I do share it. I think that there are probably quite a few women who read and just don’t comment.
    7. I find the blog because it is saved on my “favorites” list. Straight through the internet. I’m not on FB and Instagram any longer. I just click on it from my favorites first thing in the morning, after my morning Bible reading.
    Thanks for all that you do Pam. You keep things interesting and current, you interact with us and value your readers. I feel that by reading your blog, I can stay current with fashion and gain inspiration to try some new things. It’s all very relevant to me!

  25. I am not on Facebook and don’t follow Instagram but I do follow you on Pinterest. I read your blog through the e-mail each and every day, though if you wanted to post less frequently that would certainly be okay. I came to find you searching for fashion ideas but quickly was very charmed by your friendliness and positivity. I would enjoy getting to know more about the other ladies, maybe as a subset of this or as a completely different venture around faith, family and homemaking. I don’t mind the marketing and have purchased a number of things through your links, both because they appealed to me and to give some support. I would do a paid subscription if that was a direction you wanted to go. Yes, I have shared your blog with friends but have not seen them pop up to comment so not sure they followed through. At this point I really would read whatever you want to write about because I enjoy who you are and what you’re about. Maybe once a week you could pose a question to readers as you have sometimes done, asking about latest book or movie ideas, fashion challenges, etc. I enjoy your morning post, but come back later in the day to read through comments as I enjoy this aspect of the forum also.

  26. I read most of what you post
    I love your news posts…you read things that I don’t
    I don’t need to share the viewpoints to actually read them.
    Am less a fan of the fashion….love jewelry….enjoy the readers posts of would you wear it…
    The recipes are always interesting… Telmex. Seasoning is a favorite…
    I do forward some of your posts
    And if you feature another blogger I usually read their posts and follow them…I enjoy that 2

  27. Hello
    I get an email and read it every day..or at least read each blog. I am most interested in fashion but as I live in Canada I am most interested in retailers I can find in Canada because too expensive to order from USA now. I skim over the cooking and others but don’t mind seeing them there. I would find it helpful to know how long the tops are from shoulder seam as I have learned I look so much better in tops that come down 22-25 inches.

  28. I’ve been reading your blog daily for the past several years. It’s like checking in with a friend! I came to your blog through another fashion blogger and have enjoyed your take on fashion as an everyday woman without a large fashion budget.
    I mostly read your blog for fashion inspiration and ways to tweak my wardrobe. I really enjoyed the series you did on other fashion bloggers. Everyone has their own spin, which I find refreshing and inspirational.
    I share your blog occasionally with a few friends and have one who checks in on her own sometimes.. It gives us something to talk about.
    I like the variety of other topics, but I’m mostly interested in the fashion aspect. I know the ads are a necessary evil in this day and age unless you want to pay a subscription, which I do not at this time.

  29. I read most days. The fashion is the most interesting to me. Would like to see more on wardrobe planning , fit , color. I am not so into the recipes. I too get overwhelmed with the ads and your selling and often hit delete

  30. I read your blog daily. I enjoy the fashion ideas and some of the beauty ideas.
    I would some home décor ideas also. Not interested in the cooking.
    I struggle to find fashion/shoes appropriate for my age at almost 70, but I’m still interested in fashion and my home! Perhaps you can find women in their 70’s to interview? I liked those features also.

  31. I read your blog almost every day. I get it through Feedspot. I enjoy it all but focus on fashion the most. I particularly like “Would you wear it” and when you shop at a store and show a variety of items you find. I appreciate that we are similar in size and age so I can imagine what items will look like on me. Unfortunately we differ in our color pallet so some items that look great on you wouldn’t work for me. Thank you for your blog, it’s on of my favorites.

  32. How many times a week to do you read the blog? Daily…1-3X…once a month….please explain: 2-3 times per week (there is some issue so I cannot get the posts at work but only when I take my laptop home)
    What do you enjoy about the blog?: Your authentic voice, seeing how you are navigating the changes in your life, the elegance series, Would You Wear It?
    What would you change about the blog?: Nothing really; I wish I could use the fashion ideas but I’m not currently living in the US.
    Do you solely want fashion discussions or do you like it when I cover cooking, home decor, etc. Again, what would you add or delete. If you solely want fashion, please say!: I like the mix. Would like more book recommendations if you have them.
    Do you share this blog with other women in your life?: No, most people are work with are a lot younger than me.
    What would need to happen for you to share this blog?: Maybe moving back to the US.
    How do you find new content here…email, Bloglovin, Facebook, IG: Old Reader

  33. First a quick thanks for the tremendous hard work you put in on this blog, Pamela. I admire & appreciate your commitment to offering so many of us a fun & informative retreat from the on-going crazy of our days 🙂
    1. Daily.
    2. Your relaxed style, openness & enthusiasm. I live in a small resort community with limited shopping (no malls, no chains, boutique fashion only) so it’s nice to see what’s going on in larger venues, especially these days when travel is so limited. I’m not a shopper, nor are most of my friends, so it’s nice to get a look at the bigger world of fashion & beauty care outside my little bubble.
    3. I’d love to see a return to the discussion of “elegance” — I get the sense people had much more to say than there was time/room for. Interviews! You do a great interview & I’ve enjoyed every one. Other topics I like: decluttering, downsizing (homes & wardrobes & lives), how to handle the shift from career to retirement (shifting mental gears, changing our wardrobes, dealing with a whole new way of life), capsule wardrobes, exercise & body care, skincare, health, embracing our grey 🙂
    4. I’ve enjoyed the recipe series even though we don’t eat sugar or wheat flour — I just skip what doesn’t interest me. Like the Thrift Store Adventures & how you & LeighAnn style your discoveries. LOVE the Fitting Room Fashion Shows: that’s the part of shopping I dislike the most so it’s fun watching someone else do it. It’s fun to see you try on a variety of things & analyze what I think works/doesn’t work & why. It’s so much easier to do that with someone else than with myself & I find it extremely educational. You’re very generous to be so open with us. I don’t need articles on home decor, but find insights into remodeling projects interesting, also organization suggestions. Ditto anything on beauty routines & products, self-care, other daily routines (exercise, relaxation, date night etc).
    5. I recommend it to anyone I think would be interested.
    6. n/a
    7. I check the blog every day over a cup of tea.
    8. I agree with the suggestion of “Back to The Top/Bottom” buttons to cut down on the scrolling I have to do up & down from a “Would You Wear It” to the comment box. Sometimes I lose myself & just quit. Thank you, Pamela! Hope you’re having a wonderful “between” week leading up to the New Year.

  34. I read you in my morning reading time every day; I like that you are in Texas. You are close to my age and size range so I like to see your clothing choices. I also like that you shop in your closet and mix existing pieces with new items. You partner with some of my favorite stores and admit that you sale shop. I like that you are very approachable and conversational. I get your email but often see you first on Facebook. I like the variety of topics that you share.

  35. 1. I read 2 – 3 times a week. I was reading daily, but some days lately the topic just doesn’t interest me so I skip reading.
    2. I enjoy the fashions. It’s what initially attracted me to the blog. It’s hard to find good fashion blogs that cater to the mature woman.
    3. I would keep the focus on fashion. There are plenty of lifestyle blogs out there, but few that feature fashions for the over-50 woman.
    4. I solely want fashion. I feel like the blog is losing focus, trying to cover too many things like cooking, home decor, etc. I have to agree with some of the other respondents who said there is too much advertising. It’s become overwhelming IMO. There are so many sponsored posts lately too. Unless it’s a brand I’m interested in, like Chico’s, I usually skip reading the sponsored posts, to be honest. One feature I did like that I wish you would bring back is the once-a-week roundup of interesting articles on the web.
    5. No
    6. Not many of my friends are interested in fashion, so I’m not sure!
    7. Email

  36. sorry i didnt respond yesterday, i was herding my christmas company out the front door…love them, love my peace.
    1. i read the blog daily
    2. i love the would you wear it
    3. i wouldnt change a thing
    4. i like all of it
    5. not usually
    6. if i saw something pertinant to a particular friend, i would send it to them
    7. i click the email or FB link, depending on what im reading first.

  37. Being new to the blog, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading daily or every other day, I enjoy you sharing your life and faith with us, I love fashion, and since coming aboard, I am more aware of my clothing choices. Nearing 70, I’d like to know if I should be purging certain styles, so organizing, decluttering are favorite topics but skincare and health are up there too. I share your blog info whenever possible via word of mouth as I don’t do FB or IG. Blessings!

  38. Hi Pam,

    I’m a day late answering, but here are my answers!

    1. I read your blog just about every day … when I miss a day or two I always go back to catch up.

    2. I really enjoy the variety of topics you cover for women of our age group. I adore fashion, but I like your posts about health, food, friendship, etc. There is always something here for me! You are SO positive and inspiring!

    3. I am creature of habit, so I really like the consistency of your posts (ie. Saturdays are “would you wear it” etc.). I like know ahead of time what topic you’ll cover on a specific day.

    4. I enjoy the variety of topics you cover.

    5/6. Your blog is ‘my time’ that go to for inspiration and enjoyment. If I see something that I think would be interesting to my sisters or a friend, I do share.

    7. I have your blog bookmarked, but it is just part of my regular routine.

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