Would You Wear It for Winter Clothing with Pamela and Jennifer

Welcome to Would You Wear it for Winter Clothing with me and my friend Jennifer!

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas.  This is usually the saddest day of the year for me!  

But, a little Would You Wear It fun can brighten my day!!

Would You Wear It at Kohls on Over 50 Feeling 40

Please remember to answer personally if you would or would not wear the styles and explain why.

The comments are read by everyone and we often learn from each other.

Please do not answer in such a way as to make someone who feels differently from you feel attacked.

Be constructive…with careful consideration as to how you decide if you would wear these pieces or not.

So, please look over my family of three and answer…………………………………….


Huge Sales on Over 50 Feeling 40

As always, there are huge After Christmas Sales going forward into the new year.  I have those links below.

Tomorrow, I could really use your help and thoughts as I plan content for 2021…I am here for you, so I want to hear from you!

Cannot wait to read what you have to say…………enjoy this day after Christmas….make sure you go to A Well Styled Life for Jennifer’s mannequin….and by all means…..



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Ann Taylor



Lane Bryant Plus Size


World Market



Granddaughter smiles…Christmastime 2020

Home Depot




Best Buy



Nordstrom Rack

Ross Simons Jewelry

Lands End


J Crew Factory

NEST Fragrances

Rack Room Shoes

Topper for Over 50 Feeling 40

Art of Tea





Anthropologie Home

Crabtree & Evelyn

Artfully Walls


Bed Bath & Beyond

Pottery Barn

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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Had a very Merry Christmas! Learned how to post pics on Facebook from one son who is a fabulous teacher. Everyone loved the crockpot cocoa recipe .I had never made it from scratch-always hot water and a package mix, but this was wonderful and worth extra effort. It’s all over but the shouting-so happy Boxing day and time to clean up. Oh yes, I would wear the two jackets,would fit right in!

    1. I would wear all three as they are classic designs. I already th ave similar in my wardrobe. They can be jazzed up with accessories.

  2. I would wear any of these pieces except the middle jacket. I just do not wear leather type jackets. All the other tops and bottoms are fine. It is hard to find nice jackets these days so I would definitely buy the one on the right if I were to find it in my size.

  3. I would wear the jacket on the middle mannequin and not the two other pieces. Red isn’t a good color for me and I prefer more structure. I would wear a straight leg to slight boot cut denim though. I wish I loved skinny as much as others do. Maybe I’ll try them again?

  4. I like all of the outfits shown, but I’m not too sure about the color of the green jacket. I am going to check out the red jacket (Apt 9 from Kohl’s) because it would be perfect for the Deep South.

  5. I love the red sweater! I think it would be easy to make it look either dressed up or casual, depending on your choice of pants & jewelry.
    I think the red jacket is pretty, but I’m not sure I would like the sleeves. I might always feel like I need to pull them down, LOL! I love the ivory top with the red jacket.

  6. The look I like best for my life and my body is the far right red blazer with black leggings! I don’t like the red top with pale beige slacks. I’d walk past it. I’d love the green jacket in navy? That green is so wrong for me! But the cut and shape is good I think.

  7. I would wear all of these outfits. Matter of fact I have all these separate pieces in my wardrobe. Since retiring this look is in rotation for me. Your grandchildren are beautiful! Mine arrive today so I’m preparing for the next round of celebration!

  8. The style of the left outfit is me, but the red is wrong, so another colour would work with a larger type necklace and tall boots. I like the red blazer for style wise, again not in red. I actually like the shorter sleeves since I am always pushing them up a bit. The middle jacket really threw me off until I realized the arm was not in the sleeve. I do not wear leather or that type jacket for myself so it would be a pass on that anyway. No boxing day shopping here, as we are in total lockdown with no stores open anyway. Actually there is nothing I need at this point, and will wait for the great spring/summer looks next. I am sorry you are sad today Pam, but you spread so much joy, perhaps we could send some back to you.

  9. I love red and need a new red sweater. So YES to the sweater. I am sorry this is a sad day for you. Your Granddaughters are GORGEOUS

    1. Hi Linnie…I was really joking…I always hate to see Christmas end…but there is much joy on the horizon! Thanks for being so sweet!

  10. while i chuckle at the middle jacket sleeve, i will type…lol
    i like that red sweater, generally i avoid those boxy bulky sweaters, but that one looks like it has a bit of design in the knit, so i would try that on, besides i love a vibrant red!
    i like the red jacket on the other end also, looks just right for our temps. and i like the sleeve detail.
    the middle jacket, hmm not so much, dont care for shiny leather. but i did like the cut of it.

  11. Love the reds…I could imagine the red jacket as it is, over black pants in an almost shiny fabric and a cami under it, to be very festive! Lack of Festivities his year would mean it would have hung In my closet but NEXT year is a plan! Thanks for the effort to keep this component of your blog going with Jennifer! Happy Holidays!

  12. I love all 3 but I would have to try on the green jacket.. I love red so the sweater and the jacket are wonderful!

  13. Red is a signature color for me so my eyes were first drawn to those two pieces but the olive green in the center is the one that I ended up liking the most (and of course, all 3 pairs of basic pants)after I considered. The red sweater looks like it has extra long sleeves and my arms are short in proportion to my height although I really like the raglan sleeve. The red jacket with the star cami is cute but it’s cold in my ‘neck of the woods’ so that wouldn’t be winter wear with my chilly nature, might be perfect for fall or spring? Just not too sure about the faux leather of the green jacket?

  14. First I would like to say you are super woman for posting all week and celebrating Christmas as well. The granddaughters are precious, what fun they are going to have together in the years to come.
    Back to the fashions, the reds are little too orange for me and I would prefer the red sweater in the back left rack with the cowl neck to the simple crew neck in the display. The center jacket looks grey on my computer and I didn’t realize it was green until I read other comments. Green is not my colour but in grey I may have tried it on depending on the weight of it. Three quarter length sleeves don’t tend to work in our climate. I would add that I also thought all three tops had more detail close up than visable in the first picture so that may sway my opinion on whether they would be worth trying on.
    Thanks for providing some reading material while the turkey carcass simmers.

  15. Yes to the red sweater and the red jacket. I love red and a red sweater always works. No to the green jacket in the middle. It is a very cheap looking fabrication and it looks like vinyl and not appealing at all. If it were a matte finish, suede like fabric, I think it would look better.
    All three pants are fine and I would wear any of them.

  16. I would wear all but the outfit in the middle. The jacket is not my style, & I prefer my jeans a bit darker. Red is a good color for me. The sweater might be a bit heavy for me, but I would check it out. The red jacket would be a good addition to my wardrobe. It is classic & would be versatile.
    Your sweet granddaughters would bring a smile to anyone’s face. They radiate joy!

  17. I love the red sweater. It looks warm and cozy and I like the detail. It would also be fun to wear on Valentine’s Day.

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