Chico’s new classic arrivals

Chico's new classic arrivals

Today is a peek at Chico’s new classic arrivals!

It is so much fun, since the new arrivals at Chico’s include beautiful colors and designs.



Chico's new classic arrivals

I love classics and have always loved to style tweed and faux pearls with jeans.   Such a classic style, and with this Chico’s tweed jacket, it is gorgeous.  Everywhere I wear it, I get stopped with, “Where did you get that jacket?”

I am wearing today new arrivals in a tweed jacket, navy tank, faux pearl necklace, and tweed tote with my perfect fitting So Slimming Girlfriend jeans.  All are pictured below….

The jeans are my favorite because the length is perfect!

A look like this speaks the style adjectives I want to say every day with my clothing: approachable, respectable, creative, current, and confident. 


Chico's new classic arrivals

These images depict a day when I typically want a classic, dark denim look.  I will wear it while shopping, running errands, or meeting friends for outdoor dining…of course, I always include my mask.

Please allow me to remind you of all the reasons I have loved Chico’s for over 30 years:

  1. Variety of styles…which include great classic selections
  2. Passport Membership: it is free and affords me free shipping on anything, and an additional 5% off every purchase
  3. Fun accessories Included in every new arrival collection.
  4. Excellent communication…and many ways to receive updates.
  5. Great customer service when I am in store…I always learn from the associates. And excellent service when I need help online. All with a smile!
  6. Safe shopping environment in store…easy shopping on line.
  7. Value is high and cost per wear is low for me….I still have Chico’s in my closet from years past that I wear often.

Chicos classic new arrival

The beautiful Tweed Tote works perfect for the days I shop books for the grandchildren or any other small errands…then I can carry them out in the bag.  I love a gorgeous classic tote.



I hope you will take the time to look over the new classics at Chico’s.  Have fun….and make sure to always….


Classic Faux Pearl Necklaces

Love classic faux pearl necklaces for the month of love ahead!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. What a beautiful jacket and tote! I was interested to see how Chico’s does classics and will have to get to the store to see more. “Classic” is always at the top of my Foundational Five list and likely always will be. Like you, I have always loved the look of tweed and this is a beautiful example. To me this says “classic modern,” which is to me, always a winner!!

    1. I think you will love their classic pieces, Karen. They do this space so well…and I agree, the jacket is a modern take on classic.
      Happy Sunday!

  2. ive got the jacket and bag on my wishlist. it really catches the eye. youve styled it exactly as i had in mind also! navy column to make it pop.
    my attraction to this tweed suprises me, ive always associated tweed with country clubs and tennis lessions, or school principals…..but for some reason, i feel like i can carry this one with some attitude. i know today is 40 percent off, but i ravaged my stash with the 70 percent off sale last month….so i need to carefully consider. but it just looks so perfect for the trips i still visualize taking…the bag perfect for an ipad and passport!

  3. Beautiful and really versatile look. Tweeds can be dressed up a bit and then, are also a great look with jeans and a turtleneck tee with a cute crossbody bag. Love today’s look!

  4. These classic items will certainly hold their value over time, and I love how attractive this tweed coat looks on you! You look so comfortable wearing this jackets and it shows in your beautiful smile. If one does not like some piece of clothing, they just do not look or feel happy…the opposite of you in your pictures. I will have to investigate another Chico purchase to hopefully wear sometime in the future when life becomes more normal.

  5. You are so right, those are the perfect jeans, length and not skin tight. The column of colour is perfect and those pearls!

  6. That jacket looks fabulous on you, Pam!!! I like the way you styled the outfit. I find longer jackets and cardigans of this length are so great in a wardrobe. I love Chico’s as well. I like the quality of their pieces and the versatility. I wear lots of their pieces for both work and casual looks and especially like them for travel. I find they are easy care and hold up well.

    1. Thanks for mentioning easy-care, Pat. They are easy care and I believe one of the reasons the garments live so long!

  7. Classics are high on my list of favorites. This jacket is the perfect combo of classic with a modern twist. Tweed can sometimes be boring, but this is definitely not. It is also a great length. I love the matching tote, too.

    1. I agree…this jacket is not boring at all and I was drawn to it because of the length. It is a unique addition to my wardrobe.

    2. For Petites, Chico’s has TWO options for you! You can choose (in certain styles) either a Short or a Petite. I got the girlfriend slimming dark rinse jeans in a Short and they fit perfectly. I’m 5’4″ so I’m not super petite.

      Being able to choose jeans that are shorter (in length and the rise) but not as short as the full Petite is wonderful. Especially for us “experienced” gals, a good fit is so important.

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