What clothing says

“What your clothing says about you!”  This title is to remind you that your clothing does speak volumes.

Happy Monday, all.  Last week’s shopping outing with my friend Iris afforded me a perfect way to show you what clothing says about you.


What my outfit says

At this moment, San Antonio weather is typically cold in the morning and warm in the afternoons.

So, I selected this past Chico’s jacket to wear for shopping.  This jacket says that I am creative, fun, approachable, youthful, and current.

I love to have styles like this in my wardrobe and do not mind at all the attention it draws to me.


What Iris outfit says

Iris also selected a Chico’s faux leather jacket for our outing.

She is sassy and a little bit edgy and her clothing does say that about her. The boots add that touch of sass.

Also, her clothing says that she is not necessarily a “rule follower,” since she had on white jeans in January!

Each time I get dressed, I look in the mirror and ask…What does this say?  I make sure it speaks the style adjectives I have selected just for me in my new lifestyle.

Remember, even if we are dressed down and sloppy, it sends a message about us.  

Look over these pieces and think about what they say?




What my photo shoot outfit says

Last week, I posted a sponsored message about osteoporosis.  Several readers on each platform asked about the outfit I was wearing.  

What my outfit says at the photo shoot

When I agreed to do the shoot, I confess I was a bit nervous about what to wear for a workout in downtown San Antonio.

Most of my workout outfits for home are not photogenic! I have never really cared about what I sweat in.  But, this assignment has changed that!

My friend Leigh Ann and I were doing pictures inside of Lane Bryant around the holidays.  Leigh Ann knew I was in need of a workout outfit, so after Lane Bryant we were actually going to another store.

But, she spied the Lane Bryant LIVI collection as we were leaving.  I ended up purchasing two outfits and I love them!

Lane Bryant LIVI says fun

I felt confident and comfortable and it was easy to smile!!

I could not find online the pieces I am wearing today. I believe they may be sold out. 

But, I did purchase this Pleat Trim Jacket and have worn it almost daily.

I recommend this line at Lane Bryant for plus size ladies!

So, ladies….do you take time to consider what your clothing says about you?  Any revelations?  Please share…and always…


By Pamela Lutrell



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