How to have an elegant casual style in white denim

Pamela Lutrell in elegant casual chic style white denim

Happy Friday, ladies! Let’s discuss how to have an elegant casual style in white denim as a part of the Cultivating Everyday Elegance series. 

In Parisian Chic, one of the books on elegance I recommended to you, author Ines de la Fressange writes: “Who said white jeans were for summer only? I strongly recommend white jeans for winter, worn with a navy sweater and ballet flats. They’re also great at night, with a silver sequined jacket – perfect for the most elegant soiree!”

Pamela Lutrell wears elegant casual chic style in Chico's white denim

Well, maybe this isn’t exactly what Ines described, but this is a look, I feel very elegant wearing.  I decided to keep this sparkly Eileen Fisher jacket during my wardrobe purges for special occasions and I love it with white denim.

My elegant casual style includes:

Chico’s No-Stain White Girlfriend Denim Jeans

Eileen Fisher jacket and mock turtleneck sweater

Sorrelli Fletcher necklace

Clarke silver ballet flats from Macy’s 





Iris in elegant casual chic style in white denim

Hopefully, you remember my friend, Iris.  Over the holidays, she officiated at her brother’s wedding on a Florida beach.

Of course, there were many pieces to consider with WHAT DO I WEAR TO OFFICIATE A WEDDING ON A BEACH?

In elegant white denim, Iris officiates a wedding on over 50 feeling 40

At first, Iris and I both were looking at dresses for the occasion, but she believed it needed to be simple and not overwhelm the bride…”who should be the focus!”

Other considerations:  The wind, bright color might distract in photos, and desire to be casual chic.  She also wanted to wear a slim look for the photos…it is family after all and these photos would live in family history!

Elegant beach wedding for casual chic style on over 50 feeling 40

I told Iris…YOU NAILED IT in your white pants.  I found her style to be appropriate, elegant, and casual chic. She found her white on Amazon and liked that they did not wrinkle.

Her Ellie Tahari navy floral blouse is beautiful and was a consignment shop find in San Antonio.  It will never go out of style. 

Iris recommended for all of us to remember that elegance is simple…don’t overthink a special occasion…and don’t be afraid of the white denim all year long!

How many of you wear white denim or white pants in the winter?  Please share your thinking…remember my shopping links are in a tab up at the top of the page…you can make a donation to my blog with the BUY ME A COFFEE APP in the sidebar!

And, thank you to everyone who have done just that….then make sure you join in tomorrow for Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer!


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Given my age and the rules I grew up with, I had to ease in with winter white (which I still like!). Now I find all whites easy to wear and enjoy wearing several white winter jackets as well. I especially like it with navy, as you’ve shown here. That’s a beautiful jacket.

  2. I also eased into it, Karen but really like it now. For me, white is for all seasons! Happy Friday!

  3. So glad you can embrace white. Here in Alberta white does not make it onto my wardrobe with our winter snow. Maybe a white shirt but always some sort of sweater or vest over it.

  4. White is a staple color in SoCal all year round. I wore white jeans to the zoo yesterday with my grandson. I’m still working on my closet purging items that don’t fit my retired lifestyle any longer. I was happy to discover a few white pants in various lengths that I’ll be adding to the rotation of everyday wear. White is becoming the new black for me!

  5. “Ease in” is a good phrase to use for my white journey. I wear all shades year round on top and always have, but didn’t buy my first pair of white jeans until a couple of years ago after Pam urged us to get out of our comfort zones. I’d love to own white pants that are not denim, but I hate the look of semi-transparency where the seams and pockets show. I did wear my jeans with camel and with olive (very pretty with navy accents!) in the fall and got many compliments and a couple of why-didn’t-I-think-of-that comments. I still feel a little large and conspicuous in them, though. I have never, ever seen someone wear them during a northern Ohio winter, and doubt they would survive the dirty gray, salty slop that is everywhere on our streets this time of year.

  6. Thanks for the idea. I have a deep purple long sleeved blouse that will be perfect to go with my white denim. A new outfit created from my own wardrobe. Gotta love that!

  7. We do not wear them often during winter in Texas, but I am seeing them more and more for special events. That is where I am considering them …whenever a special event hits the calendar again!

  8. Living in the Midwest, I am very judicious about when I wear my white jeans because they certainly don’t mix with the snow & slush that are sometimes present. I will wear them on a bright sunny day. I have a white denim jacket that I wear year round when the temperature permits.

  9. Where I live; with exception of a crisp white blouse you would be hard pressed to find any one wearing ‘ white in a cotton blend’ fabric during the winter season. (Canada and a snow belt region.) With that said though; off-whites (in seasonal fabric blends) are not uncommon however when and where ones wears them is still somewhat selective.

    P.S.: Congrats to the newly wed couple and IMHO two-thumbs up on Iris’s choice of apparel for the happy occasion.

  10. Hi Pam. I have a question, not about wearing white but I admire your style so hoping you can help My son was planning on getting married this May. Due to the pandemic they have decided to move the wedding to November I already have my dress with May in mind. It is off the shoulder with a deep v in the back The color is raspberry. Can I wear this in November or am I going to have to buy another? Thanks for your help

  11. White pants in Chicago winters would be a no for me. I did have a pair of lined winter white wool pants I wore for dressier occasions that I loved. Somewhere in a move, they disappeared and now really no occasions for dressing up. I do love white in the summer tho!

  12. Hi Pamela, I think raspberry is a lovely color for November…it goes beautifully with the warm tones of the season. You might consider a nice wrap to go with it. But, I would probably wear it. I hope that helps.

  13. Thanks for sharing! Your wool pants sounded lovely, but I agree the special occasions are very few presently.

  14. Thanks so much, Brenda. I was honored that Iris volunteered to share her occasion with us.

  15. Whenever I travel abroad, I like to bring new fashion ideas back with me. On a girl trip to Paris back in the winter of 2008, we were struck by French women of all ages wearing white jeans with their signature black turtlenecks. Tres cool, but it took a few seasons to make it to Main Street, USA.

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