Pamela Lutrell in elegant casual chic style white denim

Happy Friday, ladies! Let’s discuss how to have an elegant casual style in white denim as a part of the Cultivating Everyday Elegance series. 

In Parisian Chic, one of the books on elegance I recommended to you, author Ines de la Fressange writes: “Who said white jeans were for summer only? I strongly recommend white jeans for winter, worn with a navy sweater and ballet flats. They’re also great at night, with a silver sequined jacket – perfect for the most elegant soiree!”

Pamela Lutrell wears elegant casual chic style in Chico's white denim

Well, maybe this isn’t exactly what Ines described, but this is a look, I feel very elegant wearing.  I decided to keep this sparkly Eileen Fisher jacket during my wardrobe purges for special occasions and I love it with white denim.

My elegant casual style includes:

Chico’s No-Stain White Girlfriend Denim Jeans

Eileen Fisher jacket and mock turtleneck sweater

Sorrelli Fletcher necklace

Clarke silver ballet flats from Macy’s 





Iris in elegant casual chic style in white denim

Hopefully, you remember my friend, Iris.  Over the holidays, she officiated at her brother’s wedding on a Florida beach.

Of course, there were many pieces to consider with WHAT DO I WEAR TO OFFICIATE A WEDDING ON A BEACH?

In elegant white denim, Iris officiates a wedding on over 50 feeling 40

At first, Iris and I both were looking at dresses for the occasion, but she believed it needed to be simple and not overwhelm the bride…”who should be the focus!”

Other considerations:  The wind, bright color might distract in photos, and desire to be casual chic.  She also wanted to wear a slim look for the photos…it is family after all and these photos would live in family history!

Elegant beach wedding for casual chic style on over 50 feeling 40

I told Iris…YOU NAILED IT in your white pants.  I found her style to be appropriate, elegant, and casual chic. She found her white on Amazon and liked that they did not wrinkle.

Her Ellie Tahari navy floral blouse is beautiful and was a consignment shop find in San Antonio.  It will never go out of style. 

Iris recommended for all of us to remember that elegance is simple…don’t overthink a special occasion…and don’t be afraid of the white denim all year long!

How many of you wear white denim or white pants in the winter?  Please share your thinking…remember my shopping links are in a tab up at the top of the page…you can make a donation to my blog with the BUY ME A COFFEE APP in the sidebar!

And, thank you to everyone who have done just that….then make sure you join in tomorrow for Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer!


By Pamela Lutrell

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