Would You Wear It – Ankle Length Pants in Winter

Would You Wear Ankle Length Pants in Winter

We have started great conversations in 2021, so let’s keep going with Would You Wear It – ankle length pants in winter. 

On Saturdays, my blogging friend, Jennifer, and I bring you fashion displays we have discovered around town and wondered if you would or would not wear the styles.

We ask that you look over these displays and tell us if you personally would or would not wear them and answer with a constructive, discerning eye.

Would you wear winter ankle length pants on Over 50 Feeling 40

The comments are read by many and we learn from one another…so be constructive and offer some thoughts past yes or no.

I have a display of two so comment on anything you like, even beyond the ankle length pants in winter.  Look it over and tell us, ladies………………………………………………………………………………………..





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By Pamela Lutrell




  1. And here I’d just promised myself to not mention pant length again because your climate dictates what real-world examples you can show us! But because you asked I’ll say I’ll never buy pants the length shown in the fall, winter or early spring because MY climate is just too cold & wet & I want my ankles covered. Also, I don’t like they way they look with any footwear except sandals. Worn with high boots, for instance, makes them look as though they’ve shrunk or you’re wearing the wrong size (to my eye).

    Otherwise, I love the outfits. I don’t wear scarves so that would go but I like a white shirt worn casually with black pants: just add a necklace or 2 & black flats. Oh, & the red!! Swoon. I’d even give the ruana/wrap a try & I never wear them, but the colour & texture are just beautiful. I even like the necklace, which I’d never think to wear with a deep ruffle like this blouse has. Two of my 5 Adjectives are BOLD & CONFIDENT & this outfit would make me feel like a million dollars! Plus red has been my signature colour since I was a teen.

    And thanks for this post, Pam. I know things are difficult in the US right now between COVID & politics & I respect your efforts to keep some sort of normalcy going. I’ll be sending healing thoughts your way.

  2. The outfit on the left I would wear, maybe not black ankle pants, But really like the rest. The Red outfit maybe in separate pieces, not the ruana- too much fabric for me. But on the right person,it will look great. Since I keep shrinking, it would just make me look dumpier(is that a word?). Anyway,keep up the good work. You have really got me thinking-the closets are next to purge the “Collection”.

  3. I too agree that I would never wear ankle pants except with summer weather. I am tall, so it makes me feel that my pants are too short and my feet are too big. But the colors are just beautiful. The more color I wear, the better I feel. Thank you for this bright spot, .

  4. I think with a cute bootie, you could pull off the shorter pant, especially if it’s not too terribly cold out. I have a larger chest, so am not drawn to the big scarves but love the look. Sometimes, I just make the scarf smaller around the neck and then add a long necklace.
    The red looks smashing! Thanks for posting two good looks.

  5. I liked the look of both the outfits and wouldn’t wear either. I rarely wear ankle pants in the winter because I live in the Midwest. Oh, how I wish my ankles didn’t get cold but they do. I wear tights and fleeced lined leggings under pants when it’s in the 30s so if I can get a pair of tights under ankle pants, I will wear them. I would wear booties mules or tennis shoes with them. I can’t find a pair of flats that fits my foot and gives arch support. I love the color red and not on me. I’m fair and my hair color is between strawberry and honey blond.

    I do enjoy the pictures and the blog so thank you.

  6. Since I live in So Tx I could wear ankle pants on warmer days; however, I would prefer to have my ankles covered in winter. I love the Stiletto red hue but at my 5’4″ height this column of all red may be overpowering for me. Mannequin on left:
    I don’t wear white shirts and the leopard scarf is too large/bulky; however, I might consider wearing the ruana with this as it has black and white pattern running thru it. I would need to try on to see the balance on my frame, and probably go with different pants length and width? Note: Chicos ruanas and ponchos usually are too large for my frame (don’t have petites in these!). Have a great weekend, Pam.

  7. I live in Vermont and still teach high school at 62. I DO wear ankle pants in the winter, and the outfit on our left is nice. The scarf might get hot, so I might loosen it up or remove it at times. For footwear I wear nice ankle booties, or Ecco sneakers with warm no-show socks, or a winter boot with low pumps in my bag for a quick change at work. All so comfortable! My ankle booties range from sleek leather to a more all-weather boot. Footwear depends on how cold and snowy or slushy it is! I have some great grey waterproof hikers with turquoise and black laces, and wore them yesterday with ankle length skinny jeans.

  8. I really like both of these outfits. But here in Colorado, winter is just too cold for ankle pants.

  9. I live in Chicago where ankle pants make sense in spring, summer and maybe fall if you like the look. I would wear the black pants in those seasons. Ankle pants would be stuffed into boots here in the winter so what’s the sense?
    Nothing else for me today. The red outfit is TOO MUCH RED, and I’m waiting for the animal prints to disappear. Happy Saturday.

  10. I think these are fun options but I would only wear the white shirt. Possibly the leopard scarf. To be honest, the person who dressed this display could have adjusted these to look much more appealing.

  11. Both outfits are beautiful, and I would wear them with confidence, if I could get the pants longer. I am 5’3″ so they may be full length on me, with the right shoe. Ankle pants, too chilly here in winter to wear them, also my husband would make lots of comments, “aren’t your ankles cold? Put on some socks” God love him. Another reason I probably would not wear ankle pants of this shape, my legs are different lengths the by about 3/8 of an inch, no problem with many things, but with ankle pants, suddenly it is obvious and looks like pants legs are 2 different lengths. Otherwise, great outfit, Chico’s has good looks this season. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am petite and find it very hard to find pants the right length. I love ankle pants because I don’t need to get them altered! I also live in So. CA, so climate isn’t an issue. I love Chico’s Ruana’s and ponchos, but they always look like blankets on me! (5ft2in) Chico’s keep the ankle length coming, and keep making petite sized clothing!👏

  13. The outfit on the left is the one that would have me stop for a look, but in reality I would only try the white top. I am not a fan of ankle length pants, I think the trauma of the teasing in school has stuck with me all this time. I do not like cold ankles or feet so would not even try. Even in summer it is either full length or knee length, and then it would most likely be a skirt anyway. Perhaps if we lived in a warmer climate I might get more adventurous in the winter, but here it is all about staying warm. I don’t wear red, so that outfit would be a no for myself.

  14. In SoCal ankle lengths work all year round so, yes, I would and do wear them. The black and white is a basic look and I like it. I would skip the scarf, however. Between my glasses and the mask dangling from a lanyard my neck is screaming overload! For the red, it’s a no when worn all together. Ruffles never suited me especially running down my chest and the ruana is too oversized for me to manage. I prefer a smaller, tightly knit wrap. I love red and it’s been a hard color to find lately.

  15. ankle pants arent my friends, no matter the temp. i have big feet, and when i have tried to wear ankle pants all i see is my feet, and therefore all i think others see, is my feet..probably not really the truth, but its my mindset. i do love the red outfit if the pants were longer, and the other is nice too, but scarves…i have probably a dozen, because i was drawn to the pretty colors or the print, but never have mastered them.

  16. I live in a cold climate and generally stay away from the ankle pants that end a little higher on the leg. However, and I appreciate that many women will cringe at these words, I will wear them occasionally to church and “out” when I’m dressed up with…here we go…stockings!! Yes, the sheer ones that match my skin tone. No open-toe shoes or sandals, but rather with nice pumps. So I’m saying yes, with conditions!

  17. I’m not a fan of that pant length anytime of year but definitely not in cold weather (unless they’re tucked into boots, which kinda makes length irrelevant) I like both tops – the white shirt is a wardrobe staple (although the color/shorter sleeve and the heavy leopard scarf seem at odds with each other) I like the red outfit but not sure when where I would wear it this winter.

  18. I think it depends on the climate of the wearer and/or if the majority of the day will be spent indoors. I’d wear either outfit (so cute!!) since I live in north central Texas.

  19. I would definitely wear ankle length pants in the winter. Some of our local boutiques have been posting photos of ankle length pants with booties and they look very cute.
    The all red outfit is fabulous!

  20. I wear ankle pants in northern Ohio, with Aquatalia mid calf block heeled boots. They are Chelsea style, but so fitted they are almost a sock bootie. I wear the pant over it. I not only would wear the outfit on the left, I did wear a version of it regularly to work. As for the outfit on the right, I love the idea of a column of color that is not black, worn under a topper. But not this column. I would feel like my behind was a fire truck in pants like this, and I think the ruffles are overdone with the ruana added.

  21. There are some individual pieces I would wear. Personally, I love ankle length pants, as I do not have to shorten them. When you live in the Pacific Northwest, it is not fun getting your pant legs wet in the rain! A white b look use is a staple as is worn with black pants and leopard scarf. The only part of the outfit on the right I would wear is the ruana. It would be a nice accessory. While k like the concept of a column of co!of, that is just too much red!

  22. Ankle length pants simply don’t work for a Canadian winter. Other than that, I’d feel comfortable and confident in the outfit on the left. I love red and that seems to be the right shade for me, but there’s just too much of it. I’d feel self-conscious wearing red from head to toe. I guess I just don’t like to stand out that much. I’m also not fond of the ruffles.

  23. I like both outfits and wear ankle pants. I live in south Texas now, but would have worn them when I lived in the Midwest, with boots when outside (as I did with most everything and change to pretty shoes inside.) I feel the scarf is a little bulky for the outfit, but maybe that’s because I’m petite and it would overwhelm me. I love the column of red! I wish Ruanas were sized or at least offered in petite scale. Most look like I dragged a king sized blanket off the bed and wrapped it around me. I have avoided ruffles since I first joined the workforce, as they made me appear too young. At 63 it may be time to let that go and try them!😉

  24. I adore ankle pants and wear them year-round here in southern Oregon. I would enjoy both the red and black pants, and the simple white blouse. The all-red is too much for me but I would love to see someone else wear it. My coloring is just too pink.

  25. I definitely wear ankle pants a lot, but I live in Southern California. I like how they look with loafers and ballet flats or heeled/flat sandals or low-heeled pumps. With some slacks/pants, I tuck into knee-high boots or ankle boots if too cold. I got a pair of lace-up ankle boots with faux fur trim and pair these with some of my slim ankle-length pants tucked in and like the look – I usually pair with a longer chunky sweater or tunic-length top. I also pair loafers with cute socks meant to show when it is chilly – very Parisian – think lace or sparkly so it looks intentional.

    I like both looks, but would adapt for me. I like the black slacks and cream blouse, but I would wear with a small silk scarf tied at my neck – the scarf on the mannequin would overwhelm me. I like the column of red but the ruffles are not me and the ruana would overwhelm me.

  26. Because I have short legs, ankle length pants work fine for me. I like the outfit on the left, but the way it is displayed on the mannequin leaves something to be desired. It looks a bit disheveled. A white shirt, black pants & leopard scarf are all classic looks, so it works for me. As to the outfit on the right, I like red, but this is just too much red for my taste. I would wear the wrap, but the blouse is too frilly for my simple taste, & the red pants are too bright. The wrap I would wear with more neutral colors.

  27. Love the left side look. The color combo is so me. However, here in upstate NY, ankle pants are problematic outside in winter. I would wear ankle booties or black ballet flats with the outfit indoors.
    As for the right outfit, only the ruana appeals to me. The ruffled blouse is too much for me, and I fear that I’d wear the red ankle pants once and decide that I ‘d made a mistake.

  28. Ankle length pants are just not that appropriate for outside apparel during the winter season for the region I’m in however depending on their actual length and style; on occasion I have opted to wear a pair of leg warmers over them. i.e.: Namely due to a cold climate and appearance with even a high shafted boot they do have a tendency to produce baggy knees after in a sitting position. As to non-tucked white shirts/blouses I prefer an opaque appearance so wear them with selective white underlays to prevent darker colors or patterns showing through and/or chose to wear them open as an overlay. The scarf is something I would wear as so is the ruffled blouse for a touch of femininity though not necessarily in the red as just not a color I can wear which brings me to column dressing in it which would be far too much. Last but not least re the ruanas/cape/shawl for the same reason it would be a pass regardless I do have a few but seldom wear them, as cannot be bothered continuously adjusting. -Brenda-

  29. I might be an anomaly, but I live in northern Ohio and love ankle pants. I have a longer torso and shorter legs so the look is flattering for me. I wear them with my ankle boots in the winter and like the look. Otherwise, I wear them with flats.

    I like the white shirt and dark pants. I am a scarf person, but that one seems a bit bulky.

    I don’t wear red, but if I did I’d wear the outfit on the right. It is very striking. I might copy the look in a different color — olive or soft grey.

  30. I agree with Karen about wearing the ankle pants with nice pumps or flats and sheer stockings. I live in the Midwest and my feet would get cold,otherwise. I do like the look of both mannequins,except I would not pair all red with a red ruana,rather pair with a white shirt.

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