How to dress with confidence combining old and new

Hello, everyone!  Today, let’s discuss how to dress with confidence combining old and new. 

I know there are some who espouse modern dress is the way to look youthful and stylish for women over 50. 

On the other hand, I believe the best way to look confident, stylish and youthful is to dress in pieces that put a smile on your face.

I often find that type of confidence by combining old and new pieces in my wardrobe.


  How to dress with confidence combining old and new

I have been out and about shocking longhorn steers and Jessica Rabbit with what I wear. (She does look shocked!)  But, these are both examples of how I have mixed up the old and the new.

Long time readers of this blog understand that I am all about messaging with our clothing.  What specifically do you want to say with your clothes?  What would your cover say about your book?

I believe it is easiest to select five adjectives that you want to communicate to others about you every single time your get dressed…whether that is to shoppers at the grocery, to the delivery person at the door, to family, or co-workers.

What is it you want your style to say about you?  Once you determine those adjectives you can easily wear confident style whether newly purchased or in your closet now.

I want the world to know I am creative, respectable, approachable, current….and fun!

“Current” is one of my style adjectives…so I try to keep a current trend going with what I wear mixed up with retro, throwback, or previously owned- for- awhile (whatever you would like to call it).

I would caution against tossing pieces you love and fit well just because they are not current.


How to dress with confidence combining old and new pieces

I have been told that skinny jeans are now “out-of-style.”  Honestly, I don’t care!  I feel confident in my skinny jeans.  They fit well and I believe look good on me.

I will continue to wear them…even if they are labeled throwback some day!

I decided to test floral tops since it is a huge trend this spring and summer.  I really like these two tops I am wearing under two different Eileen Fisher jackets I have owned for years. 

However, I do not feel confident in the tops without an older piece over them…it is too much floral for me.

Most of us know our likes and dislikes (Would You Wear It proves that!), and most of us know what fits well.  Wear those pieces…whether old or new!

Here are the three new pieces I am wearing…though I have owned the skinny jeans for years they still feature this brand at Macy’s, so that is why I included them.



How to dress with confidence combining old and new pieces

Iris loves to show up for a wardrobe challenge, so here she is modeling her favorite throwback western style jacket…an oldie but goodie!

Iris is a strong, intelligent, sassy, fun, creative woman.

She demonstrates how to take a confident foundation such as her Chico’s jeans, a white tee, animal print scarf, and artistic earrings and either wear the Throwback Jacket for a message of fun creativity or…..

How to dress with confidence combining old and new pieces

For classic strength, she throws on her Chico’s animal print trench over the foundation pieces.  

When we dress confidently, we wear clothing whether old or new, which says what we want to say with our style,  and makes us smile. 

You do not have to purchase a lot of new clothing…but, most importantly, know what you want to say with the clothing you own and make sure it fits you well!

Always ask your mirror, does this outfit speak the five adjectives I want to speak with it?


How to dress with confidence combining old and new pieces

The end-of-season sales are great ways to pick up new pieces if you want to move to a more modern look.  Iris has been purchasing boots!  She loves boots and is very pleased with the prices and styles she has found. 

I went out looking for a few remaining in the sales and found these….


You might remember the words of fashion designer, Gianni Versace, “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.”

It is more important to be confident than to be in style.

As you look over spring trends, which ones are speaking to you these days that might fit your personal style?  Please share and make sure you always……………………..


By Pamela Lutrell

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