Would You Wear It – Soft Spring Colors

Would You Wear It - Soft Spring Colors

Happy Saturday!  Today,  Would You Wear It – soft spring colors is my focus.

Of course, this is the day that my friend, Jennifer and I, post fashion displays to ask what you think of the styles.

Would You Wear It - Soft Spring Colors

We want to help the audience and retailers understand what works and doesn’t work for the consumer.

So we ask that you scrutinize these styles with a buyer’s eye and tell us if you would or would not wear them and give personal reasons why.

If you want to suggest different ways to wear the looks, then of course, do that as well. 

Would You Wear It - Soft Spring Colors

I am showing a family of three today in early soft colors for spring.  So please give them your best eye and with constructive thinking tell us………………………………………………………………….


Today’s display was found at Nordstrom.

Of course, I have a soft spring color slideshow for you today!


Make sure your visit A Well Styled Life to see Jennifer’s display, and as you go through your day, be sure to……………………


By Pamela Lutrell

Would You Wear It Soft Colors for Spring



  1. Happy Saturday Pam! I do like the tweed jacket on the middle model, and I really like the pants on that one too. To me, that looks pulled together and classic. The dresses do not appeal to me though. The one being so loose just would not flatter me, and while I like the style of the second one (the floral), and I do like wearing dresses, the neckline here is not something I like, and there is too much overall white which would wash me out. This would look wonderful on someone with a darker skin tone, I think. I’d wear the jacket in a heartbeat though and do want to find more jeans in spring colors!

  2. really like the floral dress, although it wouldnt be for me…i think the lines of it would work well on lean person. i do like the blouse version of the print, and they have that mannequin styled well. while its more modern to pair it with the jeans, if i were wearing it i would chose slacks. i have to get around to getting out and trying these tweed jackets on, they are growing on me, but im not sure with my body style how they would be. im staying silent on the other dress….

  3. No, no, no. Nothing here for me. Muted colors not for me. Flowers are a maybe but these are too big, and the square neckline no. The beige dress…if you can’t say anything nice…
    Happy Saturday!

  4. Good Morning! Can you explain why a square neckline doesn’t work for you? That information might help other women?

  5. While lovely, the floral dress would wash me out. It would be gorgeous on a darker complexion! Like the middle look very much but again not my colors. The dress on the right would suit a very young, thin woman.

  6. Loving 2 of the 3 outfits. The white dress with flowers, would be great for Easter or church in general. While off the shoulder is not great on me, I am busty. I would layer a light cardigan or pashmina over the it. The middle outfit with the jacket, is perfect. I have a version of this jacket in light blue, and need to wear it more this spring. The beige dress, it would not be flattering on my body shape, it would be a tent, also the color would wash me out. Thanks for sharing the outfits.

  7. I love the middle look with the jacket. All of the pieces can be worn separately. I am afraid they would wash me out, but I appreciate the look and would try it. I love the floral dress as well, but I am not sure about the neckline. I am small but have broad shoulders, 5’1, 115#. I would be swallowed whole by the khaki dress. Might work on a taller woman. This display makes me wish for Spring. Have a great weekend

  8. I do not have the body to wear the column dress with the wide, square neckline. I would think that particular neckline would gape, but maybe I am wrong. The florals are lovely on the dress and blouse, but I tend not to wear them. The other solid dress is a no because it is so oversized and not flattering on the mannequin…doesn’t entice me to even try it on. The only item that piques my interest is the tweed jacket. Such a classic piece. I am afraid, though, that this color pallet would not be flattering on my very pale skin. These colors deserve sun kissed skin which I do not have.

  9. While I like all of the outfits but my body type doesn’t lend itself to these styles. I’m apple shaped and don’t believe these would work for me. The loose dress would look frumpy on me and the color would wash me out. I might wear it in a darker color. The pants outfit I’d love if the jacket was longer. I love the blog by the way and am new to your site.

  10. Ooooh. I love that center outfit quite a lot. I see myself in it probably in about 3-4 weeks when spring time finally pops around here! I love the color of the trouser- a neutral but popped up a notch, and love the short cardi jacket over the sheer blouse.
    Unfortunately, I have very few places to wear a dress but the softly printed dress on left with sheath skirt would be my selection!

  11. Love the overall display – so refreshing and “spring like”. The floral dress is very nice, unfortunately I do not have the shape to wear it. I am sure it would look great on the right individual. I Like all three pieces of the center mannequin – would definitely wear. The third – Definitely not for me. Wishing all a wonderful weekend!!

  12. I would not wear the dresses as I just don’t like showing my legs anymore. Love the jacket & the pants though. I would definitely wear a darker top underneath the jacket. Wearing all pastels wash me out as I have a fair skintone. I would also wear the jacket with dark jeans as well.

  13. I’m a small frame person so v necks and crew necks look better than square. The square is so wide that the neckline here looks like it is falling off the shoulders. That would drive me crazy!

  14. Except for the jeans, none of these pieces would work for me. Colour palette is too pale for me and I would look washed out. Since I retired, I rarely wear dresses or jackets. Happy Saturday.

  15. Unfortunately the colours of this display would keep me from looking any closer as these would all wash me out. The dress on the left is really pretty and if in another brighter colour would be a great try on. I know there is a whole group of ladies that these spring colours would look great on, just not me for now.

  16. This is not a display that would catch my attention largely due to the bland colours. If I did pause for a closer look, my eye would be drawn to the centre mannequin. I do like the colour of the pants and what I can see of the top. Because I’m tall and quite long in the body, I suspect that the short, boxy jacket wouldn’t work well for me. I would likely choose a longer jacket or a cardigan with a bit more colour in it. I would not wear either of the dresses. The shape of the one on the left would be flattering, but I would not find the wide open neckline comfortable and there’s too much white which doesn’t flatter my complexion. As for the dress on the right, as MP has already said, if you can’t say something nice…

  17. Thanks for this interesting choice ! I shall certainly go for the middle outfit. I like the rather elevated jacket with the more casual pants, And also the colors : they are probably not very flattering on me, but they screamm “spring” and I would enjoy looking at them, which is more important for me these days. I am not sure about the floral top, though, although the mixture of prints is everywhere this spring, I am not convinced by this one, I would prefer a striped top with the corresponding colors. The dress on the right is a no, I feel it to be for a really younger person, at least as shown, or perhaps for somebody with another bodyshape (more H than A, say). The dress on the left would not be appropriate for my lifestyle : not casual and comfortable enough for everyday wear for me – and I do not like very much the way the big flowers are cut on the front, thus I will not wear it for a more formal event. I send you a lot of sun from Paris (although it is still a bit cold), hoping it will reach your home soon after these terrible weeks.

  18. I like the lines of the floral dress and the print is pretty but I think the colors in the print are too light. Jewel tones are more flattering with my pale skin. I love the jacket but I am not a fan of breast pockets, and the color shown would not flatter my skin-tone. If I bought one I’d choose one of the similar jackets shown in the slide show. The over-sized dress would not flatter my curvy body. The pink denim jacket in the slide show is very similar to a jacket I have in my closet. I guess I should plan to wear it this Spring!

  19. The sheath dress on the left is appealing because of it’s slim design while the one on the right is too voluminous for me. These peach and bone colors wash me out now that I am totally gray so I wouldn’t even try these garments on.

  20. While these colours will look beautiful on some they are not for me. I would add though that a my red headed friend will be thrilled with the availability of this pallete as it doesn’t seem to come around all that often.
    Because of your blog I’ve also come to realize that my brain just does not compute when it comes to the modern style of mixing print blocks on one item. When we can get back to ‘in person’ shopping I will be much more able to choose my items to take to the dressing room. Thanks Pam for all your work.

  21. I haven’t warmed up to florals so I wouldn’t wear those. I do like the tweed jacket but not sure the crew type neckline would work for me. As always, I would need to try it on.

  22. I like the soft colors but they are too peachy for me. I like to go with more blue-toned or mushroomy soft colors. The jeans and jacket are cute. The dresses not really my cup of tea. The one of the right looks like it would need to be ironed, and that would be a lot of ironing.

  23. These are definitely my colors! I’d wear the outfit in the middle. The loose dress is just too unfitted, but the other dress is lovely.

  24. I love the outfit in the center and would definitely wear it. The classic Chanel jacket is perfect with the soft coral jeans, but would be great with tan, ivory or even denim pants. The print blouse is lovely with it as well. I also like the sheath silhouette, but too much white on this one. The loose dress on the right is a pass. It is just too much fabric for me.

  25. Not that I dislike the softer colors as at one time I could wear them but not so much now since I’ve aged; due that my skin is more translucent and paler. Therefore, the only garment I might wear would be the jacket which I would pair with a darker toned top and bottoms. As to the dress on the left, again one time I could wear such and would have however I am not as toned through the neck/shoulders as I once was. Last but not least, the dress on the right is not a style I would personally choose for myself, however feel it would be somewhat cool to wear in the summer (at least the top button undone) as not constricted in fit and would look cute with a pair of strappy sandals or even a choice of sneakers. -Brenda-

  26. The display would attract my attention as I think all 3 looks are interesting. I like the two dresses, but neither fits my style or figure. I love sheath dresses, but they do not work for my apple-shaped body. I like the other dress but I think it might overwhelm me as I am only 5’2″ – I would try on if it came in petite. The outfit with the jeans and tweed jacket would be one I would try. I have all the pieces in my wardrobe but in darker colors. I ordered a multicolored sweater jacket in ivory and pastels. This look gives me some ideas for how to style it when it arrives. I hope it fits.

  27. Sounds like a lot of fellow fair skinned readers today. I like the lines of the dress on the left, but more color please. The dress on the right is a hard pass. I agree with the other reader that suggested it’s a look for a tall willowy woman. I really like the center outfit, all pieces, but more color for me personally. Avoiding the washout!

  28. Love the jacket on the middle model. I would be able to dress it up or down.
    Love the look of the dress but it would not suit my body frame.

  29. Oh yes to the outfit in the middle!!! Love the colors and the style. That jacket is gorgeous and would work for me because of the color and shorter length.

    I like the floral dress, but I’d have to lose some weight in the middle for it to look good on me. Beautiful pattern, though!

    The other dress is not appealing to me — but I think if it were shorter and worn over leggings it would be quite stylish.

  30. Everything is a no for me, although I do like the middle outfit. The colors wouldn’t do me any favors, so I’d have to pass.

  31. I would love the tweed jacket if it were in blues to match my dark grey hair and blue grey eyes. The dress on the right is a pass. My question is , which body type would this suit? Thanks Pam for your Saturday posts I love them.

  32. Sadly, none of those looks would work for me. I don’t wear dresses generally. The one on the left would be flattering on a tall, slender woman, but the dress on the right I cant imagine being a flattering shape on anyone. The Chanel style jacket in the center is pretty, but the whole outfit is a bit fussy for me. Overall, none of these colors work for me. I would look very washed out.

  33. The dress on the left is lovely & would look beautiful on someone taller & thinner than I. The dress on the right is a no, & I’ll just leave at that. The outfit in the middle is very appealing. The tweed jacket is very versatile, & I would wear & the pants with other items in my wardrobe. The soft floral blouse under the jacket is a nice springtime touch & not over powering.

  34. These colors wouldn’t be flattering for my personal coloring. I like the pants outfit in the center if it was available in other colors. While I would admire the dress on the left on others, it wouldn’t flatter me. And the dress on the right seems to be a current trend (the prairie dress) but… oh.my.goodness, what are the designers thinking???

  35. I’m still fine-tuning my post “grow out” colours, experimenting with what goes best with my “new” charcoal & silver hair, but pastels, creams & beige have never been on my palette & still aren’t, so none of these appeal. What I do like are the jeans, even though they’re a little short — I think on me they might almost be ankle length. I have a white cotton sweater with narrow tan stripes & a short zip-up toffee coloured leather jacket I think would look great with them (or a crisp white shirt, tucked in & belted, collar popped up), & would add light brown sandals, leather braid “surfer” bracelets, wooden hoop earrings & a variety of leather & wood bead necklaces. A brown/caramel palette is not perfect with my darker hair but it’s not bad & as I have pieces in my closet that I love & am not ready to get rid of, I’ve decided to stick with it until such time I think it misses the mark entirely — OR I’ve gone more silver than charcoal & it works perfectly again 🙂 Transition stages in life are a challenge!

  36. Like many others this color palette would not work for my skin tone. If these outfits had soft blue or rose colors I would be willing to try everything to see how it looks. I have some doubts about the likely fit of the dress on the right, but I have also found that some dresses that look unattractive on the hanger but happen to hang correctly on me turn out to be flattering, so I would try it. In a flattering color I could see wearing it under a jean jacket with sneakers, or with a cardigan and ballet flats for work (the dress code is quite relaxed during Covid).

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