Would You Wear It – Bohemian Dress

Would You Wear It Bohemian Dress

Time for a Would You Wear It – Bohemian Dress as a mid-week pop-up!

I am fully aware that the groundhog said there would be six more weeks of winter, however, retailers are ready to move on.

Most of the mannequins I see are for warmer weather style, and depicting trends for the year…like free and easy bohemian style.

So, please pretend it is warm out and springtime. Please do not answer that you would not wear it because it is cold outside….

Just imagine the sun!

Would You Wear It Bohemian Dress

Do tell us if you would or would not wear this look based on your style, size, age, lifestyle....any ways that you typically evaluate the clothing you love best.

You can always discuss what the garments speak to you personally.

Remember to be thorough…these comments are read! 

So look over my lady in the dress above (or in the sweater) and tell us………………………………………




Marshalls Valentines Day decor on Over 50 Feeling 40


I have been enjoying discovery of so many cute Valentine’s Day decorations in stores and online.  There are many fun ways to be festive if you like.

Valentines Decor at Kirklands


Also, at Kirklands, the cutest plasticware for outdoor picnics…..

Outdoor picnicware at Kirklands on over 50 Feeling 40


Just getting you ready for the month of love!  Now, tell us if you would or would not wear today’s display….and above all….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. While I do love dresses, I’d pass on this one. I prefer a more fitted style, and to me this looks like I’d be trying to look like a much younger woman, and that can come across as a negative. I just prefer more fitted, elegant dresses. It’s pretty and looks comfortable, just a little too “young”.

    I do like that heart-shaped wreath!

      1. For my myself, though I do have the height to carry it I find it far too billowy for my liking. In other words; if there was less fabric I might consider it, As to the sweater, a no to it as well namely because of its exaggerated drop shoulder and sleeve length.

  2. in 1985, with a belt…oh heck ya…in fact had several, lol.
    and 3 inch heels….i live in the past alot, dont i? lol
    its pretty, and i would slow down passing it and smile, but no, not these days.

  3. That dress is something I wore in high school but much shorter! The big flowers, the sleeves, the tiers, all no. The dress is too youthful for me now.

  4. Come to Canada! Our official weather-predicting groundhog Wiarton Willie promised us an early start to spring in Ontario :).

    With respect to the dress, I am 5’2″ tall and suspect that the many gathered layers would not be flattering, and would either look too young for me, or like a mumu – take your pick! Pretty fabric though, and I enjoy the opportunity to see spring fashions from our current locked down state. Thanks!

    1. I had not even thought about the fact there could be different groundhogs. Thanks for teaching me something today, Sarah!!

  5. I am sure there is someone out there who would look fabulous in this dress….but it’s not me! All that white – even though I’m trying to “think warm!” – would only wash me out big time. And it’s too “baggy” and “young” for me….I’d give this a pass in the store!

  6. The dress is cute, a charmer and a but quirky but nit fir be as I’m shorter and thin and it would just overwhelm me. If I were 3 inches taller and a tad younger I’d jump on this with sandals or boots . I know it sounds weird but I think either would work. Now the jeans and pale oatmeal sweater are me. Yes! It’s a universal look, age not a factor. Bootie or sneaker or sandals all work! Love these!

  7. I would wear the dress, adding a belt at the waistline, and if it was cool weather a jean jacket, and a straw hat to block the sun. Loving the print and flowy, would be fun for a music /street fair. Can you tell I’ve been locked up at home too long?

      1. I would not wear the dress. I’m 5’2″ and I avoid any garment with extra fabric floating around. The print is also large. Although the color is a pretty, soft color. That style would make me look as wide as I am tall. Not a look I’m going for! The sweater is also not a style I would choose. Once again, way too much fabric everywhere. Those sleeves draping down on my hand and the oversized cowl neckline would look terrible on me. The color is just not attracting me and does not say “spring”. I guess I’d walk right by these items and find something else. These garments might look great on someone with the stature to pull them off. But not me. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Love the dress, wish I could, But these days are better spent with something else. On the right person,absolutely, but sad to say not me anymore! I have shrunk ,gained weight and it would only make me look like a blue and white mound! and my friends would say, “Here she comes in that dress again, can’t she find something else to wear!” Cold today, will stay inside,but I will get dressed so we ca go on an adventure later today-the grocery store! Stay safe.

  9. I love the dress and would definitely try it on. I understand why some say it looks too young, but I think it could work with a darker jean jacket and boots, and maybe a belt. Sometimes these types of dresses work for me and sometimes they are too baggy, but I like the look. I’d also be happy to try this style in denim or a darker floral fabric. Looking forward to occasions for casual dresses again.

  10. While I think the fabric pattern is kind of appealing (but this may be influenced by a foot of snow on the ground) I think dolman sleeves are pretty dreadful on almost every body. Have you ever noticed that models wearing dolman sleeves are always photographed with their arms tight against their bodies? I have a personal rule about multiple ruffles because I think they look granny. One pert ruffle on the hem of a dress—great. A skirt like this would invoke images of sitting on a stool churning butter for a woman of my age. All the youngsters out there—knock yourselves out.

  11. I love dresses but prefer tailored, fitted ones. Even in my younger days I would pass on the boho look. Both the dress and the sweater would overwhelm my small shoulders. Here in the desert of SoCal spring has sprung with temperatures in the high 70’s. As I watch the weather reports from the east coast I’m reminded why we made this move!

  12. So I am 5′ 2″ and wear a size 4. I would be overwhelmed in this style dress. I do enjoy seeing other ladies wear the style and many dresses of this style are very pretty.

  13. I do like the fabric, but that is about it for me. I have never liked the tiered look on me, and as already mentioned, the sleeves are a no as that style gives no indication of a shape underneath the top of the dress. I would wear a dress in that fabric if it had a bit of waist and slimmer sleeves with no tiers. Guess that makes it a different dress.

  14. My first reaction was to say ‘no’ to the dress … but after reading some of the comments, I might try it. I like the idea of it with a belt, boots and jean jacket. The floral pattern is so pretty!

    I’d pass on the sweater, though. Too bulky for me.

    I am again disappointed in the way the mannequins are displayed here. The dress and the sweater (to me) to not pair well with each other. The color of the sweater makes the dress seem dull. And the sandals with the dress don’t match the ‘seasonal’ tone of the sweater. Don’t mean to sound to critical, but I think the display folks could do a better job.

  15. This is a charming little dress, and my younger self would have loved it, as many ladies noted as well. I am currently reading an interesting book titled “Oona Out of Order” and it has made me think about how often so many of us reference our past looks or current preferences, because Oona has to do this throughout her time hopping journey. She starts at 19 years of age but is thrust forward to age 51, having suddenly to confront a middle aged body and face while also figuring out how to make the most of a life lived completely out of order. The story has caused me to really reflect upon how I felt at various ages, and to appreciate my current age as well.

  16. There is nothing about this dress that appeals to me. It isn’t my style at all, & it wouldn’t be flattering to me. I would feel unattractive & not the least bit confident in it.

  17. I LOVE this dress! Boho, romantic, flowy- these are styles I love. Free People is one of my favorite brands. However, after reading the other comments, I wonder! I am 60 years old and only 5 feet tall. Am I dressing too young? Too cute? I guess I would have to try it on. Might be too long anyway! Soft Surroundings is another go to brand that I adore, and I have many flowy romantic SS skirts, dresses, and tunics. I would love to counterbalance the softness with some edge and fun- a short motorcycle style jacket, some combat boots. I am not sure I believe in “dressing your age.” I want to say: Dress to express yourself! Wear what feels fun, what makes you feel good, what you love!

  18. Though I agree with those who have suggested that the dress would look good with a belt and a Jean jacket, it’s not something that I’d choose for myself. There’s too much white which washes me out and I don’t care for the sleeve style. The eagerated drop shoulders and extra long sleeves on the sweater don’t appeal to me either.

  19. Love the wreath. Would definitely not wear the dress. It just seems that I would appear as though I was trying to be much younger. I would expect this dress to be seen on the runway on a 5’10 model weighing 100 lbs. Way too much material, ruffles, and flowers for me.

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