One JJill scarf worn with a smile

One JJill scarf worn with a smile

Today’s post is the story of one JJill scarf worn with a smile.

After Christmas, I took my JJill gift card from family to my favorite location in The Shops at La Cantera.

I had fun selecting some new styles, which I blogged about, but before leaving the store, the sales associate brought me two scarves and said, “These are only $12!”

My eye and smile immediately went to the one I am wearing…it is full of favorite colors and will go with so many outfits.

JJill Scarf worn with a smile

I am showing it today with a JJill sweater in my favorite shade of purple, and JJill cardi in a short length that I have owned for awhile.

This whole look…no matter how the scarf is tied,  just brings a smile to my face and smiling throughout the day is so important.

JJill has provided great “at home style” and I am wearing the clothing I own often…watch the sales right now, there are some exciting pieces you can wear all year long!

Everything in today’s slideshow is on sale…..


Birds make me smile


Recently, I told you that at the advice of a knowledgeable owner at our local Wild Birds Unlimited, we switched bird seed in our feeders.

I am so happy to tell you that it brought in all of the smaller species including these lovely goldfinches.  They are so cute and brightly colored and don’t fly away when I come outside for a closer look.

Add these to the cardinals, blue jays, and yellow-headed woodpeckers, then it really makes me smile!!

Now, just a note about today’s outfit.  I have on my Talbot’s jeggings, and my Gracelin Lola Ballet Flats by Clarks.

The shoes are very comfortable and have lasted a long time.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite Dolly Parton quotes: “If you see someone without a smile, give them yours!”

This is so easy to do ….smile at everyone that is…when we leave the house wearing clothing that makes us smile in the mirror and feel confident. 

What is making you smile today?  Please share…ask any questions…and no matter what you are wearing…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. So THAT’S where my goldfinches went!!! It made me smile to see the sun shining on your bird feeder. We rarely have sunny days and when we do, I always thank God! Your scarf is beautiful, like wearable art. I’ve put off shopping due to the moving upheaval, and think that might be a fun respite. J Jill is close by and I do like their casual, classy styles! I’m always drawn to the table with jewelry and the baskets of scarves! Your birds pictured brightened the day!

  2. “If you see someone without a smile, give them yours!” I’m trying to learn to smile with my eyes, since in public places my mask covers my real smile. Kinda hard to do . . . Happy Thursday, ya’ll.

    1. I Love to smile at people with my eyes and see them smile back with theirs. I still do it…even behind the mask. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. My bird feeders are making me smile everyday. I have to keep them all filled now a couple time a day with the extreme cold that is staying for the rest of the month. It has been so long since we have been able to go into a store that I am getting a bit envious to see actual trying on of clothes. I do hope I don’t go a bit crazy when they open back up but then again the dressing rooms will still be closed. Maybe in a couple months when the spring actually gets here……I can dream.

    1. I hope it happens for you soon too. I do not spend much time in the places here that still have dressing rooms closed. I do not have time to bring clothes home, try them on and take them back. All they need to do it sanitize the rooms like others are doing.

  4. I live on a golf course pond and through out covid we’ve been watching a family of ducks. A flock of beautiful North American white pelicans fly in and watching them is like being at the ballet! They move together synchronized perfectly. We also have those pesky geese but yesterday even they were entertaining as they we either choosing a mate or looking for a nesting spot. They stretched their necks with loud honking chasing each other down. Our Talbots, J Jill and Chico’s are doing a wonderful job of sanitizing their counters and dressing rooms. I’m headed up there today for a little retail therapy!

    1. Have fun, Linda! I know what you mean about pelicans. I was watching them recently and it is almost like watching synchronized jets in a air show. They are amazing.

  5. I wore a scarf several times a week when working. Now that I’m retired, I’m not wearing them. I cut my collection to 20 of my favorites and got rid of all my infinity scarves, as I felt they were less current. Now my top 20 sit in a drawer. And I’m wondering if I should ever add any more. That makes me a bit sad, because I love looking at their colors and they add creativity to my outfit. Pam, are you finding you are wearing them more for special occasions, or are you also wearing them at home? Do you think when we go back to pre pandemic lives, there might be a role for some of these items that have been sidelined in our wardrobes? I’ve hesitated to get rid of very much because I’m just not sure what I will be doing in a few months.

    1. I am being purposeful to wear them. I do like how they add a touch of creativity to an outfit. Mine hang on a vintage hat rack right by my closet, so I see them when I am dressing and now my eye goes to that rack since I have more time to think about my look. Most often, when I add a scarf before going out, I am happy with the results. I think I am wearing them more now because I am not rushing to get dressed and run out the door to the office. Thanks for asking, Linda. I hang on the most to my accessories because I can always mix things up and freshen my looks with different accessories. I think we should brighten our days now and later with a touch of fun. I do anything I can to focus on positivity…even during difficult times.

  6. Your scarf is lovely. We have always worn scarves in the winter with our coats up here in the north out of necessity. I also have a collection I would wear on European trips but interest here at home has been waning the last few years and necklaces have become more popular. I have however resurrected many for my Zoom calls as my screen seldom shows me below my collar bone so no one gets to enjoy my necklaces. Since putting on my scarves I’ve had many compliments and we all smile.

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