Would You Wear It Spring 2021 Trends

Would You Wear It Spring 2021 Trends

Welcome to Would You Wear It Spring 2021 Trends!

Hope you are waking up with a smile on your face this Saturday morning.  Today is the day I join forces with my friend, Jennifer, to bring you two fashion displays.

We ask that you look them over and tell us if you would or would not wear them and explain why with constructive thought.

For example, if you describe a character wearing a look you do not care for that may offend another reader, so we ask that you answer personally why the looks do work or do not work for you.

Would You Wear It Spring Trends

Today, my display features some early spring 2021 trends.  Lighter shades of pink, sparkle, nautical designs (like the jacket) and there will be LOTS of florals.

Also, everywhere I have gone has featured blouses with flowy sleeves. 

Would You Wear It Spring Trends

So, please look my family of three over and tell us, ladies…..


My display was discovered in the Calvin Klein Department at Dillard’s



Laguna Beach towels in spring trend color

Look for home products to also reflect the spring trends like this lovely light gray in the towels from Laguna Beach Textile Company.

They call their color Cloud Gray.

Laguna Beach Towels in spring trend color

I do recommend their towels. They are soft and wash really well.  Check out the other colors at Laguna Beach. They are very reasonably priced.

Also, make sure you go by A Well Styled Life to see Jennifer’s display and tell her what you think.  How are you feeling about the few spring trends we are beginning to see in the displays….let us know…and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was given product for review in this post, but the words are my own.


  1. i like florals and paisleys, so i will probably be happy with spring choices. the light set with the sparkles didnt appeal to me, maybe the material or the structure, im not sure why. i might try on the floral in the middle. the jacket didnt appeal to me, but i would like to see more of the paisley under it. and long flared black jeans are usually always my friends.

  2. These outfits don’t appeal to me. The peach color would wash me out, though it’s a beautiful color, and the proportions of the outfit on this mannequin are not visually appealing. The cropped flares and the longer length of the top seem to cut the mannequin in half. For me, just personal preference, the cropped flares kind of spoil these looks. I thought the jacket had potential, but don’t care for the fabric. I’d wear that if it was leather. Even though these don’t appeal to me personally, I can see where each would be great on someone else. Especially the beautiful peach color!

  3. I think Home Products will be winners for retailers!

    I like the quilty jacket, but blouses with long ruffled cuffs are not for me.

  4. I especially like the outfit on the far right, the texture and look of the jacket, as well as the blouse underneath. The middle outfit is okay, rather ordinary, and I don’t like anything about the look on the far left—either the color, the fit, or the fabric.

    1. None of these outfits really wow me at all. The pale pink/peach top set might be better with a neutral pant, rather than black? But I don’t care for it personally and also have no where to wear it right now.
      The deep grey short jacket on right is cute and I could add it to my wardrobe. I might pair it with a yellow, blue or true pink blouse rather than the grey print. I’d really have to try it on with a few brighter tops that I already own.
      The center outfit is a clear no for me, though I have friends who love large prints and would snap this top up in a moment.

  5. I love Calvin Klein at Dillard’s. It is always so classic looking which is my favorite style. I would wear any of these outfits; however, the middle blouse appeals to me the most.

  6. I’ve always been drawn to the nautical look for Spring/Summer, but something simple in navy and white (like a striped tee). The jacket is too trendy for my wardrobe with the epaulettes and shiny buttons. The other items did not catch my eye. I, personally, do not wear florals and the pastel top would look awful with my complexion. Now new towels are something I should probably invest in.

  7. Sparkle no, pale pink no, flowy sleeves no, big floral as shown here no. I don’t mind floral if the print is small – the opposite of the blouse today. I would pass on the jacket too — the gold buttons are too distracting.

  8. Pastels wash me out, so the peach top would be out. Cropped pants are a no—they remind me of the days when it was impossible to find pants in a 34” inseam, unless the were from the men’s department. The color and pattern of the paisley shirt is beautiful, but the ruffle at the cuff is a no. I love the look and others, but I am not a “cute classic”. I love the bootcut pant on the right. Bootcut pants or trousers best balance my pear shape. I would wear the quilted, wing collar jacket, but I would have to remove the buttons. It seems like the upper buttons on double vested tops make it look like the girls have headlights. A change in the button color might make a difference,—maybe pewter?

  9. I was drawn to the jacket for the style, but would remove the buttons, especially since they are not functioning. The collar and shoulder detail would help visually widen my shoulders. I would personally wear a lighter straight leg pant, as I am not buying or wearing any more black going into spring.

  10. I really like the tops on the mannequins in the centre and on the right. I’m a big fan of florals and both these tops would go with everything. Love the boot cut dark jeans – my favoured style. I would pass on the sweater set as the colour is too pale to be flattering on me. Also pass on the quilted jacket – too busy for my tastes.

  11. I would definitely wear the black & white or paisley V-necks, but I’d wear them with white bottoms for spring. The style is flattering & forgiving & a low-cost way to add a seasonal trend to my wardrobe. The military jacket is not so seasonal, & I mean that in a positive way. It will be around next year & the year after that. I like the masculine/feminine vibe with the floral top, & I would also wear it over a tee for a new take on the old favorite denim jacket.

    1. The only piece I might consider for myself is the blouse under the jacket which I most likely would pair with my high rise, full length, pegged style (tailored/tapered) crepe pants with my favorite kitten heels for a semi-dressup occasion. As to the peach top and though do like it; unfortunately it is not for my coloring (somewhat fair) nor body type (slender). Re the jacket, have a tendency to shy away from such button placement (in line with the breast) plus am particular about button quality …🤔. Last but not least, still not sold on lower hem flared pants and the floral blouse is also not to my personal taste.

  12. I would wear the pale pink set as I like the soft color, but I would likely wear it with white or navy pants as the black seems a bit too stark. The double breasted look of the jacket would make it a no for me because that is not a flattering style for me. I am not a fan of flowy sleeves. My arms are short so most sleeves are bit long on me, & I could picture myself dragging those sleeves through all kinds of messy things, & they are not the kind of sleeves that can be rolled up or pushed up.

  13. I have a pink waterfall sweater with rose gold studs that I purchased at Chico’s about 5 years ago. I purchased the coordinating tank and turtleneck from the same collection. I wear these pieces a lot with black or gray or burgundy pants or jeans. I like floral tops but avoid large prints. The third look is cute but would not flatter me. I am on the hunt fir a good bootcut jeans.

  14. While black pants with a top is a signature outfit for me, none of these 3 mannequins appeal to me. While the pale pink/peach on the left is a beautiful color, it would ‘wash me out’. The floral top in the middle is too large a print for my frame. The smaller paisley print top on the right is appealing to me but I don’t feel the same about the jacket; not sure if it’s the design, the color, or the fabric.

  15. While I love the soft pink color, the top on the left looks a bit too holiday-ish for me with the sequins. Not a fan. It seems the material is bit thin as I can see the black trousers underneath.

    However, the other two outfits are a definite YES! The floral top is gorgeous, as is the paisley top. And, I think the jacket is stunning! I really like the shorter length of the jacket, too, as that is good look for me. I have long torso, so short jackets work well for me.

  16. The pale pink looks very matronly to me, so I wouldn’t wear it. I sometimes try to break out a bit and buy a patterned top, but then, it usually hangs in my closet, unworn. I do like this particular print, but I don’t like the ruffles on the sleeves. The short jacket is a no-go for me. I always feel like they ride up too much. SO: I’m very picky, but I did save some money by not buying anything!

  17. I have a short jacket very like the one on the mannequin. Thanks for the idea wearing it over a soft flowy blouse! I will try that. I also liked the shape of the pants in that outfit. The other two didn’t appeal to me.

  18. You asked for honesty and I’m speaking for myself. No. No. And NO. I’m sorry but all three of those looks are horrible IMHO. I’m on the cusp of 54 but most people think I’m much younger and the only thing I’d wear might be the black pants if they fit. If those are the outfits they are featuring I’d shop elsewhere. The pale pink drapey thing is very matronly. Part of my problem may be the outfits shown together are too much of a mishmash but in trying to dissect the parts I find nothin appealing either.

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