Would You Wear It – spring graphics

Would you wear it - spring graphics

Happy Saturday and welcome to Would You Wear It – Spring graphics?

There are all types of graphic/architectural prints on board for this coming spring.

We are actually freezing in San Antonio (about to have the coldest weather we have had in four years) so I am happy to talk spring!

Would You Wear It Spring graphics

Just in case someone is new….this is the day that my friend Jennifer and I show fashion displays on our blogs and ask what you think!

We ask that you tell us personally if you would or would not wear what you see and explain why.  The comments help others to learn from them,

But, it does not help if you are overly critical to a point that it insults someone who feels differently from you.  Keep it Kind! (That is worthy of a tee shirt…don’t you think?)

Though I have a family of three in my display, you only need comment on the ones you want to speak too…you certainly are not asked to evaluate all of it if you feel that is too much.

Would You Wear It Spring Graphics

So, look these ladies over and tell us…………………………………………………….



Would you help a grad student

I have spoken with Youngji Lee several times.  She seems like a lovely and dedicated young lady and I decided to help her by posting this   Please contact her if you would like to help out.

Then visit A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s display….tell us what you think of mine….look over the sales below….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. All of these items are too shapeless, so I wouldn’t wear them. With a large chest, these type of tops just hang away from my body and make me look larger than I am. They may feel good, but they don’t look good. I need a little shaping in the middle (but not too tight) for a flattering look.

  2. I wouldn’t wear any of these outfits. The tops/jackets are a bit too boxy for me. I’m afraid of how they would look on my petite frame. I tend to like something a little closer to my body but not clinging to me. I like the colors with the white pants. As spring approaches, I’ll try on some print and different layering pieces to challenge my “go to’s” and be more adventurous. Yes to talking about spring with my subzero weekend temperatures!

  3. I especially like the black, gray and white jacket on the left with the turquoise top showing through. I really would wear all of the tops if they came in petite sizes so they were shorter. However, I am not comfortable wearing shorter pants or a skirt, so I’d need longer pants. I tend to buy solid jackets and add accessories, usually a scarf for added color, but I am drawn to patterns like the jacket on the left. Where did you see these displays?

  4. Not for me. The prints are too large and boring. I would walk past this display without a second glance. The dress (black/white/gray) between the models in the first photo appeals to me. Super cute! What store/brand?

  5. The patterns are interesting but the tops are too boxy for me. The jacket in the second mannequin would look better with pants, rather than a skirt.

  6. I am an introvert so bold patterns aren’t in my closet. I don’t like to walk into a room and make a statement or wear a memorable outfit. I want to wear my clothes multiple times without people thinking “I remember her wearing that”. I just want people to think I look pulled together with solid mix & match clothing. I will wear patterned shoes or a scarf to add interest but otherwise my clothing is mostly solids. I also don’t wear statement jewelry for the same reason. I am one of those people happier in the background.

  7. i like the colors, but not the prints….starting with the teal and black and white on the end…i like those colors together, and that outfit could be very sharp on someone else, but i just wouldnt chose that print…same with blue suit in the center..i like the lines and length of the skirt, and the color, but the jacket, as someone else said is a bit boxy, while i like the colors in the jacket, the print and cut wouldnt be my choice. outfit on other side would be cute on someone else, but the sweater design would make me be dipping one shoulder , then the other , to achieve balance that husband assures me is there, but i tend to obsess over.

  8. Would wear the jacket on the left. Because I wear a lot of jackets with black pant. The other two are too boxy,although I might wear the one on the right,but I don’t love it. That’s my criteria these days to buy anything,because I am trying to purge the “collection” without too much luck. I love everything i have! Best,Stay safe even if is really cold. Does the virus die in extreme cold?

    1. Good question? In San Antonio, we are being warned about hazardous driving with icy roads for several days. That’s enough to keep me home!

  9. I am drawn to prints, so of course I love both of these tops and being short waisted always have to do some alterations. This may sound terrible, but as an active person I find prints hide a lot of little spills etc. from grandchildren, pets and helping others when out and about. Thank you Pam

  10. Many stores have departments entirely dedicated to this style of clothing. Yes, they are very easy to wear but they are also very predictable. I feel these were designed specifically for a mature customer t. Yes, I am that mature customer but this is not my style choice.

  11. I do like graphics and might take a second look at the grey and white sweater but would unlikely try it on. I agree with others that it would be too boxy for me. I also would find the sleeves too straight and floppy at the cuffs which look to be similar on all three tops.

  12. I like the outfit on the right, but I’m avoiding adding more black, white, and grey to my wardrobe. Black and white don’t flatter my fair complexion and I simply have too much grey already. I like the blues in the centre outfit, but the jacket is too boxy for me. I do have a navy pencil skirt, but seldom have occasion to wear a skirt anymore. I think all three outfits would look good on someone else, just not on me.

  13. For me, there’s way too much going on in the jacket on the left. The other two are giving me some ideas, though. Thanks for sharing these.

  14. Hi Pam
    Question/comment first about the research survey. Baby Boomer years are actually 1946 – 1964. She is leaving out a decade before her start date of 1955. Is that another example of ageism? It makes me feel like my opinions don’t matter and I have done plenty of on line shopping this past year.
    I would wear the outfit on the right as I am drawn to the colors and proportions if the top isn’t too long. I like the one on the left, but the jacket print is bold and may overwhelm me. Most displays that I see including on line use very tall thin models. Clothes can look quite different on someone much shorter.

  15. I am new to this group, thank you for offering such a great site. I do not feel comfortable wearing bold prints and feel that these are too boxy and would not be flattering to my shape. I like something that has an appearance of a waist.

  16. I’m surprised to find I like the colorful ones. Perhaps because they look modern with their graphic patterns. I would not wear them because the necklines are an unflattering look on me.

  17. I took a close up look at the sweater/jacket on the left; the chain link and zebra print seems to be popular this year and I’ve seen it on several golf outfits. Although I like that open sweater look with a tank underneath I do not care for the pattern. The other two outfits are too boxy and long for me. I prefer a shorter hip length jacket and the sweater on the right looks too big even on the mannequin. None of these, however, fit into my casual retired lifestyle right now.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing the flyer regarding my study! I really appreciate your help. The reason why I focused on younger boomers, the literature divides baby boomers by birth year and into two subgroups, and I want to focus on the younger subgroup because of lifestyle similarities. Since I have difficulty finding participants for my study, it would be very helpful for me if you guys can participant! Also please share about my study with anyone who might be interested in participating. Again thank you so much and have a great weekend!

  19. I would not wear any of these tops as they seem dated and frumpy. The prints are too large and would overpower me. The looks do not seem flattering to me. I do often wear slim white pants with a cute graphic print top but I look for prints that are a bit smaller.

  20. I really thought I was going to love this display but the tops just do not work fir me. They are too full and boxy for someone as short as I am. I especially dislike the center display with skirt. It might look lovely on a talker woman.
    The other two jackets just don’t work fir me at all.

  21. I am sorry to say that neither of these ensembles appeal to me. I’m just not a fan of “graphic” styling.

    However, I am looking for a pair of white pants and the pair on the right seem lovely. I like the style and length.

  22. I usually shy away from graphics & prints because they aren’t as versatile as solids or textured pieces & people remember them. (Maybe I’m overestimating that people remember what I had on, but I’ll remember what I had on). I prefer to keep the energy of prints & graphics to a scarf or maybe a tee peeking out from under a jacket or cardigan. That said, I might wear the jacket on the left. Black & white is always classic & the turquoise could be swapped out for red, yellow, pink, etc., to achieve that versatility I prefer in separates.

  23. The only one I would wear would be the one on the left. I like the way it is styled with the turquoise top underneath. I don’t mind the graphic print of the jacket in the middle, but it is too boxy to be flattering. Nothing about the sweater on the right would make me give it a second look.

  24. I like the color block top on the right (when facing the display).
    The other ones don’t appeal to me. I do like graphics, but have to be careful with them because I’m not tall. The scale of the design has to be just right.

    1. The only piece I might consider purchasing/wearing would be the geometric woven, tunic length sweater on the right and most likely would pair it with (soft white, charcoal or light grey) leggings as a casual/relaxed outfit. (IMHO the design itself has an a creative edge to it.) Choice of footwear would therefore either be, loafers or ballet flats. Accessories would consist of a cross-body bag and a set of silver or pewter bangles with simple stud earrings. As to the other pieces, they are just not in the equation of my personal taste or need. -Brenda-

  25. I like the far left, but with long pants. The far right just doesn’t have the right colors fir my pale skin, but I do like the design since I am tall.

  26. These undoubtedly would be attractive on other people but are definitely not my style. While I like the colours in the jacket on the left, it’s too short & boxy & I’ve come to truly dislike “high-water” pants which I personally don’t think flatter anyone. The outfit in the middle is way too sedate & mature for me. I would wear the top on the right with slim fitting black pants & a black silk shirt under it (to fill the too-wide/round neckline which would NOT flatter me) buttoned to the throat with a dramatic silver “statement” brooch, & either silver or black patent shoes. It would also be really cute worn with a short black skirt, black tights & funky black mary-janes with a good high chunky heel — albeit NOT by me anymore! 🙂 I used to get away with fun looks like that 30+ years ago, but would look a little ridiculous attempting it these days!

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