A day of hearts, flowers, pink and a blanket!

A day of hearts, flowers, pink and a blanket


Happy Valentine’s Day!  For me, this is a day of hearts, flowers, pink and a blanket!!

Though we are not going out today, Mr. B and I are going to celebrate at home and make it special.

A little wine…sweets…special meal and a fire in the fireplace!


A day of hearts, flowers, pink and a blanket

Most will see their hearts on a card or candy, but I am still loving my AVA HEART PENDANT from James Avery Craftsman, and have chosen to wear it on my TWISTED WIRE HOOKED ON BRACELET.  

I miss getting the cut out glittery hearts from my young children, but this works!! I am huge fan of their jewelry. 


A day of hearts, flowers, pink and a blanket

I choose to wear my flowers today at the bottom of my Soft Surroundings Have-to-Have leggings.

This is kind of big news for me, but I have not been a fan of floral prints for a very long time, but I am beginning to change!  

Lately, I have seen so many florals that I like and I am excited about wearing more this spring. 

These leggings are super comfy, warm, and a more subtle way to wear florals at this time….but get ready! I will be wearing more this spring!


A day of hearts, flowers, pink and a blanket!

I decided to go with my JJill Pink Cardigan today rather than wear red.

I like the softness of this outfit and it is very comfortable for a day at home.  The necklace is my Faux Pearl Pendant from Chico’s and currently on sale!


A day of hearts, flowers, pink

The weather isn’t exactly what I planned today….it was what the groundhog planned.

We are experiencing the winteriest-weather that San Antonio has had in decades, and it is just too cold for these wimpy Texans to go out!

I adore this Rustic Green Mexican Blanket from Laguna Beach Textile Company sent to me to review, and I had planned a backyard picnic on it.  But, I am still going to set out a lovely meal in front of the fire.

This blanket will see many, many picnics at this house and on the road with grandchildren and family!

It is  “woven by artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico—a region known for crafting these blankets for centuries—this Mexican blanket is made of a cotton, polyester, and acrylic blend. The combination of these fabrics provides maximum durability while still maintaining softness. Perfect for lounging at the beach, hosting a picnic, a throw blanket, yoga accessory, or even a beach bonfire wrap.”  Very reasonably priced at $35.   Check it the picnic blankets here!

Recommended Products for Women

I am going to join him today with his favorite foods and with an afternoon espresso.  Something Mr. B loves to do since will received our iperEspresso machines by Illy.

I love the vintage style of this machine…has such a cool look to it and delicious espresso appears with the simple push of a button.  

Heres a bit about the iperEspresso capsule system which is “Unlike conventional one-stage systems, the iperEspresso capsule system uses a, patented two-stage process to create intensely aromatic, full-bodied espresso with rich, long-lasting crema. And the capsules make for quick and easy clean up.”

In terms of the coffee the rich crema in the espresso, and smooth balanced taste profile of the illy blend.  It is by far the best espresso I have ever had…delicious!

You can see we have a nice day planned and the cold weather makes it even better.  There is no pressure to leave the house, but light a fire and be Valentine’s!

I hope you you have a lovely day……


By Pamela Lutrell. (with her Valentine!)

A day of hearts, flowers, pink and a blanket






  1. I usually don’t like the busy patterns of some leggings, but the ones you are wearing might be a good entry pair for me to try! Such a lovely photo of you and your Valentine! My Valentine and I are spending the day the same way. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Really enjoy meting new vendors when you introduce them. Some of your vendors I already know about, but the Laguna group was very new to me. Nice stuff! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  3. After reading your post, I asked Alexa about your weather. 28 degrees would be a typical day here in northern Ohio, where the lake effect of the Great Lakes moderates our temperatures. To me, this is almost perfect weather to walk in … no hot flashes. But then Alexa said the dreaded word “ice.” That’s when we stay home. A very good friend is in rehab now, since she broke her hip slipping on the ice. A great day to celebrate indoors!

    1. I am up front about being wimpy with extreme cold. We have ice today and tomorrow and I cannot remember the last time we had freezing temps for a week or longer. Also, our entire state is under a winter storm warning.. all of this is truly unprecedented. I have driven on ice and slid twice in my life and don’t want to do it again! Stay warm, Linda!

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love that pic of you and Mr. B., and your plans for today sound perfect. I came up to Portland on Wednesday to celebrate my oldest son’s 30th birthday, and have been stranded by an ice and snow storm ever since. So, I am enjoying the extended hospitality of my boys, spending very relaxing days cooking and visiting, bingeing movies. Not a bad Valentine’s for me at all, then when this melts I will scoot back home and have a belated celebration with my husband.

  5. Sounds like a very hygge way to spend your Valentine’s Day-hot drinks, picnic in front of the fireplace & a storm outside. Your pink cardigan is lovely. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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