Forget Age Appropriate Dressing


Today I want to discuss why I believe we should forget age-appropriate dressing.

Last week, I took you with me on a shopping trip to Anthropologie.

Now, normally, I do not mention a reader comment, but there was a comment on another social channel which simply said, “This store is for under 30 ladies.”

I agree that Anthropologie caters to predominately younger women.  The fashion industry as a whole is youth obsessed.  However, WE don’t need to be.  I would rather be obsessed with looking my confident, joyful best. 

Yet again, it goes back to deciding what we want to communicate about us with our clothing choices…what are we saying to the world about each of us with what we wear.

If you think about it, this is empowering.  We gain strength when we are wearing clothing true to who we are.  That is where the confidence and joy come in.

There is power when we concentrate on what we want to tell the world about us, rather than worrying about the age-appropriateness of retailers and clothing.


Back to Anthropologie and Age Appropriateness

Forget Age Appropriate Dressing

I believe the top I am wearing in this picture just above makes me look older than I am.  It is oversized and made with a print I find to be aging. So, I did not purchase this look.

After trying it on and feeling that way, I could go online somewhere and say…oh they cater to the matronly. But, of course, that would not be true.

Forget Age Appropriate Dressing

However, this Lavern Blouse came home with me. I was looking for casual tops that spoke my style adjectives….creative, strong, intelligent, joyful, current.  I like this for a comfortable outfit I can easily run errands wearing in warmer weather.

I only purchase clothing that speak all five adjectives and that is how I shape my own personal style.  I try to do this in store, because it saves time.  I have three online purchases right now that need to be returned because they did not hit the mark when they arrived.

I never dress or style an outfit thinking…does this look right for a woman of 67?  I do think…does this say I am creative, strong, intelligent, joyful and current?

 When you dress with your adjectives and forget everything else, it will help you so much to actually create a style others will recognize.  I love it when someone tells me about a garment and says they recognized it as Pamela- style.

Here is a good example.  I do not wear distressed jeans (jeans purposefully made with holes in them).  I do not believe they communicate strength, joy or intelligence (ouch, now don’t get mad, these are my interpretations) so I do not wear them.  It could be said they are creative and current…but I need to speak to all five before I wear the style.

The Point

Forget Age Appropriate Dressing 

The point here is not to get you to walk into Anthropologie unless, of course, you want to.

The point is to think about and decide what your five messages are…and then go where you can find clothing that speaks those words. 

Also, don’t decide a brand is not appropriate for all if you think it is not appropriate for you.  You obviously have a different message board and bloom differently from someone else.



Forget Age Appropriate Dressing

 In case you missed what I am currently doing, women are sending me their five style adjectives and I create slideshows just for them…to demonstrate how to find garments that speak to those adjectives and hopefully inspire these readers and women like them.

Since we are discussing age appropriateness, I selected reader, Pamela A., and her five adjectives of elegant, sophisticated, confident, current, and youthful.   We have a lot in common…both named Pamela; both turning 68 in July.

Pamela A. wrote in her email:I love fashion and to shop but struggle with looking age appropriate but not frumpy. All of the models are so young it’s sometimes hard to imagine a woman my age wearing the clothes.  I’m hoping you can help me with some ideas as I enter this new chapter in my life.” 

 I hope I can inspire you as well and encourage you.  Forget the age-appropriate part and just concentrate on your adjectives…which are wonderful. 

For example, you will be surprised how adding a sneaker to an elegant look will help you to e youthful and current. 

The first sneaker in the slideshow is from JC Penney and underneath it they featured these looks…all elegant, sophisticated, confident and current.

Forget Age Appropriate Dressing


So, see what you think of these styles, Pamela and let us know if you found direction and inspiration here….

If anyone else would like to send their five style adjectives to me, just email with the subject line STYLE ADJECTIVES and I will add you to the list. 

If you have strong opinions about age-appropriate dressing, please share here…I am open to hearing other opinions.  And always…..



By Pamela Lutrell


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