Would You Wear It – Ankle Pant Styles

Would You Wear It - Ankle Pant Styles

Happy Wednesday! Time for the Pop Up…..Would You Wear It – Ankle Pant Styles?

On Wednesday, it is just little ole me bringing you a fashion display for your evaluation.

I ran across this one recently at Target.  

Would You Wear It - Ankle Pant Styles

As weather warms up, pant lengths usually go up as well.  So, this display had me thinking about all of the ways to style ankle length pants.

Just remember, to answer if YOU would or would not wear the displayed styles personally and give a constructive answer of why they do or do not work for you.

Those are the comments which really help the other women coming here to look at clothing carefully.  

Would You Wear It - Ankle Pant Styles

So, look these two mannequins over and tell us, ladies………………………………………………………………………


More from Target…..




Would You Wear It - Ankle Pants Styles

I know it is not ankle pants, but I still wanted to say thank you to Soft Surroundings for including me in an advertisement recently for the Santiago Dress.  Such fun to see this by surprise!

Now for this last day of March, please tell us what you think of the displays…comment on anything else you like….and make sure you always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. In general I stay away from cropped styles because they make my legs look shorter and heavier and if they’re at all loose or relaxed they tend to look sloppy. I do like pants that stop just above the ankle, especially for warmer weather, to show off a nice pair of sandals. So I might wear the skinny pants shown in pink on the one mannequin, especially the way that have them styled with a loose, longer top and a jacket. But as a plus size woman I would NEVER wear the second look. All that extra fabric around the waist from the pleats and large, tied belt makes even the skinny mannequin look like she’s wearing a scrunched up paper sack and carrying 20 extra pounds around her middle.

  2. well, i had been wishing high waisted pants would come back, but perhaps i should have been more specific…lol.
    for my shape, the belt tie and the bagginess at the top would only accentuate the area i try my best to disguise.
    i dont wear ankle pants for two reasons, i think they make me look chunky, and my feet are large, so when i have tried them, i feel like my feet have a starring role.
    the outfit on the other side, im not fond of the new faded shades, its like wearing old clothes.
    i am happy for you about the ad, for more exposure for your blog, thats great!

  3. Cropped are fine when they are straight like the peach pants. The blue paper bag pants are distracting enough with the tie belt but the tucked in bulky sweater is not a good look. I can see the pockets through the blue pants — that’s a no for me.

  4. I like the pinkish pants and would definitely wear them. The other one. Oh my, absolutely not! What is with the tucked in sweater? And the dress, it looks so comfortable but also looks like a nightgown.

  5. I love and wear ankle pants but would not wear the blue ones. I am short waisted…an apple shape and all my weight is on top. The sweater tucked into the pants would give too much bulk to an already “heavy” look from that self-belt dealie going on. You can also see the pocket outline which to me gives more of a messy look. I do like the simpleness of the pink ankle pant outfit, minus the short jean jacket, which I can’t seem to make work for me.

  6. Bambi was the first movie I saw as a child. Thumper got some good advice from his father-“If you can’t say something nice,don’t say anything at all.” And that applies to making comments on your blog! Some things are good,somethings are better left unsaid! Stay safe Happy Spring!

  7. I wear ankle length pants all the time. Skinny leg, straight leg and I am even giving the wider leg a try this year. I wear a longer, tunic length top with skinny pants and will wear a shorter, more fitted (not clingy) top with the other two styles. Sandals, espadrilles or sneakers is how I would finish the outfit. Now I like a higher waist to help hold in and not create the “muffin top” but the high (very high), paperbag waist on the denim pants shown is too extreme for me. Way to much material bunched up right under the bustline on this mannequin. I have enough extra in my midsection so I don’t want my clothes to add more. I own the lavender sweater shown and love it. The other pants outfit is more my style. It has a more “put together” look to it as opposed to a “thrown together” look of the denim outfit.

  8. Want to hear from you Pam on best way to style ankle pants and if you wear- I feel times they seem appropriate for a spring or summer look to be lighter weight and look more summery even if in black.

  9. Congratulations on your ad feature! You did look wonderful in the dress and kimono!
    Since I’m 5’4″, and I can’t wear petites in pants due to the rise being off, it’s rare that I find ankle pants that fit like they do on taller women! It works for me though, because I don’t feel comfortable in pants that are too high on the ankle. My cropped pants have to be very slim-fitting before I’d consider them and absolutely won’t wear what are called capri pants. So! It’s a definite no to the paper bag waist with the tie. These would add bulk around the middle and that’s not a look that I feel confident wearing. The length and general loose fit would not be something I’d choose. The peach pants are a pretty color and I’d wear those. I’m just really picky about pant lengths and fit.

  10. I don’t care for the ankle pant for two reasons. I have heavy legs and thick ankles, so I prefer not to draw the eye down. I also need a 34-35” inseam. When I was in high school and college I had to buy my jeans in the men’s department to get the length I needed. Women’s pants were too short as there were only tall options. All the kids called them “floods”—a derogatory comment. Ankle pants bring back those negative memories!

  11. I do wear ankle pants if cut narrow through the keg. Some are too wide. If too wide they make your kegs look heavier I do think so. The pants on left (blue) with that thick tie are just nit for me. My waist is thick, and don’t want to accentuate it. The pink pair would suit me better if legs are narrow enough.

  12. Though I do not lean towards ‘multiple’ tiered skirts/dresses, I might consider the one you’ve shown as not too full in cut. Like its color, its length and v-neckline plus that it has long sleeves (for a cool environment and/or in lieu of a sunscreen). Yes can picture myself wearing it on a summer day paired with my favourite espadrilles wedged sandals and a natural woven handbag. As to the other pieces; I have worn similar styles however re the paper-bag pants I would have to try them on and being a hobby sewer would see if the belt loops could be removed, tweak their pleating and wear the pants without its belt. Also I would consider their fabric when choosing my footwear as have found usually look best with at least a low heel but would not rule out sneakers/loafers or a ballet flat. Also I would not pair them with the sweater shown (too boxy/bulky) as feel their style demands a more fitted/softer choice in top.

      1. Good heavens, don’t know where my brain is today …. lol! … BUT re the paper bag pants. I would also consider cutting out the pocket and stitching their opening closed which I often do to eliminate bulk and in this case lack of opaqueness.

  13. I love ankle pants and even wear them in the winter over calf high Chelsea boots. These, however, are a miss. The baggy paper bag waist with the self tie belt would not flatter my puffier middle. The peachy toned ones would not match my palette, which is not completely restricted but is heavy on deep colors, brights, neutrals, blues and reds/burgundy. Pastels wash me out. The dress and top seem saggy and I wonder about the quality. I do like the light wash on the denim jacket, as it lightens things up for spring, and am considering a shrunken fit one. That might get a try on.

  14. Congratulations on the ad. You, in that gorgeous colour, are the most attractive model of the day.
    I’d have to pass on all the rest.

  15. I might wear the one on the left, with the narrower pants. I wouldn’t wear the one on the right because I am short and it would make me look like a dwarf LOL!

  16. Love everything about the outfit on the left. I would swap out the booties for sandals because of my climate. I would try on the outfit on the right to see if the belt could be removed and how it would look with the sweater untucked. Love cotton sweaters in spring colors for this time of year.

  17. Since I have short legs, ankle pants are sometimes the perfect length for me. Regular lengths are usually too long for me, even if they are petites. I might check out the pants on the left, but I’m not sure about the color. The top with the short jacket is rather rumpled looking so it doesn’t appeal to me. The pants on the right are wrong for me on so many levels. The big tie, the bunch fabric & having the top of the pants hit right below my boobs would be a fashion disaster for me.

  18. I like the pink jeans with slip on sneakers. The belted jeans add extra “fluff “ in my mid section which is fluffy already. Congratulations on your modelling debut! You look terrific! You reflect what a real woman looks like (not a 16 yr old size 0 model).

  19. Oh, I’m so late to the game here today!! Gosh – for starters, CONGRATULATIONS on the ad. You look awesome, and I hope this is just the start of many more modeling opportunities. Regarding the display today, those light blue pants are reminiscent of a pair I had in high school (circa 1980) that were very cute on my 17 year old self. Couldn’t pull it off today, and wouldn’t try. Not sure why so many exaggerated belts are popping up suddenly. The mottled peachy pants are adorable and I would try them if the fabric were substantial enough. With lighter colors I really prefer a denim weight or twill. Can’t wait for you to do a whole day on ankle pants! L💖ve them.

  20. I like jeans and slim pants that are ankle length. I like that I can wear with ankle boots, pumps, sandals, ballet flats, or loafers and I don’t have to worry about the length and wear only certain shoes. I would wear the pink/peach ankle pants, but not the paperbag waist jeans (too much going on on the waist and the crop would hit at the wrong spot for me). I tend to like slim bottoms with tunics and longer shirts. My current favorite outfit is slim jeans or pants paired with a cotton or silk blouse and finished with an oversized V-neck sweater vest. I purchased a black one in the fall and realized that the oversized V-neck sweater vest is the perfect third completer piece for a relazed vibe – while still looking polished. I now have them in black, white, tan, gray, and navy. My print cotton and silk blouses are in regular rotation now.

  21. Hmm. No. I’ve never been a fan of paper bag pants because they make me look shorter & bustier than I am, neither attribute being one I care to emphasize. I like a nice long stream-lined look & prefer pants without a lot of pockets, pleats or other clutter around the middle to visually cut me in half. I do like that sweater, although I’m not sure of the colour on me — but I’d certainly try it on. The other 2 looks are just no. I don’t & won’t wear ankle pants because I don’t like them — I find them unattractive from every angle & they all seem to hit my leg at an unflattering spot, making my legs look short & my feet look big & as though I’m wearing pants I outgrew last year. On hot days when I want a shorter pant to wear with sandals, I roll up the hem of a regular pair to whatever length suits me — I like the casual look & I can get the hem to a flattering spot on my leg, which is higher than ankle pants seem to hit but longer than capris. And when it’s not that warm, I want my pant legs down at foot level, especially when the mosquitoes & gnats are out looking for blood! Fortunately I could not possibly care less whether I’m “fashionable” or not, so it’s a no-brainer for me 🙂 [I should add that I like the colour & fit of the peachy pants & would definitely give them a second look if they were longer — which they might be on me as I’m not that tall.]

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