Looking at sizes of tops at Anthropologie

Looking at sizes of tops at Anthropologie

Happy Friday! Today we are looking at sizes of tops at Anthropologie!

Anthropologie is a place for those of us who love creative, bohemian, ethnic clothing and, yes, It is for all ages!

In fact, when I was in store…there were several well over 50 ladies shopping.


Looking at sizes of tops at Anthropologie

The biggest challenge for someone like me who lives in between misses and plus size is this:

They have decided to take down the in store plus size experience to just a minute few pieces and mostly sell online.  Really?  That doesn’t help at all.

The sales associate showed me one small rack of about 15 Plus size pieces…probably returns…and they were predominately high end sizes.  

I like this Antonia Button Down top a lot from Cleobella…but it is a 3X.  It comes in very pretty colors and I think in smaller sizes would be a contender.

Looking at sizes of tops at Anthropologie

Looking at it here…then online…I may order it in the peach color.  But this top is selling fast.

Looking at sizes of tops at Anthropologie

This is a 1X and thankfully…too big!  (Sorry I did not tie the bow on one sleeve).  I could not locate this exact top online, but there are similar ones under PLUS.

I also want to note that if you are dressing to look slimmer than you are, it is best not to wear a print like this with big squares.  Not designed to flatter.


Looking at sizes of tops at Anthropologie

Many of the styles at Anthropologie are a bit oversized and voluminous, so when I tried on the Misses XL sizes, they seemed to work better.

For warmer weather styles, the length of the garments were more flattering, and I could see them with my capri options for summer.  

This is the Sharona Henley Blouse in XL.   It is a fun, colorful top.

Looking at sizes of tops at Anthropologie

I also liked this top and could see it with my military green cargo pants and a fun necklace.

This is the Lavern Blouse in XL.

I am an Anthropologie fan, but I am also an advocate for plus size women.  I would like to encourage you to contact this brand …perhaps through your local manager…and encourage them to return styles to the stores for plus size women.

You could also message them through their Instagram page.  Explain why it is important to try the clothing on. Nothing will happen if nothing is said.


Looking at sizes of tops at Anthropologie

Here are some news updates in retail you may be interested in…and thanks for stopping by…


Brands with new collections that just hit are TalbotsAnthropologie and JJILL. 

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  1. Of the blouses you featured, I like the Sharona Henley Blouse best on you. I have never shopped this brand so I would need to try on, which is true for most everything. Unfortunately a lot of stores have not reopened their dressing rooms to customers.

  2. I hope they open for you soon, Charlene. Dressing rooms are a must! Thanks for being here!

  3. I have always enjoyed shopping at Anthropologie even though I lean toward classic styles. I like to add some creativity to my casual wardrobe pieces and find that a plus with that store is you typically won’t see anyone else wearing the same thing! I love that copper colored blouse you tried on. Love the sleeves! I’m glad you brought this up because there’s an Anthropologie store fairly close and I need to get back there and look around. I like their home goods too!

  4. I have to agree with Charlene, as like the Sharona blouse the best on you as well. Re the store itself, we only have two in our city (one a flag ship the other an outlet); however have never been in either due to their locations. Have ordered from them online though regardless my style is ‘classic’, as like the uniqueness of many of their products in their clothing and accessory line. As to sizing which you expressed; do agree with you that messaging the retailer is a viable step.

  5. I had heard Anthro was discontinuing plus sizes in the store. Loft also did this recently. It seems that the brands launch with a big splash of “inclusive” sizing, then it quietly goes away. I don’t care for voluminous styles on me (I feel like my clothes are in the way)so while Anthro is a fun stop, it’s never been a go to for me. While I think it’s fine to mention the issue to the manager, it is the brands themselves that are missing out and will not reap the dollars. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy that plus sizes don’t sell, because you can’t try anything on; therefore, you don’t buy; therefore plus sizes don’t sell. Frustrating!

  6. I wear my three -four tops from Anthropologie quite often or did before Covid. I always felt attractive and just a wee bit different from the rest of the gang in my tops. I have not had much luck with jeans etc yet. I do own one palazzo pant in wild print from the store and love them! But I wear them with a solid color off the shoulder top in one if the predominant colors. Waiting for our state to open up a bit for socializing ! Waiting for dressing rooms to re-open.

  7. Oh no, Pam — the online shopping experience! Some stores carry plus sizes only in the returns section. On the plus side, some mark them down regularly, so there are some great deals. This only works if the item is right for you. Shopping this way does not lend itself to a curated wardrobe, I’m afraid. As for all the buzzwords like “ethically made”, and “organic fabric”, those are just a pipe dream in the plus-size world.

    I only shop online with free returns, because how do I know I’d something will fit when I can’t try it on? I can only take so much of ordering two sizes if you’re on the borderline, trying them on and packing up whatever doesn’t fit. What an adventure to buy jeans this way, but what choice for I have?

  8. I have the same struggle as an XS petite woman who wears a size 5 shoe. They push me to buy everything online. Seems stores are only for “average” women these days. Takes all the fun out of it. I want to try things on like everyone else!

  9. That is so interesting Seana. The way you put it really hit me…stores are only for average women these days! There is opportunity there for someone.

  10. I agree with Seana, I am also a petite. If there is a petite section in a store it is very limited. Talbots does a good job for petites in the store but I have noticed their women’s department seems small. Some of the larger department stores’ petite clothing is quite dowdy. These decisions are made on the corporate level. Pam, I am glad you are an advocate for all women!

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