All over age's your time to bloom

 All over age 60, it is your time to bloom.

I have chosen to make BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED my Spring 2021 personal mantra well over age 60….and it’s not cliché.

When I came home to a new life last March, I chose then to watch for new opportunities…yes, even over age 60….and, yes, from home.

I know it was this age group which was saddled with more fear than any other and perhaps this age group which closed doors to the outside.

But, there is just something about Spring 2021 which has me desiring to have my focus on a blossoming new lifestyle …to wear more color with my style…to experience more joy in each day…to do things around my home I have not had the time to do in the past.


Over age 60, bloom with contentment

All over age 60, it's your time to bloom


Bloom Where You’re Planted…(said to be cliché by many) this year holds so much truth to me.  In the last year, we have all felt uprooted and planted in many different soils…some rocky, some dry, some rich…and many felt drained of the life they once had.

First of all, bloom where you’re planted is a statement about contentment no matter where you are.  In order to bloom, we must find the silver linings with our surroundings and circumstances.

If it helps, then make a list everyday of what you are grateful for right where you have been planted.  When you begin to think…if only I lived there or there…then work on your gratitude list instead.

I have already made a gratitude list for this weekend, so I will bloom through the time change and not grumble like I so often do!  It doesn’t help my joy for me to walk around being discontent about something I have no control over. 

Over age 60, bloom with opportunities

All over age 60, it's your time to bloom

I am not saying that we are all seeking financial opportunity.  But each one of us lives with opportunity to find joy where we are planted.  Of course, those of us still working always have opportunity to thrive in our work situation and believe that in America, despite the times, we can excel where we are.  We have opportunities to be kind and reach out to others.  We have opportunities to choose our focus for each day and not allow bitterness to steal the joy.

Also, along with our own personal responsibility we have opportunities to experience life once again in situations where we feel safe and comfortable.   I say personal responsibility meaning some of us are vaccinated and know when and where to wear our masks.  Spring 2021 is the perfect time to breathe in fresh air and rejoice in the sunshine….right where you are planted.

There is hope all around us if we just look for it.

Over age 60, ten ways to feed bigger blooms

All over age 60, it's your time to bloom

Not feeling the blooms?  Here are 10 Ways to Add Plant Food to Your Soil:

  1. Phone a friend! Call the person who makes you smile the most just for a fun conversation.  Maybe that is even a happy grandchild!
  2. Write a list of what you would like to do most over the warm weather months and make a plan of how to accomplish those tasks. (I am doing this for tasks around my home)
  3. Get outside! Even if it is only in your own yard…just go out to hear the birds sing.  Read outside rather than in the house.
  4. Do something just for you! Something that you normally do not do, such as… Add a new facial product to your skincare routine or better yet, if you are ready, go get a facial. Add a bright cheery nail color.  Get a conditioning treatment on your hair.   Make sure your daily supplements are happening DAILY and not occasionally.
  5. Volunteer! It is amazing how helping others bloom will help you to bloom.
  6. As soon as you can, try on colors and styles you don’t normally wear just for fun! You never know what you might discover.
  7. Don’t allow negative people to drag you down.
  8. Send cards to others you love just to say HI and I love you…reach out to spread encouragement and it will enrich your own soil. If you are creative, make the cards.
  9. If you are doing something that is making you sad or mad on a daily basis, then change it. If you like to be informed, then just check the headlines once a day and not live in the headlines throughout the day.
  10. Get plenty of sleep…ok we are about to lose an hour…don’t focus on it…just catch up.  Rest will lead to big blooms!

All over age 60, it's your time to bloom


I want all of us over age 60 to Bloom Where Planted this springtime and hopefully share with each other the joy we experienced through not shutting down and letting our plants (us) whither away.

It is our time...enjoy each day to it’s fullest.

Thanks for being here…and make sure to


By Pamela Lutrell

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