Soft Surroundings’ Santiago dress for all occasions

Soft Surroundings Santiago Dress for all occasions

Happy Tuesday!  Today, I would like to show you the Soft Surroundings’ Santiago dress for all occasions.

Recently the lovely ladies of Soft Surroundings, asked me if I would share this dress with my readers…and I said, “Absolutely!”


Soft Surroundings'Santiago dress for all occasions

The Santiago dresses are available in long or short versions, many colors, and misses, plus and petite sizes. 

I love this fabric…it is so soft and cool, and flows in a very flattering way on my frame.  

So comfortable!

Soft Surroundings Santiago Dress for all occasions

Plus …it has pockets and I love pockets!! 

Now, since I am not lifting the amount of weights I was about a year ago, I am not that confident of how my arms look in sleeveless garments.

However, Soft Surroundings has many fun toppers to choose from which would also help you dress for different occasions.  They have always had amazing necklace is from an older collection, but I love what you find on their current website.






Santiago Dress for all occasions

I can see wearing these dresses to so many places…whether relaxing at home, sitting around a pool, attending a summer beach wedding, or backyard cookout.  

You can easily dress it up or dress it down!  Whatever your pleasure.

Spend some time with Soft Surroundings and check out the new spring collections.  The prints, the colors….so much fun!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.



  1. I have always admired that dress when I’ve seen it in the catalogs. Seeing it on points out how it works for so many different occasions. I like how you styled it with the wrap. That adds color and interest to the overall look and, I think, elevates it. This dress looks wonderful on you and I hope you bought it! Now I’m tempted to buy it as well. I’ll be going to the Soft Surroundings store soon and will have to try both versions, but I’d definitely style it with a wrap after seeing this on you!

  2. This dress reminds me of one a friend of mine had. We called it ‘the dress’. I could wear it too, even though she’s a little taller. Between the two of us, it went on cruises, out to dinner, shopping, graduations, etc. I may have to check out Soft Surroundings for this one!

  3. This is so perfect ! I am using a lot of these wraps-light kimonos during the summer, as they do not add bulk nor heat, only … elegance. And also, comfort : easier with them to move around without thinking about our arms, back, front, whatever :). I love your choice of colors, it suits you so well. And your collection of necklaces is wonderful.

  4. This dress with wrap is so cute! I love it in the longer version you’re wearing and yes, see it at a backyard cocktail party ( if we’re ever hosting friends again…) seems like a hundred years since we’ve entertained! I can also see it at a casual outdoor wedding or anniversary party. It’s really versatile!

  5. Love the whole look, wrap, dress, jewelry. Very nice “wrinkle free” summer outfit. Also like that the neutral sandals that also pick up the color of the wrap. I am finding that I like the neutral color of sandals that blend in with skin tones. Seems to give me a better horizontal look since I am short.

    you look great! Soft Surroundings is a favorite of mine and ordering on line is hassle free for exchanges and returns. I have dresses that are 5+ years old that are timeless.

  6. I love the topper paired with the yellow sandals, looks so good on you! For me, not crazy about the dress, even the shorter one seems like too much material for my taste, but that’s just me, looks super the way you have styled it!

  7. It looks so comfortable! I love versatile pieces like this. Pam, do you think it’s too flowy and voluminous to wear with a denim jacket or a shrug?

  8. I’ve seen this dress and wondered what it would look like on a person more my size and I think it looks great on you! Would you say it’s true to size? I’m rather tall and also wonder about the length. I love the length on you and I see it comes in tall! Yay!! The fabric is cotton and model which would be cool in summer. Now, if it doesn’t wrinkle, it’s a winner for sure! The big dilemma now is, which color?!

  9. LOVE the way you styled this dress Pamela and it is a gorgeous colour on you. I do own one very similar (hate to think how old it is) however it is not quite as full in the skirt but it is so versatile and have worn it for several occasions plus its proven to be a great traveler.
    P.S.: I have found a short bolero type shrug also looks good with it and I have even topped it off with not a quite tunic length, pullover long sleeved top in a fine knit jersey plus have even belted it.

  10. Wow! That looks like a perfect dress. So pretty! You’ve styled it beautifully and the color looks great on you. Please think about styling it different ways. I’d love to see what you do.

  11. What did you mean by saying it comes in short and long version? I only found one version on their website- the maxi. As I am only five feet tall, even the petite size would swallow me.

    1. Look at my links within my post. You will see two different links…one for long and one for short.

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